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Chapter 3

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“It’s not as simple as just saying no…” he replies.

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A/N: This is gonna be quite short. The story should be finished in a few more chapters. Reviews and Rates would be nice. I've never had any of my stories rated before. If you want go check them out both of them are Frerards and they are muuuuch longer than this.

“Are you okay?” Gerard asks.
“Well let’s see. I’m in a car, being taken to an unknown destination. All of five minutes ago I was tied up and technically you’ve kidnapped me. So yeah I’m just peachy.” I say my voice dripping with sarcasm.
“To be honest I’m only doing what I was told. If I had a choice I would have never taken you away.” He says. This confused me.
“You mean you got set up to do this?” I ask.
“Yeah.” He sighs.
“Why didn’t you just say no?” I ask leaning on the back of the passenger seat. I can see his face better from this angle.
“It’s not as simple as just saying no…” he replies. I stay silent. “If I say no they…they will kill me. I got into some pretty deep shit a few years back and the guy I work for helped me. I had to repay him back somehow so he asked me to join his line of work. I didn’t know what his line of work was so I agreed. Then one day he took me to this workshop. He said this was my first job. We went into the workshop and there in the middle of a room was a young boy, he was about the same age as me at the time about 18. My boss told me to take a knife and cut him on the face. I said no obviously. I didn’t want anything to do with what he was doing I thought it was just wrong. But he threatened me, said if I quit now he’ll hurt my family and then me. So I had to do it.” He stops and his eyes look haunted. “I got the knife and…and I hurt the boy…” he says.
“..wh-what age are you now?” I ask.
“21…” he says.
“So you’ve been doing this for three years… why does he want me?” I ask.
“I don’t have a clue. He doesn’t tell me anything apart from who I’ve to take. Once the people get delivered to him I never see them again.” He says looking sad. Its then I realise that everything I thought was true. “I’m sorry Frank. I wish I could stop him somehow… but you’re going to die today.” He says as a single tear rolls down his cheek.

A/N: Hope you liked it. It's kinda rubbish I know but I want something out. I will definetely update tonight and tomorrow on this story and my other Frerard The Only Hope For Me Is You. R&R please I would appreciate it!
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