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We Sure Are In For A Show Tonight

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Things have definitely changed, Brendon and Sarah are engaged. Spencer continues to be in the shadows.

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I open that group text from Ryan and Spencer

Spencer: I've got more wit, a better kiss, a hotter touch, a better fuck, than any boy you'll ever meet. Sweety, you had me~ HAHA. He's quoting our lyrics. Awkwardly, I though this was kind of adorable.
Me: Sorry Spence, but I love Ry
Ryan: Oh Brendon. I though you were over me. Why are you still getting married to Sarah if you still love me?
Spencer: No Ry, he loves me.
Me: (In reply to Ryan) Because you don't love me!!I do. Spencer's my Homeboy ;)
Spencer: No I Love You.
Ryan: Do i sense some Brencer?????
Me:Yes. Spencer. Thanks for being there. But Ryan...
Ryan: Wait. You love me? Or Brendon I'm lost.
Spencer: I love Brendon
Me: He loves me, I love Ryan
Ryan: AHHHH Brendon, I love you toooooooo
Spencer: You don't love me... :c
Me: (In reply to Ryan) Then why did we leave eachother? Spenny
Ryan: (Replying to Brendon) I still love you. If that counts for anything
Spencer: :(
Me: I just don't know what to do...
Spencer: Choose me.
Ryan: I don't know either. I have an idea! I should have you sing in one of my songs that will be on the new album! That will drive fans crazy.
Me: I... I want a little more than a song with you
Spencer; No Ry :( no....he's mine
Ryan: Aww you want dinner with me too?
Me: Of course. I want to enjoy Mac and Cheese with hot dogs
Ryan: What about Jon? Don't you love him? Well, I cant cook so...
Me: Uh, I can. No not really, heterosexuality isn't welcome here.
Spencer: I love you Brendon.
Me: Spenny :(
Me: But Ryan?
Me: Hey Spencer, do you actually love me
Ryan: I love you Brenny. I always have
Me: But who could love me I am out of my mind?!
Me: Ryan I miss you, but why did you walk out on us like that?
Ryan: I felt unloved
Spencer: Yes, I do love you Brendon
Me: How do you feel unloved, Ry?You were the most loved
Me: But why did you never say anything until now Spence?
Spencer: Because seeing you with Ry made me sad, but you were so happy. The way you looked at him.How he looked at you, I was always the outcast
Ryan: (to brendon) Well you were the one who was always singing, my songs.
Me: Oh fuck. Why. I mean I never stopped you from singing. That was you. And Spencer, we could have a completely different thing if you told me in the beginning.
Spencer: But it was always Ryan 24/7. Always Ryden. But who carez. I'm just the drummer.
Me: Spencer you know you're my best friend. Ever. We've been through enough
Spencer: Yah. but I still love you~ I mean who wouldn't...look at you, you're fucking perfect. At least to me you are
Me: I choose you. If you want me. I'm a douche
Spencer: I love you Brendon, but you have Sarah now...who do you choose?
ME: You
Spencer: :)
I turn off my phone and smile. I fall asleep crying because I have to tell Sarah I'm not going to marry her anymore.
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