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Find A Safe Place, Brace Yourself

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Title credit "I Slept With A Member Of Fall Out Boy and All I Got Was This Stupid Song Written About Me"

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I was still running, feet pounding against the dirt covered feild I had taken.
Heart pumping I stopped, doing a full 360 turn around; Nobody's here, nobody followed you..Okay Pete, just get back to the safe house, everything will be fine, Trick will know what to do...I hope
"ARGH!" I heard someone yell out as they slammed into my side, taking both us us down.
"Gah what the hell? HOLY SHIT!" Pushing this chick? Girl? Woman, whatever you decide to call her, off of me, getting away from her sharp teeth
"Who are you?" She growled, gray, or blue eyes shining with anger and fear?
"Who are you?" Answer a question with a question, smart Pete you should win a prize for that..god
"Aven, now I'll ask again..Who.Are.You?" Sh- Aven seemed nice enough, I liked her especially because she wasn't aiming to kill me, I hope.
"Pete" The younger girl's eyes widened, as she backed off slightly
"Wentz?" Woah? How'd she know that, and why was she scared of me?
"Yeah why? C'mon, don't be scared, I don't bite...hard" That got a slight laugh out of her
"Everyone is fucking scared of you." Huh?
"Why? I'm not on a homicidal rampage!" Another laugh, and a smile
"Do you know who turned you?"
"A guy, who looked like he was going to eat me alive."

"Well have you ever heard of William Beckett?" I nodded, he was the singer know this, think, think think
THE ACADAMY IS.. yeah, so smart (sarcasm)
"He's the big bad boss around here, doesn't get his hands dirty, makes Brendon do it for him." I arched an eyebrow, at her.
"Urie? Yeah, people change, like you used to be the bass-"
"Still am, last time I checked." Aven's jaw dropped slightly.
"Wait, they trust you?" She said, laughing slightly.
"Why wouldn't they, their my friends?"
"Your going to have a blood lust Wentz, and when you do nothing is going to stop you. It doesn't matter if you fucked any of them and had that love for them, your going to want need it. So your better off staying away from them; or find a way to feed the lust, without killing your friends in the meantime."
I let out a sigh of defeat, I didn't want to hurt them; I couldn't. For fuck sakes, I couldn't even kill a random teenager!
I pulled out my phone, my battery was dying...DAMMIT.
Hey Trick, figure something out about a "bloodlust" or whatever, 'kay? Get the guys to find somewhere I can crash until then..-Pete
Right as it sent, my phone died, wasn't this great?

"Have anywhere to stay?" I jumped, realizing she hadn't left
"Um no, but I'm getting a couple of my friends to find a place for me." She nodded
"Well, if you need anything, I crash down there." Aven pointed to a cavern at the bottom of this hill.
"Thanks, and I will...but shouldn't you get going, because the night's almost ov-" I was cut off by her laughing at me
"The sun doesn't hurt us, it feels uncomfortable to some, but we're not going to die. Only diffrence with the sun between us and humans is we can't tan ever." Now I felt slightly stupid.
"Oh." Was the only thing my mind would say in this blown state.
"Well, be safe Pete; and watch out for Urie and Beckett. Okay?" I nodded and she waved, running down the hill, shoulder length black hair flying out behind her.
This would not be the last time I saw her, I would make sure of it.

Letting out another sigh I ran my fingers through my hair; it was beginning to get matted, and greasy.
"Ha, you can't avoid me Pete." I jumped, searching around, attempting to find where the voice came from; I knew it though, familair.
"Up here." I looked and my heart sank into my stomach.
"Fuck off Beckett." I growled, watching as he snapped his fingers, and a cup of tea appeared in his hands.
"Oh now why would you go and say something like that? You may want to be nice to me; or that girl will have an unexpected vistor." At this point I was ready to run up the tree and snap his neck.
"Stay the fuck away from her." My hands were balled up in fists, he just laughed a humorless laugh.
"Now why would you be so protective, you just met her." The douche had a point.
In an instant, the sky became black and lightning cracked, everything around me became black and dead.
Dammit, I thought I didn't get nightmares anymo- wait when did I fall asleep?
"You didn't, Wentz, this is a warning. You try and fight us; everyone and everything around you will die, before we come to get you." William was now in front of me, all up in my face.
"Go! NOW!" He yelled pointing towards my previous path, I turned and booked it, running as fast as my legs would carry me.
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