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I'm Always Going to Protect You

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Hey guys, been a while since an update (oh and the spring concert I updated before, was a complete fail, funny because our teacher was so into it, trying to make it perfect, when we failed to epic proportions) oh and I won't be updating for at least 4 days (I am leaving for my grade 9 trip with my "family" tommorow (yeah everyone in our class agrees we're like a family)

Rose's POV

I stepped out of the shitty gas station I had the pleasure of working at (note my sarcasm).
Only good thing about this shitty place was the fact that afterhours, I could do whatever the fuck I want to; an example I can't do during the day.
Let out all my frustrations through a nice drag of my smoke, well if I could find my fucking lighter.
"Where is it?" I growled to myslef reaching into my bag, sifting through the shit I put in there.
"Where is what? Love." I tensed at the voice of someone behind me; I turned to see a guy, short dark brown, almost black hair, with deep chocolate brown eyes.
"Um nothing, I guess I'll be- Where did you find that?!" I snapped as this guy held my lighter up
"Love you need to have a control over your belongings." He leaned over, making me step back; until I hit the wall.
"Get the fuck away from me." I growled, as he pinned me against the wall with his body.
"Shh, no need to make this harder than we have to." I pulled my hands into tight fists, ready to fight if I needed to; which was going to be soon; considering he was like kissing my neck or something.
"Smells so good, you must have a good taste." He mumbled against my skin, making me press my hands firmly against his chest; trying to push him away and failing.
"Shh, now just keep quiet." I was about to object until I felt a set of teeth sink into my skin.
I let out a strangled gasp of pain../And I thought the vampire legends were fake./
I slid my hands around his neck, trying to stop him from killing me or eating me alive, but realizing I couldn't add presure to my weakening fingers.
"BRENDON ENOUGH!" I heard a voice yell, breaking the silence.
"Yes Brendon, listen to the guy, she looks likes a weakling anyway." A new voice agreed; walking up, the repeatative tap tap tap of a cane hitting pavement growing louder.
"Brendon, stop." The mystery man commanded; once again ignored by the one who made me his little snack.
"Now!" The man pulled this Brendon guy away, sending him flying across the gas station, into a cement pillar.
"Fuck you!" He yelled, standing and charging the taller male.
My vision blurred, as I sunk to the ground, sounds of fists pouding into faces was the last thing I heard, before a wave of numbness came over me with a blanket of darkness.

Ryan's POV

Great, just fucking great.
First I was kidnapped to work for the britishmotherfucks, second they didn't call me by my name; no they insisted on calling me /Yank/. Just 'cause I'm american, damn fuckers.
Third, their making me babysit Brendon to make sure he doesn't go off killing random people; now doesn't that sound amazing?

I walked through the cold air; feeling the wind blow against my face, making this more frustrating than it had to be.
Fuck this, I'm going to go get some food from the gas station and maybe some nice hot coffee and everything will be alright
I walked over, to see a certain Urie chowin down on a, innocent girl.

"BRENDON STOP!" I yelled, being ignored all together.
"Yank your supposed to be able to control him, keep this from happening." William walked up beside me, using the all to familiar, and degrading nickname I despised so much.
"Sorry, I don't want to be killed." I snapped
"Yes Brendon, listen to the guy, she looks like a weakling anyway." Guy that was a step up
With an angry sigh William stalked forward, towards his second in command, attempting him to stop eating; which in Brendon's case was a hard task, trust me.
"NOW!" He snapped, throwing Brendon away from the poor girl.
I ignored all of what was happening and ran over to the girl, she sunk down, passed out.
"Shit, what the hell has he done to you?" I whispered,pulling off a part of my sleeve and pressing it to the new bite marks that covered her neck.
Talk about "Non-voulentary-love-bite".
I heard the two bicker, fight and leave me alone with her.
"Common wake up." I had a new care for her; weird, because I usually hated contact with people.
"Wha?" She groaned, not fully awake; hell not even half awake.
"Shh, stay still okay, I'm going to help you." I whispered, pulling out my phone and dialing Spencer's number.
"Ryro, been a while." He greeted
"Yeah it has, so get your ass and anybody else out to Pertol gas 'kay?"
"Brendon had a new snack?"
"Isn't he just a pig?" I joked, lifting the smaller girl up into my arms
"Fine, we'll nbe there in a bit."
"Good to know." I replied before hanging up
Damn did I hope she was going to be okay

Yes Ryan is soooo in love with her he doesn't care about 'unnesacary touching', but yeah a trip with my second family (yes me and my class have been together for 11 years, we are like a big family, just trust me, I rather not bore you with our conversation we had about it today)
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