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It's official :D

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~Andy's P.O.V~

I mentally face-palmed myself at how stupid Ryan was at acting.

Ok is the can do this...

I watch Katari come up to me with her gorgeous smile on her lips.

Her big brown eyes looking at me, shimmering from the lights.

Her feminine walk, heading in my direction.

her black hair, long and lush.

Her cute pajamas.

The way she sits down next to me and cuddles.


"Ka-Katari?" I ask, stuttering.

"Yes, Andy?" she says after giggling.

"We have-" but then I was interrupted by Katari's on mine.

"Yes, I will be your official girlfriend."she said with her pearly whites.

That just made me the happiest guy in the world.

So I started making out with her again.

Then I hear Ryan dog howel at us.

With storm standing right behind Ryan.

Katari just blushed and looked down.

"hey, your beautiful, even when you don't hide that away from everyone." I said and confidently with that.

I got her to blush even more, but she was looking at me.

She really is beautiful...and I'm lucky to have her.

~Katari's P.O.V~


"Sooooo, do u guys wanna sleep over?" I ask Andy and Ryan...but looking at Andy.

"Sure." they both said in unison.

"ok, Andy sleeps with Katari and I sleep with Ryan." I hear Storm say.

"No fucking, that is a big no no." I say.

"Okay." then Andy carries me bridal style up to my room.

"I'm tired, good night Andy" I say as Andy lays down next to me.

"Night Beautiful." I hear Andy say as I fall asleep in his arms.

And that was our night
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