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Chapter 4

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"But you don't even know me." His eyes filled with sadness.

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"I'm not afraid." I say. He looks at me through the mirror and then back at the road.
"What?" He says wiping his face.
"I'm not afraid to die today. I'd rather it be me than you." I say feeling braver than I ever have in my life. The car screeches to a halt. Again. Gerard is staring straight ahead and his hands are turning white from gripping onto the steering wheel so hard.
"Don't say that." He says sounding angry.
"Say what?" I ask unclear of what he's talking about.
"That you'd die for me. I don't deserve it. And you know what I'm not gonna let that happen. I'm gonna drive you right back to New Jersey and I'll suffer the consequences." He says turning to face me.
"No you will not. We will keep going." I say moving so that I'm closer to him. He leans forward so that his face is centimetres away from mine.
"But you'll die." He says.
"I'd take a bullet for you." I reply.
"But you don't even know me." His eyes filled with sadness.
"I feel like I've known you forever." I say. There is a long silence. He looks into my eyes and hesitates before kissing me. At first I'm shocked but I kiss him back. I close my eyes and cup his face with my hand. He pulls away and looks at me.
"I want you..." I whisper. He pushes me back slightly and crawls into the back of the car with me. He pushes me back so that I'm lying on the seats. He straddles me and leans down to kiss my neck. I groan as he bites me a little.
"I'll never let them hurt you. I promise." He says and unbuttons my jeans.

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