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A Way To Recover

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Poison is a nurse in a drag and obviously out of his mind.

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„How did you do that?” I asked curiously, shifting in my bed. Once again I was surrounded by all of them. Not that I complained – it was really nice to spend some time with guys, without thinking about missions and all that stuff.

“Don’t you think you should rest a little bit more?” Poison asked, immediately changing the topic.

“Listen, I know you don’t want to stress me and stuff, but I also do realize that what you did was probably very reckless and stupid, but it can’t be undone and I really want to know how did you do that.”

“First my lovely brother threw a tantrum, called us all retarded jerks and then went to his bunk and cried for good hour” said Kobra with a giggle and Poison shot him a death glare.

“Don’t get me wrong, Ghoul. We all thought we lost you for good and that was pretty traumatizing, but it really got him.”

“Kobra, I’m still here, don’t you think…”

“That’s exactly why I talk about it” he said suddenly becoming very serious. “Why were you so cut up by this, so much more than anyone else, though you can’t call us unemotional people? You can’t bottle up your feeling like this” he stated.

“Comes from a person who says SHIT about himself, okay?”

“Yeah, but it clearly has something to do with the past, don’t you think? And the more we know, the better for us. All of us” he said and I must admit he had point. But I completely didn’t expect this conversation to take this turn.

“What… what are you implying?” I asked weakly.

“Huh. Nothing. I’m implying nothing. I just have an impression it was important, ok? Like you said that me and Poison are brothers. That was important. And now I have similar feeling, however I can’t quite place it. I don’t know. Just think about it? Maybe you will come up with something” he added with a soft smile.

I never heard him talking so much at once, so I thought that it really was important for him, but mostly for us.

“Thanks, Kobra. We will think about this.”

“Yeah” agreed Poison, though he was looking away.

“Hey, don’t be fed up with him. We promised each other to talk about everything. No secrets, right?”

“I know and I’m not angry. Just… confused? Huh, it’s like permanent here” he added and we giggled.

“Okay, so tell me the story of saving my ass, please.”

“To begin with, I think it’s good to mention that due to your courage it was possible to transport the key to a safe place” stated D. and everyone turned to him. We didn’t realize he entered the room. He just smiled and nodded. “Congratulations on that.”

“I don’t think I can call it courage. I just felt it had to be done” I said and blushed a little.

“That’s what courage is, boy” he told me.

“So we have already half of the keys, right?” I asked to make sure.

“Yes. And another team should get another one by tomorrow.”

“Please tell me it’s not from reactor number 8” I begged.

“No, why?”

“Because I told Korse that it was our next aim” I answered truthfully.

“Oh… Then he is going to have a surprise party, then” said D. with a big smile appearing under his beard.

“He is also going to be very pissed” I added.

“I don’t think he can be more pissed than he is now. I mean they broke in BLI’s main base. Then his prisoner escaped. He lost another key. Just imagine how he must feel now.”

“If this asshole has any feelings or brain” I mumbled. “Okay. Now. TELL ME.”

“After we emerged from the reactor we followed the instruction Dr. D. gave us. We transported the key to Sharky Ringer” Kobra stopped for a second and smiled. It was enough for me and Poison the exchange knowing looks. “And then we came back here as soon as possible.”

“And it took as some time, because two drac patrols were following us” added Star. “But it was nothing that guns couldn’t fix.”

“And then you came back here, realized I was probably dead by then, were fed up and so on and then we got to know about our watches” I said to make it easier for them. “Or actually I was bored out of my mind and started to fidget mine and by accident pushed some button or something.”

“Yeah, yeah… And then we started to think of a plan.”

“First we had to check if the tunnels to the city weren’t destroyed, then we had to contact some other teams and ask for maps. It turned out that there is only one map of The Battery City that it was up to date, so Poison did an exact copy of that. All in only two hours, that we pretty impressive! In the meantime me and Kobra went to look for the wrack of the car with dracs we shot before. We took their costumes, weapons, radio, everything that could help us. We were really lucky, Pony said it usually takes up to an hour for another drac patrol to localize it and transport it to the city. Anyway, we took it all here. Basically, we drove to the city, localized their base, walked in there the same way we did in the reactor. The alarm didn’t go off only because we knew some commands thanks to the radio and also because of our costumes. We tried to call you, but you were already off. It was when we realized we had to work keenly, because you were in real danger” said Star.

“Till now I have no fucking idea how we managed to get back to our car. Man, you were like a log.”

“Kobra, you didn’t have to drag him” Poison giggled. “Anyway, only about half the way we were attacked by a million of dracs and seriously we had so much luck, I still can’t believe it. We put you in the car and drove here” he finished awkwardly.

“And it was how the problems begun” interrupted him Dr. D. “I have never had anything to do with a person who was already given the pill. We weren’t sure how you’re going to react to the lack of next doses. It was like a rehab after strong and long going addiction to some kind of very strong drug, even if you have only taken one pill.”

“I don’t think it was a whole pill. One third maybe” I admitted. “It was in my food. It’s actually my fault. I should have known. They gave me something to eat for the first time and I could suspect it was weird, but I was so hungry and…”

“Shh” whispered Poison to me. “No one blames you. And you were awesome, talking to Korse like you can handle it and giving him all this shit with a straight face.”

I smiled weakly at him.

“He’s right” D. interrupted our moment. “I don’t think anyone would handle it better... Coming back to our story, you ended up with some pretty bad fevers, something I think is called anaphylactic crisis and shit like that… We thought you weren’t going through this. We don’t have a doctor here and even if we did, we don’t have any meds.”

“But you’re here. Awake and good.”


Couple of days later they finally let me out of my dad. Till then Poison became a nurse, nanny and mom, feeding me with tons and tons of food and I was sure he was trying to give me his portions. It was kind of sweet, but also very annoying. But I tried not to yell at him or anything, I realized that he probably felt guilty about what happened to me, though more than once I was trying to persuade him it wasn’t his fault.

I was sitting in the kitchen, sipping the water from one of three whole glasses that we have left and observing Jet Star and Poison walking around the car and talking like if they knew all the shit about it. That’s why Kobra caught me off guard when he sat next to me.

“Oh, hey.”

“Did I scare you?”

“I didn’t hear you coming” I admitted.

“I’m a fucking ninja then” he laughed and after a moment he added “Do you have a minute? To talk?”

“Yeah, sure. What about?”

“My brother.”

I nodded.

“Well… It’s probably going to be an awkward conversation. You remember when we were talking about how we got you out?”


“And that he was really cut up with this?”

“Kobra… What are you saying?”

“That he wouldn’t be like that if it was me or Star missing. I don’t think he doesn’t care about us, it’s really not what I mean. I think… It’s like we all know that we were friends before, in our previous lives, right? And yeah, we do get along, but… It feels like an obligation. God, it sounds wrong, but you know what I mean?” he asked hopefully and I nodded again. “So, it’s sort of obligation for us to stay together and protect each other, because we deducted we were really close before. But it’s not how we feel.”

“Or how we felt. At the beginning” I said and he gave me a questioning look. “I don’t know how about you, but I really grew to care about you. All of you. You’re important bunch of idiots for me” I explained.

“Oh. You’re right. But you know what I mean, right? That it’s our heads that tell us it should be that way. And with Poison and you? I guess he feels that with his heart… But I can’t really figure out why it’s you and him. Don’t get me wrong, we are brothers, so… It’s just puzzling.”

“I’m sure he loves you” I mumbled.

He looked at me confused again and then suddenly smiled. “I don’t mean it like envy, jeez! We’re all fucked up. We don’t remember shit. I’m just trying to pick up the pieces.”


It was already two or three hours after sunset, but certainly it didn’t feel like it. I was sitting on the porch outside with Poison, because all of sudden he decided he was not my mother anymore and didn’t insist on putting me in bed. So we talked about everything and nothing and I was getting excited about some article I read in a newspaper Pony brought us and I possibly knew it already by heart and Poison called me a bookworm and he wished we had more books there. Or any at all.

“What’s wrong with you today?” he asked me suddenly and bent over me a little.


“You’re up to something” he stated observantly and I couldn’t help but smirk.

“I’m full of energy, we should go and do something!”

“Like what?”

“Like what’s our next mission and things like that” I replied only to annoy him a little. I was aware I wasn’t ready yet and it would be dangerous for us all, because the drug still had some effect on me.

“Fun Ghoul, once more, you’re not ready and…”

“I know” I laughed at him.

“Ugh. So what do you mean?”

For a moment a hesitated, but then decided to confess what was on my mind for so long. I knew, if anyone, he would be the only person who would at least understand me.

“Remember the day of our mission? As we drove there?”

“Well, hard to not remember” he replied sarcastically.

“Okay, so we got out of the car and had to walk and then Jet Star stumbled over the handle to this magazine, you remember that?” I asked and he nodded. “I’d like to go back in there.”
He was silent for moment longer than I expected and I feared his response. I really didn’t want to go there alone, but I also knew he was the only one who would support this idea.

“Well. I knew, you’d ask about it at some point” he mumbled and looked away.


“And… There is just so many reasons we shouldn’t go, you know that, right? Like for example, you’re still sick, no matter what you say and it’s just really close to the city and Korse sends billions of patrols every hour, because you pissed him beyond believe and… shit, Jet Star was probably right saying that there is nothing that could at least help us win.”

“But there is stuff from before!” I whined stubbornly. “Before the BLI took over! I want to KNOW that stuff, don’t you?”

“Jesus, Ghoul, why won’t let me finish my sentence for once? Actually... Anyway. That’s what I wanted to day.”

I looked at him for a moment, thinking that maybe I officially went crazy and I was hearing voices and then I beamed.


He nodded and I threw my arms around his neck. “You’re the best, Poison!”

He giggled. “Huh, but that’s me. You know that my brother, Jet Star and especially D. will be against it, right?”

“I know. We have to come up with something reasonable to tell them. To persuade them that this is important.”

“I’m afraid it’s not going to work, no matter what we say” he stated and I cocked my eyebrow.

“What do you suggest?”

“Ghoul, this is fucking crazy, maybe in the end we really shouldn’t do that.”

“Fuck. If you’re not to help I’m going there alone. I will fucking crawl to get to know what is there. I have the feeling, ok?” And before I knew this I was already upright.

“OKAY. Whatever. Let’s go!” in the second he was also on his feet, his voice full of anger, worry, but mostly excitement.

“What, now?” I asked and probably my eyes went wide.


“It’s late at night!”

“I fucking know. If we are lucky, we will be back before they wake up. Let’s leave a note. It’s the only way.”

I observed him for a moment and then grinned. “You’re absolutely crazy and I love it.”

DON’T WORRY. We’re not dead nor kidnapped. At least, not yet. We headed to the old magazine we found before we stormed the reactor. We have our watches on.
Plan is to come back before breakfast, so don’t eat everything.

And somehow, writing those two names next to each other, felt childishly right.

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