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Tommorow I'll Be On My Way

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Title Credit- Simple Plan's I Won't Be There

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Pete's POV

"So did you guys find anyth- guys?" I looked around; the whole damn place was empty.
"Trick? Andy? Joe? Random hobo that lives here and we don't know about?" Nothing. N-O-T-H-I-N-G nobody, wait nevermind.
"SERIOUSLY YOU DUMB FUCKS! WHAT THE HELL?" I yelled, angrily. Still receiving no answer
"Stupid fuckers." I growled in rage, walking over to our resident computer; which a certain 'FOBTricky_Stump' forgot to log out; I being, well me thought of this as the perfect time to see what he's been doing.
New E-mail From Sam
Ohhh Tricky hooked up!
/So you asked for the recipie, it's an attachemnt (whatever the fuck that is)...Good to hear he's okay, but still yeah homicidal rampage Lol.
Or not.
I clicked the attachment to see a recipie labeled
"Bloodlust Supress"
He listened. Partick Martin Stumo listened to me, for once; looking at it though, it sounded disgusting.

/Hey, this sounds it will make you puke terrible. Sorry but WTF?
An answer came almost immediatly
/Um, yeah it's not meant to sound like sunshine and rainbows (obviously) it's meant for keeping your bloodlust down and not killing every living thing that is around you. Get it? Yes it tastes like shit, but it's worth it (trust me)

No fair! Why can't it be sunshine and rainbows flavoured?!
"Pete! Where's Patrick?" I turned to see Andy and Joe standing behind me
"I 'dunno." I shrugged a shoulder, printing the sick as fuck drink I would have to make myself
"Well we found you a new home. So get the hell outta' ours." Joe joked; pointing towards the door.
"Maybe that's going to be your new home; so get the fuck outta' mine!" I did the same guester, using everything I had not to burst out laughing.
"Fuck, he has a point; but Pete we were your house hunters!" Andy whined, in a mock tone
"I don't care, I thought you were vampire hunters." I whined back
"But we succckkkk." They whined, making me crack a smile
"You got that right; now help me with this." I waved the paper in their faces, walking around the kitchen area
"Dude this looks disgusting." Andy pointed out, looking at the non-blended solution in the blender
"I know it does. Gah this smells like shit." I put a splash of water with a cross on the container in our solution (holy water?) and Joe blended it for me.
"Drink up." He waved it under my nose as soon as it was done.
"Fuck." I mumbled tipping my head back to drink it as fast as I could
"Ewww he's doing it!" I felt a new burn run down my throat, feeling the sting, tasting the sick tasting drink.
"Gah it went up my fucking nose!" I yelled, wiping at my face, feeling a burn in places no burn should be
Instead of helping me, the two others who were here; fell onto the ground laughing their asses off.
"That....Is...fucking...amazing." Andy said through gasps for air, between his overpowering laughter.
"Wow." I muttered, walking over to where someone was slamming on the door.
"Coming." I yelled out; slapping a hand over my mouth.
Not something you do now'a days

Opening the door, slowly peeking out; I saw Trick, Aven, Ryan, Spencer, Jon and some new faces.
"Let me in, now." Patrick growled, holding his arm tightly.
"What happened to him?" Andy asked as the group of people filed in
"Beckett bit him, not enough to change him, just for a light snack." Aven shrugged as I locked my jaw
I didn't do anything to that bastard, why is he going after my friends for food?!
"Who are you?" I pointed to three new people; one man dressed in all black with a top hat on top, hiding his face. Two girls, one with brown hair with blue in it; the last wearing..Wait? Was she the one on the street?
"Um I didn't introduce myself when I was running from the group of guys trying to get you to eat me..but I'm Jaquelin." She held out a hand, smiling a somewhat evil smile
"Pete." I took her hand for a second, looking at the other two.
"Sam." The colourfulled hair one introduced herself.
"THIS SAM?!" Andy grabbed the recipie sheet, pointing at it like a 5 year old.
"Yeah." She answered slowly, droning her answer.
"Fucking hate that you know?" She shrugged a shoulder, nodding.
"What about you?" I pointed to the man, he looked up slightly.
"I? I am partially offended you don't know me, but I am Cole Leyo, I am going to help you out." He gave a smile; causing Jaquelin to nod, and Sam to clench her jaw angrily
Something about them didn't seem right

Finally! More action's gunna' be coming (I needed to introduce Jaq and Cole for this)..Not to give to much away of course :D..Cookies for reveiws
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