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I wanna be free, I wanna be loved, I wanna be more than you're thinking of

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Brendon tells Sarah the truth, but is Spencer content with his decision?

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Nothing made me this suicidal in my 25 years of living. Giving up the girl I have yet to marry, loosing the guy I love to someone who barely knew the real Ryan, and going for my best friend who I love dearly.

Many of you might have been asking,"Well what about Sarah?"
Sarah, oh Sarah. Those velvet lips and the eyes that pulled me in will be missed.

I wake up the next morning next to Sarah, Bogart, and Penny Lane. I wake up earlier than normal, and sob while staring at Sarah as she slept. Suddenly, I didnt feel like a man. I couldn't tell her. I just couldn't.

Being a pussy, I write her a note:

Dear Sarah,
I am sorry I have to leave you now. I know I loved you as much as you loved me, but it just isn't what I want at the moment. I've made an awful mistake writting this note and not telling you in person.
Goodbye forever,

I know I've become the biggest asshole in the world now. I just can't even look at myself the same way. I really loved Sarah, and I threw it away for Spencer, who I loved, but not as much as Sarah.

The words of that terrible embarrassing note kept circling through my head as I went through the day.
That was so some kid wrote it or something...I don't know.
All I want to do is go cry in a hole, and probably die. Well HOPEFULLY die.

The next day I go to see,I guess my new "boy friend", Spencer.

He seemed really tense and just weird. Awkward. Not really paying attention to what I said. I even tried hugging him, kissing him, his arms didnt hug back, his lips didn't kiss back either. After all, I did this for him.... right?
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