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You don't know your a..legend

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Title Credit- America's Suithearts Fall Out Boy

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Pete's POV

"So um, should we practice?" Trick suggested akwardly
"So we can play a show for who? The fucking dustmites?!" Andy snapped angrily
"Well it's better than sitting here going insane!" I stepped between the two, who were a minute away from punches flying
"Andy, Tricky has a point; Tricky, Andy has a point. But I agree with Trick 'cause sitting around going insane sounds less than appitizing." I raised my arms in my defense, receiving an angry scoff from Andy
"Yeah always take his side."
"We can always play without you." I yelled over my shoulder; walking towards where we stored out equipment.
"With who?!" Wow was he PMSing or something?
"Me." Spencer piped up, from his spot on the couch
"Fine, I'll play." Our pissy drummer walked over to where his drumset lay
"Atta boy." Joe joked; getting flipped off
"What song should we do?" Patrick turned around looking at us
"Um can you play 'A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More Touch Me'?" I smiled as Aven asked nervously
"'Course, ready guys? 1...2.." We started playing, it was good to feel the strings being pressed under my fingers again; although it hurt like a bitch.

After our impromtu set; I looked up to see Aven smiling..Damn was she ama- NO! Don't fall for anyone, you'll end up hurting youself and them in the end, but it was cute.

A/N Sorry if this was short, started it last night and forgot where this chapter was supposed to go with..but random thought, I showed my brother this, and the scene where their trying to kill the vampirs in the beginning and Pete shows up (my brother thought he was the dude from dark shadows or whatever) :P
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