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Everybody gets their way

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Well, the attempt to get Ryan back failed. Brendon is now going for Sarah, and Spencer is lurking in the shadows.

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You reached the voicemail box of...SARAH.. leave a message after the beep. BEEEEP
Ugh. I guess I'll just leave a voicemail."Hey Sarah, it's Urie..So um..I was wondering if you wanted to go out sometime? So call me back. Bye"
Why am I so awkward? I walk to my front door and sit on the couch, turning on Family Guy. I keep staring at my phone making sure I don't have a missed call. I was depressed. All I really had was Spencer to call a friend. I didn't feel like calling Spencer because I thought of Sarah. She was so gorgeous with her big blue eyes and ebony hair. Those kaleidoscope eyes that sparkle at the world really get me. Thinking of Sarah, I dose off into a deep sleep.
I wake up and look at the time. I slept for a solid 45 minutes. More than I've gotten in a day. I look at my phone and see a new message! NEW MESSAGE FROM: DALLON Ugh...I was expecting Sarah. I open the text and read Hey! Meet me at Gladstones in an hour SHIT! He sent that 30 minutes ago. I have to get dressed and hurry there. Since I live in Santa Monica Gladstones is about 5 minutes away, without traffic. I walk through the door and Dallon and I have fish and beers. Dallon wanted me to come over later to jam, but I said I wasn't feeling so great. I head home.
I walked through my door and got a text. But nor from Sarah, it was a group text with Ryan and Spencer. What the fuck? Why would they be texting me, together, in a group?
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