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Oh Memories, Where'd You go?

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Pete wakes up and remembers times he would much rather forget

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I woke up with a groan of annoyance, shooting pains spreading along my body.
"Are you okay Sir Wentz?" I blinked, being greeted by a maid, who looked to be in about her late 40s, with coloured skin
"Yes, just sore I guess." I finished with a friendly smile, sitting up; being greeted by a major head rush. My breath hitched in my throat, as I gripped the sheets vision blurring
"Oh my." the woman murmered, walking over to me
"Lay back down okay?" I did what I was told, laying back down on the bed closing my eyes. I felt the shock of being awake fade away and my body relaxed. As I fell into a state of pure bliss, otherwise known as sleep.

"Pete, wake up." I heard a new voice whisper, pulling my mind into conciousness, as a pair of cold fingers brushed against my face, moving my hair.
"No, if I wake up I'll be in pain." I complained like a little child.
Little child all of a sudden, my vision was taken up by the view of a young boy, looking like a very young toddler.

/"Daddy?!" The boy squeaked, yes squeaked crawling around
"Bronx calm down." Hold up a second
A man, wait I walked over, picking this Bronx kid up.
"Where's mommy?" he seemed like a happy kid, it was too cute.
"She's not here" Suddenly I was filled with pain, and anger; and this little memory thing felt like real life, I felt the weight of the boy in my arms, the rage building up when he mentioned his mother.
"D-daddy who are they?" Bronx buried his little face into my neck as there were 2 figures walking around our house.
"Shit" I growled to myself, booking it upstairs, into what seemed to be my room in this house, which seemed to be mine
"Im scared." the young boy whispered to me as him and I sat hiding in a closet
"I know it's scary, but I'm not going to let anything happen to you, okay?" I attempted to calm both of us down.
It seemed like years, sitting in the dark silence, that was keeping us hidden away from those 2 figures.

I felt Bronx stiffen on my lap, tears filled the poor boys eyes
"Their here." he whispered to me, clinging onto my Rolling Stones shirt with a death grip
"Nonono." I mumbled, holding the young boy, who seemingly was my son close to my chest, as the two figures walked around the large room, searching.
For us.
One, who seemed to be the older one, with longer, slightly curly brown hair, barked orders to the younger looking one; he had shorter, darker brown hair, and was trashing the place.
Brendon? URIE? That stupid cunt.
"Fuck Will, you look then 'cause I don't see them!" Brendon barked back angrily
"Their obviously hiding idiot!" Will yelled, checking under the bed, in the bathroom. 
A before approaching the closet, grinning as he slowly opened it, revealing us two cowering in the empty space.
Will leaned down, so his face was about an inch away from Bronx's
"Boo." that was it, he said that final word and grabbed my son, taking him from my clutches, leaving Brendon to get me.
They took everything from me./

I woke up, tears burning in my eyes, as I heard a female voice call out to me.
"Dammit Hertrie! He's not waking up!" Aven?
"No need to worry, he's beginning to remember, all the things they had done to him."

/The setting changed, I was no longer I pain, no tears stinging my eyes. Just plain fear as I was curled up in a ball, huddled in a corner of this large, cold, wet room.
"Well Pete, you should be happy I cared for you all this time." Brendon walked across the room ever so casually, smiling as he did so.
"I just want my son." I growled angrily, not leaving my position
"Oh little Bronx? He's in good hands, don't you worry." 
"I thought you were a friend! Not a motherfucking enemy!" I yelled, feeling a hand slap over my mouth
"Just shut up, fightings going to get you nowhere." I looked over to see another ex-Panic! Member; Ryan.
"What?" I yelled in a whisper
"He's either going to beat you or eat you." The scrawny guitarist explained, receiving a cold, morbid laugh from Brendon.
"See? Ryro knows where I'm coming from" Fuck I hated him 
"So Wentz, are you going to struggle or just let us have a nice snack?" I didn't answer, fuck him, fuck Will, fuck them all
"Answer me or.....Butch bring me the kid." He ordered a rather large guy to do; sending him out of the room, only to return with a familiar child; frightened and had tears running down his small, chubby cheeks.
"You get him safe and sound, but you take his place." I agreed, wanting what was best for my young son.
"Give him the kid." I felt the squirmy child land in my arm, curl up to me; tears still falling.
"Now Pete, you owe us." I nodded, suddenly blacking out from a hard hit to the side of my head/

Sorry if nothing really happened, but this all plays a part later on, and maybe a sequel? (would you guys want one after this?)
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