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Eh, do I really need one?

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~Storm's POV~

Me and Ryan look ober to Andy and Katari to see them making out.

Katari looks up, flips us off, and shouts "YOU GUYS COULD HAVE DONE THE SAME!"

Me and Ryan blushed madly.

"You wanna take on Katari's suggestion?" Ryan then asks, looking at me.

All I could do was nod, his mesmerizing honey eyes making me want to swoon.

Our lips crash together and we both closed our eyes.

Then I realize: this is my first kiss.

We pull apart after a couple minutes.

"So does this mean we're...." Ryan trails off.

"Do you want it to be?" I ask.

"Only if you do."

"Then I do."

We kiss again, this time longer. Our lips fitting together like a jigsaw puzzle, they were meant to be.

"Hey, you guys wanna stop sucking face for a minute so we can figure out what to do with the rest of our time? We're definitely not going back to school."

We pull apart, blushing.

"We could watch a movie." Andy suggests.

"Dawn of the Dead 1978 anyone?" I ask.

"Perfect." Ryan says, smirking.

~Time lapse, at our house watching the movie~

We watched as zombies come out of the elevator.

I was snuggled close to Ryan, watching the scene unfold. I wasn't scared considering I've seen this movie a hundred times, while Katari was pretending to be scared just to cuddle with Andy. I smile, seeing the two. They should really get together officially like me and Ryan.

"Hey Katari, you wanna come with me to the kitchen to get more popcorn?" I ask.

"Sure." She says, getting up. I could tell she was a little dissapointed, but she came with anyway.

We got to the kitchen.

"Spill." She says. "I can tell when you need to say something to me, so you'd better say it now."

"I was going to tell you something. You know me and Ryan are officially together, right? When are you two going to officially call it?"

"Well, I kind of want him to make the first move. If I do, it'll just be plain awkward."

"True. So lets really get popcorn so they wont be suspicious."

~Ryan's POV~

After Storm and Katari leave, I turn to Andy.

"When are you and Katari gonna get together? Me and Storm are already official."

"Well, I WAS thinking to ask tomorrow, as a matter of fact. But maybe since you guys are already a couple, might as well do it after the movie."

"Ok, I'll set up a plan for me and Storm to leave you guys alone so you can aske her. DO NOT FUCKING CHICKEN OUT. Got that?"

"I'm Andy fucking Biersack. I don't chicken out."

~Time Lapse, after the movie~

"So, uh, Storm? You want to go to the, um, any other room other than here?" I ask awkwardly, giving Storm a just-play-along look.

"Sure." She says happily and we walk off to the other room to let them do their business.
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