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Fake Paradise.

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Ghoul gets from BLI a little more than he ever wanted.

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And look who finally get round to write a new part! Yeah! After over a month. I had lots on my head, but thankfully everything went better than I would ever expect.

“Listen to me, boy” said Korse as I entered the room. The next interrogation was carried out in his main quarter (as I assumed), not in the hospital wing, like it was before. He also didn’t go down to my cell, though probably it would be safer for him. On the other hand, we were surrounded by at least ten dracs. Korse sat sprawled comfortably on an impressive black leather armchair. My place, apparently, was on the stool in front of him. “Here is the deal. And just for the record, I’m doing you a huge favor, because you should be dead long time ago. You tell me where the key went and I let you leave. Even happier than you ever was before” he added with a sly smile dancing on his lips.

I looked away. I knew what it meant, but I decided play his game as good as I possibly could.

“Ugh… The problem is, our job was only to steal the key. We weren’t involved in the process of transporting it anywhere, neither informed about it. So it’s really hard for me to say anything that could help you” I faked a sigh.

Korse frowned. And it wasn’t a good sign. I knew that turning down his offer could only be very bad for me.

“But… There is one name that stuck in my head… I don’t know. I must have heard it somewhere... It was Harley Fistfight? A girl with pink hair, I guess…” I mumbled. I totally made it up and I prayed he would buy it.

“And her job was…?” Korse looked a little more interested.

“To get the key from us. Somewhere in the zone 6, near the reactor that was destroyed before.”

He visibly cringed when I mentioned it, but nodded after a second.

“That’s a beginning. However, I expect you to remember a little more than that.”

And with that, two drags grabbed me below my armpits and dragged me back to my cell.


“Fun Ghoul?”

It was probably couple of hours later, but I wasn’t sure – I completely lost the track of time. I was again sitting alone in my cell, sometimes drifting away in sleep and sometimes so deep in thoughts that even an explosion of nuclear bomb wouldn’t snap me back to reality. But as soon as I heard my name, I immediately looked at my watch.


There was no mistaking it, I would recognize his soft voice everywhere.

“Yeah… You’re ok?” he sounded worried and he spoke quietly.

“I guess. Talked to Korse today, again” I whispered back. I really didn’t want any drac outside my cell to hear me.


“Well. I’m still alive. It has to be good.”

“What did you tell him?”

“Made up some shit. That the next person who had the key was a girl called Harley Fistfight. But apparently I have to think of other things I need to tell him about. He said it wasn’t enough.”

“Damn it… We need like a day more. Can you make it?”

“Ugh. I hope. What are you planning to do?”

“I can’t tell you" he whispered.


“The less you know, the better.”

“You know, it’s bullshit. As long as they don’t have veritaserum, I’m not saying shit. You just came up with something totally ridiculous and there is high chance it will not work out, right?”

“Uh-huh. Don’t be so skeptical. Obviously, it is quite dangerous. But really, what is not in this world?”

“I just don’t want you to get killed” I admitted and bit my lip.

“Same here, Fun Ghoul. I want you to keep yourself alive as long as you can. And by the way, it’s my turn to save your ass.”

I nodded to myself and smiled softly.

“… Are others there?” I asked after a while. I didn’t mind talking to Poison, obviously, just was curious.

“No. I actually wasn’t supposed to call you. Kobra and D. are trying to figure out how this watches work and where we got them from, but without any luck so far. And Jet Star is rummaging in the car. He doesn’t look like a type who id own with cars, I hope he won’t destroy it.”

“Then why did you?”

“Did what?” he seemed confused.

“Call me.”

“Oh… I… Mhm. I wanted to make sure you’re doing ok. And to assure you we’re almost on the way.”
I know he lied, but I didn’t want to ask further. “Poison? If you’re really planning on coming here…”

“Of course we are!” he interrupted me. I sighed and continued “Then you may want to hurry the fuck up.”

“Apart from obvious reasons, why?”

“Korse said he wouldn’t kill me, but I concluded he would give me the pill and make a proper Battery City citizen out of me.”

“Oh fuck.”

“I know. I honestly prefer to be dead than brainless.”

We fell silent for couple of moments, but it wasn’t awkward or anything like that. As cliché as it sounds, we were enjoying listening to each other breathing. Because in the world we were set it, that was really something.


„Anything else?”

The question itself was something I could easily predict, but the tone he said it with, almost pushed me over the edge. I haven’t slept properly in ages, the only thing I got from them was a small bottle of water every day and my body started to protest against such treatment. Also my friends, the only people I knew and cared about, were to break into BLI’s base, the nest of the fucking devil, only to save my poor ass. I wanted to snap, yell at him, punch him in the face and break something. Instead I just sighed and decided to play along.

“I… I told you I wasn’t really involved in the transportation part. We were only to get the key” I mumbled. “I’m not even completely sure what they are for.”

“Oh. So you decided to risk your life for something you have no idea about, do I have it correct?”

“It was supposed to take BLI down. Somehow” I replied as innocent as I could.

“Obviously” he stated and fell silent for a moment. “Do you seriously think that your poor attempts can get down such a huge organization as BLI? How many of you is there? Twenty? Maybe a little bit more. Without proper weapons, trainings, a leader. You’re like a fly in a room, you can annoy me, but you won’t stop me and sooner or later I will kill you all” Korse’s face visibly lit up as he spoke, though he didn’t even look at me.


He frowned and turned to me.

“Why all of this?” I tried to be more precise.

“Diversity is a destruction” he stated simply, like it was an explanation for everything.

“Diversity is a way of making the world get going, to move forward.”

“It’s naïve. Inequality is the reason for world’s biggest misery. In the world I created, everyone is the same. Citizens of The Battery City have equally paid jobs, equal amount of responsibilities, same sizes of apartments, same cars, same clothes. They are all educated in the same way. There is nothing to chase for, nothing to make them miserable. “

I saw many holes in his logic. Like, why he had to use a drug to make them follow him since his idea was so brilliant. Why his surroundings were royal-worthy. Why he kept an army, consisted of drugged and manipulated people or equal maniacs like he was.

But I couldn’t say any of this.

“Admirable goal.”

“Yes. And you try to destroy this all. But it will never happen. We are too strong for this” he replied, like if he didn’t notice the note of sarcasm in my voice. “So, I ask you again. Is there anything else you want to tell me?”

“I’ve heard reactor number 8 was our next goal.”

“Good boy.”


Next time I was locked in my tiny cell, they served a dinner. It seemed weird to me, but I concluded, I had to do something right and my little lie was something that Korse wanted to here. Also, I haven’t eaten in three days or so and I couldn’t help but drool over the plate. I couldn’t remember the last time I saw so much food at once/ I took a forkful of salad and put it into my mouth, swallowing all within a second. Then repeated the action, though this time I felt something that really shouldn’t be in a salad. At first I tried to chew it, too hungry to actually think, but it was kinda hard and sour so I decided to take it out.

It was little, it was blue, and between the bite marks I made, there was something looking like a smiling face on it.

Oh shit.


I woke up probably couple of hours later, though for me it felt like eternity. I wasn’t quite sure, but I had the impression that what snapped me back to reality was some kind of loud sound, but as I somewhat regained my consciousness everything was silent again. Or muffled, to be more precise. I tried hard to open my eyes, but everything turned out to be blurred and soon I felt dizzy.

I closed my eyes again, trying to drift back to sleep, because back then nothing really mattered, except for getting rid of that nauseous feeling.

I heard someone saying something behind my cell’s door, rather in commanding voice, but I couldn’t quite catch what did they say. It was however followed by multiple “fucks” and other swears and soon after someone started to wrestle with the door.

That definitely caught my attention. I opened my eyes again and tried to sit up, helping myself with a wall behind me.

Finally the door snapped open and I noticed a drac, holding another drag with a gun next to his temple. Okay, that looked weird.


The first one took off the mask from his face, revealing fire engine red hair and even though his face was really blurred to me, I just couldn’t help but smile.

“Ghoul, you ok?... Star, please take care of that crap, shall ya?” he said and let the drac go. Soon he was caught by Star, but my eyes were fixated on Poison.

Second after I felt him kneeling next to me.

“Hey… hey… are you ok? Do you think you can stand up?”

I nodded, but obviously the vertical position was out of my reach.

“Fuck! Kobra, pass me the mask. Ok., listen. This is drac’s costume, I’m gonna pull it on you, ok?”

I nodded and he with someone’s help started to wrestle with my almost inert body. When they were done, he said “Now I really need your help. Me and Star are going to get you up and try to walk you out from here, ok? But you have to try your hardest and help us, alright? We need to be quick. And unsuspicious” he giggled to himself, but it was nothing cheerful about it. It was almost like if he was saying that it wasn’t going to work.

But somehow it did. I couldn’t remember much from it. Just their strong hands around me and my shambling legs. And the next thing was our car, where I passed out.


Next days were a blur. Mostly I was unconscious, but sometimes, what happened really rarely but it did, I was awake enough to catch some words of the conversations led around and also soft caresses on my body. I couldn’t work out where I was, nonetheless the last thing I remembered was Poison’s bright red hair. So I assumed I was safe.

One of these times when I regained some consciousness, I found myself pulled into a tight hug. Normally I would probably freak out, because it was dark (or hazy?) and I had no idea where I was. But the breathing behind me sounded steady, like if that someone was also asleep and deep inside I knew I was ok. I was laying there, on the soft mattress for a long time and soon I realized that with every passing minute I felt better and I guess, it was the first time I managed to regain fully my consciousness. I started to shift a little in the bedding to make myself more comfortable and also to check who was that person holding me from behind. After a minute the grip loosened and I managed to turn around and face Party Poison. I was in the base, I realized and I sighed with relief.

“Hi” I mumbled to him after a while of simple gazing at each other.

“Hello” he smiled. “How are you doing?”

“Fi…” but I didn’t have a chance to finish since he pulled me into another, almost bone-breaking, hug.

“God, I thought I’d lost you” he cried suddenly in the crook of my neck.

“Hey, hey… It’s okay, right?” I tried, but my voice wasn’t like I was expecting it to be. It seemed I didn’t use it for days. “I’m here, Poison. It’s okay.”

He just nodded, but couldn’t stop sobbing. “I don’t… I don’t know what would I do without you. I messed up.”

„No, you didn’t. It’s not your fault. Not at all, ok? And you have guys, you have Kobra, your brother. It had to be okay.”

“It wouldn’t be the same. Not without you” he whispered, still clinging to me.

And I had no idea how to response to that.

revieeeeeeeeeeeeeew? puh-lease.
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