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Same Old Story, Love Gets Gory

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Title Credit- 321-Hedley

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This is to make up for the last, shitty chapter

Aven's POV
NONONO!You can't be falling for him, alone...awake and unafraid
"I um gotta go." I mumbled, jogging out of their loft-ish house-thing.
"Aven! Wait." Anyone but him
"Oh Pete, um sorry I uh.." I am a terrible liar
"It's fine, just why'd you run off so fast?" He fell into step with me
"Bloodlust." Came out more of a question than an answer
"We have that drink." I sighed, admitting defeat
"Real reason why I left; just I don't want to get close to anybody, okay?" I looked up slightly, a pained look in his eyes
"Yeah of course; same." Lie
"So, I'm sorry, just with Beckett and Urie around; killing everyone in sight." I started and he nodded
"You know, I don't exactly trust that top-hatted guy alone with my friends right now, sorry I gotta go." He finished, running off towards where he came from
"Dammit." I whispered to myself, allowing the downward momentem of the hillside to bring me home.
"Don't feel that way love; Come here..let me comfort you." Shit

Sam's POV (oh I feel terrible, because I meant to say this as soon as it happened, but Sam is an OC, no love intrests, just a part of the gang)

We all watched as Pete ran after Aven; which all in all was pretty cute I guess (cute loveydoveyshit= Not my forte)
"Well this has been...well amazing. But I gotta go." I pointed to the door; standing up off the couch and stretching.
"Don't let them get you." Patrick joked
"Pff what else can they do to me?" I asked, thinking and feeling like a dumbass
"A lot." Andy piped up, still perched on his drumstool.
"Well they won't get me." I laughed slightly, waltzing out the door; being slammed into, falling to the ground.
"GAH WHAT THE HELL?!" I yelled, trying to move the weight off of me
"Shit sorry." Pete
"Fine, whatever. Wanna come hit the town?" I asked jerking a thumb in the direction of the town.
"Um I don't know much about you." Pete stated akwardly
"Hi, I'm Sam, I have a blog, I am 18 now, I think; I like Fall Out Boy and you just fell on me." I stuck out my hand, jokingly
"Hey Sam, I'm Pete, I play bass, I'm 19, and I have a revenge against the two fucktards who started this all; and I just fell on you." He shook my hand jokingly
"Now that we are aquainted, town?" He nodded jokingly
"What if we run into vampires?" Wow, what a newbie; I'm not much better but still
"Depends, new then they join my gang for a bit; bad and angry we fight." I shrugged
"New? Wait you have a gang? You didn't say that when we were getting aquatined!" Was he kidding?
"Yes new, as in just got changed. A gang, yeah survivors mostly some vamps." I shrugged; hearing a bloodcurdling squeal break the silence.
"Lets go." I pointed to the alley where it came from, running with Pete on my heels.

So you guys auditioned, and that's how Pete starts his gang (more details later) I wanted to get this up before I have to go (spring concert, playing in band with my school) :D hope this makes up for my VERY bad chapter last time
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