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A Day in the Life

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A glimpse into the life of a bratty rock star. Who knew it involved so much YouTube?

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Hey guys. So I got a lot of views, but no reviews. So could you guys please review with any feedback or constructive criticism? It'd be greatly appreciated. Enjoy!

My day's been a bit hectic, so I'll give you the basic run-down on what's been happening.

8:00 am

Wake up, chug three cups of coffee, do hair and make up. Pick out an out fit, get behavioral lecture from Eric. Get bored of lecture, leave without notice, go to apartment next door. Make out with Finn.

9:00 am

Go to Good Morning America. Answer boring questions. Act like a freaking girl scout. Do the funk chicken as soon as the opportunity comes up.

10:00 am

Spend down time watching homemade music videos made by nobody bands. Scream "Fuck yea!" when the lead singer of Skeletor's Interns takes his shirt off.

10:30 am

Interview on some hot shot radio show. Ramble about stuff no one cares about. Sing annoying Girl Scout songs when the topics run dry.

11:30 am

Make out with Finn some more. Eat lunch. Watch every movie possible with Taylor Lautner in them. Put shirtless scenes in slow-motion. Eat circus peanuts. Vomit. Swear to never again have circus peanuts.

11:00 pm

Interview on Conan. Peek out from curtains and make faces at the audience during monologue. Get reprimanded by the stage director, Eric, and Lauren. Talk to Conan. Make people laugh. Wonder if the world will ever again know a bearded Conan O'Brian. Pray that it will. Turn pink upon noticing that these thoughts were put into words.

12:00 am

Get abducted by friends backstage.

"What the-" I exclaim as someone grabs the collar of my leather jacket and starts pulling me back. "Help!" I scream. "Life alert! I'm being child-" I'm cut off by a hand covering my mouth.

"Hush child!" Lauren whispers in a weird accent.

"Lauren? What the hell?" Is what I try to say. But due to the placement of her hand, it comes out as, "Waven? Vat de heh?"

"Hush your honey buns!" Jaycee whispers. "All will be revealed in time." I give up and allow them to drag me into the dressing room. Once in there, I'm shoved back into a swivel chair.

"Great, now would you care to explain what's going on here?" I ask.

"Success is going on here!" Someone exclaims. I turn around and see Deryn and Finn standing behind me. Finn smiles. "Green Day dropped out. My Chemical Romance is your only concern."

"And we've got a plan," Jaycee adds.

"We do?" Finn asks, looking confused.

"We do," Jaycee replies. I grin.

"Enlighten us then."

"Well, I did a little digging," Lauren says, "and I found out a few things. There are five members of the band, all boys: Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Ray Toro, Bob Bryar, and Frank Iero. The youngest, Frank, is seventeen, and the oldest, Ray, is nineteen. Mikey is seventeen, a few months older than Frank, Gerard's eighteen, and Bob's eighteen." Jaycee picks up from here.

"They're pretty famous, but they tend to stay out of the spotlight. They do normal kid stuff. For example, every year they go to camp. Registration for this camp started last month and the campers show up in two days."

"Okay, but what does that have to do with me and Reese?" Finn asks.

"There's one one-person cabin at that camp and it's been reserved for the one, the only," Jaycee points to me, "Riesa Barnes."

"What?!" Finn and I exclaim at the same time.

"You can't just send me off! We need to practice!"

"And I don't want Reese hanging around with a bunch of boys for who knows how long!" Finn yells.

"One month," Deryn fills in. "The contest isn't for two, so don't worry about practice. And Finn, I'm sure Reese will have no trouble staying faithful for that long." He huffs but says nothing.

"What's the point of sending me? I bash them on my website, I'm pretty damn recognizable, there's no way they'll trust me! Unless-" Then it dawns on me. She didn't say the cabin was for Reese Taylor. "Unless you're not sending me as Reese. You're sending me as a normal girl."

"Not just a normal girl," Jaycee says. "The real you. Riesa Barnes."

"Last I checked, Riesa Barnes couldn't make any friends," I mutter.

"Stop that!" Lauren says. "You'll do great Peanut Butter," she continues, using the nickname she got from Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.

"What do you say?" Deryn asks hopefully. I sigh.

"Fine. I'll do it." My friends squeal and hug me while Finn begins sulking.

"Great!" Deryn exclaims. "Now we need to make you less recognizable. Piercings?" She holds out her hand and I remove the extra studs from my ears and tongue and give them to her. "Falsies?" My false eyelashes join the piercing. "Hair." I look at her with alarm.

"What about my hair?"

"Relax dolly," Jaycee says. "We're giving you a wig, she just wanted to scare you."

"We'll also need to bandage you." Deryn adds.


"Your peanut butter cups need to shrink. You're too edgy at the moment," Jaycee simplifies it. "The dramatic eye make up, the hair, the figure, the clothes. You're hot, but you need to be a different kind of hot for this. Keep this up and they'll be too busy lusting for you to tell you anything important."

While my friends continue telling me how I'll need to prepare for the 'mission,' I notice Finn brooding in the back. My poor boy. He's always been pretty protective of me, and now I'm going off to buddy up with four potentially hot boys closer to my age. I'll make sure to tell him that no silly, wannabe punk eighteen year old has anything compared to a twenty year old as awesome as him.

12:30 am

Go to sleep. Sleep like the dead.

12:00 pm

Get sat on by Jaycee. Push her off. Get sat on by Jaycee and Lauren. Push them off. Get ice water dumped on my by Deryn. Wake up.

12:10 pm

Drink coffee and eat a muffin while researching freaking My Chemical Romance. Try to understand why fans find them so interesting. See a picture of them. Understand quite clearly.

1:30 pm

Convince Jaycee and Lauren to help with research. Feel a sense of accomplishment.

2:00 pm

Chug three Pepsis and choke down two undercooked hot dogs. Feel an entirely different sense of accomplishment.

4:00 pm

Give up on research and just start watching muted My Chemical Romance videos. Jaycee and Lauren take shifts watching with me.

4:30 pm

Scream, "oh yell yes!" with Jaycee when Gerard Way jumps up and grabs his crotch in a video of a concert. Instant replay. Again. And again. Decide it's just not fair to abuse the replay button so.

9:00 pm

Get forced into bed by sister and Deryn because apparently I've got an early morning. Fall asleep feeling mildly apprehensive. Why?
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