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Status Report

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Watari looks over the status report of Anna and her kitsune.

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Chapter Eighteen: Status Report:

February, 28th, 2010.

Watari booted up his laptop and opened a hidden file on the desktop. The scientist began the review.

5/19/09: Daisuke's shield was creaked, but still intact. No real activity came from the kitsune. Yet she was fully awake. Due to the tightly locked shield, I couldn't get the proper data needed.

6/30/09: The cracks in the shield have deepened. Still no activity inside. Change caused by weeks of being flogged and one day of electrocution.

Watari tried not to think about the details of the incident. Yet, the whole ordeal intrigued him. He had to look into it later.

7/30/09: No change from last month.

8/30/09: No change from last month.

9/30/09: No change from last month.

10/30/09: Tsuzuki put a Heaven Stone in subject's body to lengthen her lifespan. Drove her near to death, but my medic team saved her by forcing the merger to finish. Cracks have spread and the shield has gotten weaker as a result. Still no activity in kitsune.

11/30/09: The cracks are slowly growing in the shield. Still no activity in kitsune. That was the case at first. The kitsune's heartbeat and pulse were detected. It is believed the kitsune is trying to break the shield. This is due to the subject studying her family's magic. She can now use a limited number of spells. However, due to her kitsune being locked inside her soul so long, her body doesn't recognize her own power. As a result, she has headaches; her body's way of fighting off this "invader." The subject can't use too much power.

12/30/09: The shield is getting weaker. Subject used her power twice around this time. The second time made her head hurt. However, the kitsune's more awake at this time. All thanks to angel Satoshi's attack on subject in Tsuzuki's form. Now, the kitsune is conscious and wants her freedom. Better to keep a close observation on the subject and kitsune for more details.

1/30/10: The shield has dropped to fifty percent. The kitsune is halfway active. I began to do some research on the mother kitsune. It is common knowledge that every forty generations, the mother chooses a girl's soul to merge with. It looks more and more that the subject is the chosen one. Her father's blood test seems to confirm this. However, the kitsune is still locked inside. The one who knows how to unlock the shield died in '99. The only way to know what type of kitsune the subject has is to let the shield break.

Watari froze at that last line. He knew the risks involved with that conclusion. That would turn Anna into public enemy number one. She would have to be judged in the end, but there were no other ways to find the truth. Watari bit his lower lip. This case has me in a tight spot/, he thought. His hands shook as he grinned at the screen. /This is exciting!

2/28/10: Did another scan this month. The shield went down to forty-one percent. The subject said that she had chest pains that morning. The kitsune looks to be rebuilding her strength brick by brick. The rate in which she is doing so is rather alarming. The best option would be to slow her down. The trick there is doing it safely. Any reckless way could risk seriously hurting or killing the subject. Re-sealing the kitsune won't work either. I am looking up ways to repress the kitsune while I look up about the merge with the mother and the chosen girl's soul. I don't have the answers yet. Subject has requested that I don't tell Tsuzuki about this latest development. She does not want to worry him further.

Watari read over the latest status report. This is really exciting! The scientist hit save and shut down his laptop to do his research for the day.
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