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I Got The Whole Damn World In The Palm of My Hand

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Title Credit- Lowlife Theory of a Deadman

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Patricks POV

Hey Trick, figure something out about a "bloodlust" or whatever 'kay? Get the guys to find somewhere I can crash until then...-Pete

Bloodlust? /A place to crash?/
"Guys, I have something for you to do." I called out to Andy and Joe, who a few seconds before were complaining about nothing to do.
"What?" They asked, waltzing in
"Find a place for Pete to crash." The two stiffled a laugh, looking at me like I just yelled something completely retarded
"You do it, he's your best friend." Joe muttered, receiving a less than okay look from Patrick
"He's your best friend too, don't go on about 'oh he's changed, he isn't our Pete' 'cause guess what? He's the same fucking guy who would go out and help us without a second thought; and you won't do the same for him?" I don't know why I'm yelling, he's just a really good friend; who would do the same for us
"I guess you have a point, lets go be househunters for Petey." Andy stood, dragging Joe out after him.
Yeah I do have a point I growled to myself, pulling open the internet

Vampire bloodlust
After scrolling through a shitload of quotes, facts, and scenes from stupid vampire flicks; I found a website, that wasn't about movies and/or everything that is a lie about vampires, the place where you can get your information on the latest breakout
*So this came to me; half the fucking population (Sadly including me) has been turned into vamps...For all of you survivors who are reading this, NEVER be alone, and trust nobody. It sounds fucked up; but it's smart. Someone may claim to be fine, and show no signs of transformation, then BAM next morning their using you as their own little snack. Now doesn't that sound great? Please for the love of god tell me you said no, back on topic though. This website is based off of survivors (some stratagies of my group) and vamps (me and those who I fight beside).
Click around; find what you need and watch your back
Xx Sam

/Important!!/ I clicked the link, popping up another what seemed to be a blog

Shit guys, so as you know, there are survivors, and my group is some of them right? Well we lost some numbers I scrolled through, reading what seemed to be the time.
/Watch out for two guys, better known as former rockstars William Beckett and Brendon Urie..I know it sucks seeing guys you thought were fucking amazing go around trying to eat you. If you see them, don't go all fangirl like you used to jumping on their backs asking for autographs m'kay? Those two are the big guys in this newly fucked up world, they catch you after dark your a goner..I can promise you that
SHIT, and I knew him...

"Bloodlust, bloodlust." I murmered to myself, spinning around on my chair; hey cliche is okay! Especially when facing people who want to eat you, suck the blood right outta' you, and make you one of their own.

/Bloodlust- How to control it, and how to tell/
/Fucker, it's like really bad withdrawls (just pointing that out). Thanks to our amazing tech-geek-team, we have a way to supress it (amazing for supressing, but tastes like complete shit and burns your throat).
Either way, we aren't taking chances and posting the recipie (who knows who reads my and our blogs..) so just e-mail us (well me, nobody else around here remembers their passwords). An update- Did you guys hear? Pete Wentz (the bassist, from Fall Out Boy..FALL OUT BOY) got turned :( Who knows? Maybe I will go on a homicidal rampage, killing those british fucks.
Either way, I hope he won't kill himself, or anyone else.
Good luck out there guys (a.k.a everyone who reads this)
(oh if you want to e-mail---> Don't laugh at me)
Xx Sam/

Sounds good, now to make a new e-mail.
Sorry this username has already been taken
Really? Are you fucking kidding me?
-> (WHAT NOW?!)
Password strength= Weak
Well then, go fuck yourself

Subject- Recipie?

Hey, so I was reading your blog...and we could really use that recipie, 'kay? Oh and I think Pete's fine (not dead, I think)


Clicking out of the e-mail I leaned back, stretching my arms above my head..Hearing someone slam something against the door.

Andy and Joe...Nobody's POV

"We are the worst house hunters ever." Andy admitted after the two had started walking back, from trying to find a place for their friend.
"No your ki- would this work?" Joe stopped, pointing towards an abandoned storage locker, sitting right next to their safe house.
"I think it up." The two reached down, only to be greeted by the door flying open, revealing a shadowed figure standing in front of them.

*A/N Sorry if this is a pretty boring chapter, this does play a part in the rest of the story though..
Xx Sam*
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