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We Do It In The Dark

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Based off of the video for "A Little Less Sixteen Candles, a Little More Touch Me" video...Auditioned Story

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Yes, you auditioned for it...I am using some OC's hope you enjoy it

Pete's POV

They did this to me, turned me into one of them; no extra strength, powers or nothing (unlike the movies where the guy gets shitloads of extra's added on).
No I was still regular ass Pete Wentz, just with sharper teeth, and a very demanding thirst (which a can of Coke won't settle).
All their fault, they turned me; and left me in this cellar like place.
It had the same wooden doors you would find on a cellar (that lead underground), fuck I think it is just a regualr cellar, just with wood under my back, keeping me from falling.
Wasn't this great?

"PETE?" I heard voices call out, awaking me from my nap.
"PETEY?" I smiled at the familiar nickname, I had adapted from Patrick.
Huh, I wonder why everyone thinks we're together?
"Guys, it's a cellar door, maybe he's down there!" Andy pointed out, and I thought of a fun idea.
"BOO!" I exclaimed, sending the 3 of my friends jumping back in suprise and terror.
"Fuck Pete, don't do that." Patrick scowled, holding his chest.
"Sorry, couldn't resist." I smiled cheekily, receiving stares and 3 jaws on the ground.
"What? Haven't you ever heard that staring is rude?" I looked around, none of them speaking
"Um, Pete have you looked at youself lately?" Patrick mumbled sheepishly
"No why?" I started bit- suddenly the taste of blood filled my mouth, weird thing is....It tasted good.
"Fuck." Bit my lip
"You going to be okay?" Joe nodded towards my chin, which now had a line of crimson running down it.
"Yeah." I wiped it away, feeling the wound heal.
Well that was a perk, I guess.
"Either way, we were worried for you Petey." Patrick pulled me into a hug
I smiled, good to know my friends cared; makes me sound like a pushover and girly in some ways (no offence to all the girls out there), but the most amazing, sweet scent took over.
What is that? I thought for a minute, and realized, fuck no no no, he is my best friend, I can't do this that to him, I won't do that to him.
I pushed Trick away, hands shaking slightly.
"You okay?" He asked and I looked at the ground nodding
"Let's just go, okay?" We made our way to the car in which they came from, as I felt someone grab my arm.
"Petey come play with us." The voice growled, mocking what Trick had called me earlier.
I allowed the man to take me, looking over he was built, and looked intimidating.
"Where are you taking me?" I asked, in a somewhat bored tone.
"You seem thirsty, we all decided to help with that." We arrived at a large group of people, they surrounded some/thing/..someone.
She was crying out, as they held her.
"Come here!" One of the men grabbed my arm and pushed me towards the young girl.
"Please no!" I stood there, looking at her dark blue eyes, seemingly defenseless.
"KISS HER! KISS HER!" They chanted to me, as one member of their group grabbed the scruff of my neck; causing me to act like a cat, head back, mouth open.
"KISS HER ALREADY!" By kiss they mean bite, I felt the guy push my head towards her neck; damn was this tempting, but no. I can't..I won't.
"Just do it, before the british fucks come." One growled, british fucks?
Instead of biting the girl; who looked to be around 16, I sunk my teeth into the man's arm.
"AH you stupid motherfuck." He swung a punch at me, I ducked under and kicked him in the gut.
Flying backwards, he yelped..which in turn caused his friends (those who didn't ditch) to come over and fight against me.
One guy, with red and black hair attempted to kick me, I counteracted it by takinng a hold of his ankle and pulling back; resulting in a mercyless /crack/. Sounded like it hurt.
"Okay then, just you and me bitch." A VERY built guy growled, he looked like one of those bodybuilders who cares only about what they look like.
"Ah fuck." I muttered, feeling a hand on my shoulder.
"Don't you touch him, he is obviously not a part of your gang, so get out of here." I heard someone say, in a really smart sounding voice.
"What?" I turned to see a guy with brown eyes, and hair to match.
"Gang?" He asked, and I nodded confused.
"Well then, how about you join us?" I looked and saw a group of people, wearing suits, and in some cases the woman were wearing knee length dresses.
"Uh-um." I really had no idea how to answer; mainly because I HAD NO IDEA WHAT THE FUCK THESE GANGS ARE ALL ABOUT! Random freak out moment.
"What's your name? I'm Brendon by the way."
"Pete, and I gotta go." I took off running, towards our 'safe house' as we put it, uncaring about his response to my hasty exit.
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