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tick tock, watch the clock!

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Fun Ghoul got caught. Is there any way to get him out?

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„Here we are” said Party Poison.

I squinted my eyes to see better. A little bit on the left I noticed the entrance – big metal gate, framed by solid concrete walls and part of the roof over it.

“Do I see it right, there is only one guy?”

“Don’t ask me, I’m blind as a fucking bat!” squeaked Kobra.


“I barely see where I’m going” he confessed.

Oh, god. That explained a lot. Especially his difficulties during the training and overall clumsiness. I felt horrible stung of guilt, because I was picking on him quite a lot because of that.

“Dude, why didn’t you tell us? I feel like an idiot now, I should have noticed!” moaned Poison.

“Dunno. Didn’t want to be a problem” he murmured, looking away.

“You’re going to get your ass kicked for this, after we’re finished. Got that?” I told him. “No fucking lying or hiding anything, ok people? We gotta be sincere to make this work.”

“What, are we like a couple now?” asked Poison and cocked his eyebrow.

“You wish” I said and poked my tongue out. He just beamed to me.

“Ok., love birds. One guy up there, right? The bushes end about 60 feet before the building. We should get to the wall as quick as possible and then approach to the guard. Get rid of him and hopefully walk in.”

So we did as he said. My heart was about to jump out of my chest from nervousness. We were at the wall separating us from the gate. Party Poison was nearest, I was second. He looked at me, waiting for confirmation of what we were about to do. And I just nodded.

He took a deep breath and jumped out and we followed him second later. Drac immediately aimed his gun at Poison, but he managed to disarm him and then immobilize him and then Jet Star helt his gun next to his temple.

“Open it” he commanded.

Drac tried to break free, but Poison just tightened his grip. “Well?”

In the meantime me and Kobra tried to inspect the screen on the wall, with little keyboard next to it.

“I think we gotta scan his pupil to open the gate” he finally said. He must have been a computer geek in previous life.

“Okay” said Poison and pushed the drac forwards and smashed his wall to the wall, were the camera was. Kobra clicked on some buttons and we waited.

“Entrance denied” said the mechanical voice and I started to get nervous.

“Not this eye” sighed Kobra and Poison pushed his victim a little to the left.

“Now?” he asked and his brother repeated his action. Soon after the gate started to open.

“What do we do with him?”

Poison looked at me and bit his lip. I nodded and looked away. He pulled the trigger and his body sank down. Me and Jet Star grabbed him by his arms and started to haul him to the bushes, so he wasn’t that easily visible.

“Let’s go in.”

I actually couldn’t believe we managed to get in. First thing was to close the gate and then look if there was any cameras in the corridor. So far I couldn’t spot any. So we started to march. Every fucking wall, every square meter of the floor, the ceiling, everything was perfectly white and it was driving me crazy. Even us, in our lame and boring jeans and faded shirts, stood out.

Our trainees explained us how to get to the key, but now as we were there, everything seemed different. However, Jet Star looked like he had a perfect idea of where were we going and I trusted him with my life.

It took us 20 minutes, maybe more. Without any major problems, except for the one time when a group of suited up people passed us by in perpendicular corridor.

I turned my head around to check if anyone was behind us. Kobra peeked into the hall. Both were clean, so we walked in and slid the door closed. Poison and Jet Star stood by its sides with their guns ready. Me and Poison run to the center of the room, were all the machines were.

Everything was enlightened, computers still beeping. I couldn’t believe they left it all turned on and unprotected. Soon I localized the key. Pony was right, it looked like CPU or a chip, set in the middle of a giant board, made from millions of similar little devices, all connected to each other.

“And here you are, babe” I whispered.

“Now all we have to do is to get it out” said Kobra. He sat in front of huge screen and started to analyze it all. He was more of a computer geek than I would think.
After several moments he took the codes from his jacket’s pocket and started to type them in.

“Fingers crossed it’s gonna work” he said and I nodded.

It did. All the electronic stuff was turning off in a wave, getting slowly to the key. Soon it was disconnected too.

“Me or you?” I asked.

“Take it” he answered.

I nodded and reached for it. My fingers were literally shaking, but I managed not to break it. I took a small box from my pocket, prepared especially for this occasion, and hid the key in it.

“Let’s go.”

Poison opened the door and we walked out in silence. The corridor was empty, but we held our guns ready, just in case.

“Jet Star?”


I took out the box with key it and handed it to him. “You better take it.”


“Just do.”

I had no idea why I did it, but surely it was safer with him than with me. He carefully took it from my hand and hid it in his jacket.

We were in the middle of our way out when the sirens went off.

“They noticed it’s gone” Poison said and bit his lip.

“We better hurry up then” I said and quickened the pace. It didn’t help tough. Soon a group of dracs appeared in front of us. By then we were really close to the exit, we just had to defeat them and we would be free. I started to shoot and so did they. Guys were in front of me, slowly moving forwards and I was protecting their backs. But it didn’t take long for the other security group the appear, evidently they were chasing us from the control room.

“Shit” I whispered.

I turned my head for a second to see how guys were doing. There was maybe 2 or 3 dracs more, they could easily get rid of them.

“GO!” I screamed to them. And as I started to back off, other group of dracs appeared from the same corridor. I started to shoot, but I know it wouldn’t help much. “JUST FUCKING RUN!”

And as it left my mouth I felt burning pain in my shoulder and soon after everything became dark.


The next thing I remembered, as the consciousness started to sift through my senses, was that horribly white and bright room I was in. I was lying on the soft mattress and heard some beeping machines around me. I didn’t dare to open my eyes again, so I just shifted in the bedding uncomfortably.

Then it hit me.

Instantly I opened my eyes, only to notice a bald man standing in front of me, accompanied by slender woman in black uniform and 5 or maybe more dracs.

Why wasn’t I dead?!

“Uhmm… Hello?” I tried.

The man just shook his head and cocked his eyebrow. Then I realized that I knew this face from somewhere, but he couldn’t be…. That couldn’t be… Oh, god. I was so fucked.

“Do you know who I am?”

I shook my head. At least he could confirm my assumption.

“Korse. Does this name ring a bell?”

He looked pissed, so I decided to nod my head.

“Good. Now tell me. Where is the key?”


“Don’t play dumb.”

I took a deep breathe.

“Honestly, I have no idea what are you talking about.”

“Funny, so it was a sight seeing trip?” he asked me and I almost smiled.

“You won’t set me free when I tell you. Also I should be dead by now. So I see no sense in telling you. And even if I would, I couldn’t do that anyway, because I have no fucking idea where it is.”

He clenched his teeth. That didn’t look promising.

“We’re going to see each other tomorrow. Hopefully you will remember something by that time” he warned me. And before I managed to response, the woman approached to me with syringe and everything became blurred.


Next time I woke up I wasn’t that comfortable anymore. After I rubbed the sleep off my eyes and looked around, it became rather obvious to me that I was in some kind of cell, lying on the concrete floor. Apparently they took my clothes away, so now I was stuck in a white uniform. The only personal thing left was my watch, but it didn’t surprise me. It was old and the glass was scratched in many places.

I sighed to myself and bit my lip. Surely, I was going to die. The only reason I was still breathing, was that Korse hoped I would tell him where the key went. Where all of them go, so he can get them back. Guys probably delivered it to Sharky Ringer, by that time. But it was obvious to us, it wasn’t its last stop. And we weren’t entirely sure where has base was located. We were meant to call her by the radio in our car.

I begun to wonder if they escaped safely. Last thing I saw, in the corner of my eye, was Poison turning his head to me. I really hoped he didn’t do anything stupid like running to me and trying to help or whatever like this. He should have known that the best option was to leave me there. On the other hand, Korse really looked worried (I could tell, even if he wore that poker face), so it meant that the key disappeared for good. So at least Jet Star was safe.

I had no idea what to do with myself. I took off my watch and started fidgeting with it. It said it was 4. No idea if in the morning or afternoon. All I could do was waiting and I didn’t even know what for. They would probably try to torture me or try the lies detector on me or something like that. For a second I considered telling them about Sharky Ringer. But it wouldn’t help at all. I knew they wouldn’t set me free. And I couldn’t put others in danger.

Suddenly I heard someone talking and I jumped from my place. I stayed still for couple of minutes, awaiting for someone to get it, but it didn’t happen. Also, the noise didn’t disappear and it didn’t seem to change to location it was coming from and it sounded kinda close to me. I shook my head, maybe my imagination was taking over me. Due to stress, probably. But then I heard clearly Poison’s voice.

“I told you, we weren’t ready for this!” he said and I held my breath. Was I officially going insane?

“Listen, it’s not due to that. You did well. Things like that happen” that was probably Dr. D. So they were all safe. Probably in base. But how…? Where was the voice coming from?

“You know shit about it. I lost my best friend.”

And then I realized it was coming from my motherfucking watch. I stared at it for a moment in total disbelief, but then I heard Poison saying something that make my heart skip a bit.

“I think… I think we should go back and try to get him.”

“Hey… hey, listen. Please, calm down, ok? It’s hard for us all… I mean… Ugh. But you know, he’s probably…”

“Don’t even say that!”

Kobra was trying to reason with him, but Poison was his usual stubborn self.

“I’m not dead” I whined to myself, not sure if they could hear me or not, however my words were followed by silence.

“I’m going crazy, am I not? I swear I just heard him.”

“Fun Ghoul?” tried Kobra with a shaking voice.

“Uhm, yeah. That’s me. Check out your watches or something. I think a mini radio is built in” I whispered.

“YOU ARE ALIVE!!!” screamed Poison, apparently directly to the mic.

“Shut up, you fucker” I silenced him. “I’m kinda in trouble, ya know. I don’t think Korse would appreciate that I’m talking here with you.”

“Where are you? How these watches work? Are you ok? Please tell me you ok!”

“Well, I have nothing broken and I feel quite OK. But uhm… I don’t think I’m still in the reactor, guys. I talked to Korse some time ago.”

“Oh, shit” I heard Dr. D. And it didn’t make me feel any better. “I’m not gonna lie to you, Fun Ghoul. It doesn’t seem good. Korse rarely leaves BLI’s main base. What did you two talk about?”

“And what do you think? That we had pleasant conversation with tea and cookies? He asked me where the key was and I told him I had no idea what he was talking about.”


“And don’t tell me, I don’t want to know. But are you all ok?”

“Poison had serious panic attack and he threw a tantrum, but apart from that we’re alive” Kobra informed me.

“Oh…” I felt nice that he cared about me that much, but I immediately realized that they could do nothing for me. “So… Uhm. I’m not going to say a word, obviously. And uhmm… It was awesome knowing you guys and I hope…”

“Shut up.”

“What?” It was hard enough trying to say good bye, but this fucker was always inturrupting me.

“Just shut the fuck up. We’re gonna get you out from there. And if those dumbasses won’t help me, I’m gonna do it by myself. You understand me?”

“Poison, listen, it’s really awesome you want to help, but it’s far too dangerous. Also you don’t exactly know where I am, so…”

“I do!” exclaimed Kobra.

I literally could see them glancing at him like if he was mental. “I figured out, it has GPS in it” he explained.

Second after I heard loud thud and some screaming.

“Hey, hey… guys?” I asked confused.

“Poison just felled Kobra on the floor from happiness” Jet Star informed me. “These watches are a miracle… You know where we got them from?”

“No idea… I woke up with mine, you know, the first day. I guess we had them in our previous life” I told him.

“AWESOME. Fun Ghoul, you hear me?”

“Yeah” I laughed.

“Listen, I have a mission for you"


“Stay alive as long as you can? Lie to them. Tell them you start to remember something. Anything, ok? And we will get you. Promise.”

“You promised that no one would hurt me, you fucker” I mumbled.

“I know. But that promise is not completely broken yet, is it? Just keep holding on.”

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