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If You Fall, Remember I'll Be There To Protect you

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New chapter guys! Ahh good day :)

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New chapter, because I am so (tired) and happy (AH! me and a friend are starting a band (putting that out there because that makes me so ridiculously happy I can't even breath at times (not in a bad way, good way very good way)

Pete's POV

I walked along the battered streets, of wherever the fuck we were. I along with my new ally Sam were looking and trying to save survivors.
"Stop it." I jumped as the younger one spoke out, breaking the silence
"What?" Okay this full time I couldn't focus because I had my mind of Aven; okay?!
"Thinking about her." SHIT
"How'd yo-" I was cut off by Sam putting a hand up in front of my face; a que to shut the fuck up.
"NO HELP! SOMEONE PLEASE!" The voice, it seemed familiar
"STOP FIGHTING!" My hands clenched at the voice; the same voice of Brendon Motherfucking-Oh-I'm-Better-Than-You-Because-I-Am-British-Acting-And-Act-Shmancy Urie.
'Around the back' Sam mouthed out, and I nodded; running around silently to catch this bitch by suprise.
I heard a snap, which sounded like it hurt.
"Ah!" The girl cried out in pain, clutching her ankle and foot area soon after
"That is why you don't try to throw kicks at me you bitch!" Woah, Bring it, Don't sing it
"Sam, how amazing it is to see you again." I looked to see her, hands in fists at the other end of the alley.
"Fuck off Urie." She growled
"Tsk tsk tsk, you should really come back with us; William and Yank would enjoy seeing you again." Again? /Who the fuck is 'Yank?!'/
"Fuck.Off.Urie." She growled before throwing a punch at the man, hitting him square in the face.
I silently called out to the girl; recognizing the face instantly when she looked up. This was the girl who I was taunted to bite that one day.
"You saved me...Twice." She whispered as I nodded, picking her up and positioning her behind a trash can, trying to keep her safe.
"Need assistance?" I smiled, turning to see Aven jump behind me; along with another girl, with the same type of hair; hell they could be twins if you didn't count the eye colour and height.
"Okay, you circle around, and just take him down."
"Go for blood?" The other girl asked, and I nodded
"Ready...Now!" I yelled gripping Brendon's left shoulder, causing him to spin towards me, giving me a clear chance to nail him in the teeth, that is if someone didn't grab my arm.
"NO!" A deep voice growled from behind me, pulling me backwards onto the pavement.
"YOU RETARD NOT HIM! THE GIRL!" Brendon yelled angrily at the thug.
"Which one?!"
"HER!" He pointed to Aven; he wasn't going to get her.
Right as this guy started to turn towards her I grabbed his ankle, pulling back as hard as I could.
"You stupid little freak!" He growled sitting so he was on his knees, punching the side of my face, slamming my head against the ground. I tried to lift my arms to defend myself; but was caught by Brendon holding them down, while sitting on my legs.
"Leo, enough." A woman's voice commanded from behind the thug
"Yari, what should I do to the non-deserving prick?" Brendon asked, smiling up to the woman.
"Bren, do what you please. Leo, grab her and lets get out of here." I fought harder, wondering why nobody was going to try and help her; yes Aven was a great fighter, but 3 against 1!
"Don't.Touch.Her!" Thank you Sam for stepping up
"What now? You want to fight me little girl?" The other thug asked, gripping her wrist so hard I swear I heard a snap or crack before she cried out in pain.
"Fuck you." She growled, kicking him in the crotch, watching him fall.
"NO!" Leo slammed her against the brick wall, picking her up by her throat.
"Hey!" Aven cried out, grabbing the back of his shirt, pulling him off our friend and watching him fall.
I pushed myself up, feeling Brendon go tumbling backwards in my momentum.
"Don't.Even.Think.About.It" I growled to Leo, kicking him in the back.
"Stay out of it Wentz, we don't need you. Just allow us to have the girl and the rest of your friends will be safe." An ulitmadium I wasn't going to accept.
"FUCK YOU!" I screamed before punching him repeatedly, dropping him to the ground in the meantime.
"Stay the fuck away from her." I growled, feeling a pair of hands pull me backwards, and a set of teeth sink into my skin.
"PETE! Be careful okay?" I heard Aven cry out before everything faded to black.

Ryan's POV

I sat there, sitting on the foot of my bed, looking down at the girl laying upon it.
She looked so helpless, so innocent; minus the bitemarks appearing on the left side of her neck.
Dammit Ryan, how could you let this happen to her?!
I shifted, so both of my legs were now on the bed.
"Um what, where am I?" She blinked, her intelligent ice blue eyes snapping red for a split second.
"Your in our headquaters, do you remember anything?" I asked as she nodded
"I do remember some stuff, but I don't know who you are, sorry." I shrugged, I actually didn't introduce myself
"I'm Ryan, you are?"
"Rose." Rose, nice name.
"Hey she's awake." Patrick said as he and everyone else who was here at the time walked in.
"Not to be a bother, but I'm thirsty." Sh- Rose stared down at the ground beside my bed
"Do you want us to whip up a concoction to supply the bloodlust for you?" Andy suggested
"No, at this point in time she needs actual blood." Once the priest said that, I looked down at my own arms, thinking about it.
Well no harm no foul, but something could happen. But I was somewhat willing to do anything for her
I silently reached out my arm to her, wrist up.
She smiled at me and grabbed it, hands warm against my cold skin.
"RYAN YOU DUMBASS!" Patrick yelled, grabbing my arm away from Rose's mouth.
"No you don't do that!" Trick grabbed a book from my side table and started to repeatedly wack me in the side of the head with it.

A/N hope you like it. Any fav. parts? R&R is nice :) Hope to update this weekend (I don't know, but I want to)
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