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Degrees of a Burn

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Jessie pays Hisoka a little midnight visit and strikes a hard nerve with him for her own amusement.

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Chapter Nineteen: Degrees of a Burn:

February 28th, 2010. Midnight.

Hisoka awoke to a feather-like touch on his cheek. A foreign heat filled his body. The boy flinched as he opened his eyes. Deep red eyes close and facing his green ones. Hisoka backed away as fast as he could.

"What the hell?!" he cried. The shinigami sat up and back up to the wall. Jessie lay asleep next to him. She opened her eyes and saw him.

"Hey there," she cooed. Hisoka trembled as he went pale.

"What the?!" he cried. "How did… Why are…" Jessie propped her head up in bed.

"You're so warm," she said.

"That's not the point!" Hisoka barked. "Why are you here?!" The demon grinned at him.

"I'm on to you, buddy," she said.

"But why are you in my bed?!"

Jessie only gave him a huge grin as he looked for a weapon of some sort. I've got to get rid of her somehow! She's going to be the death of my sanity if this keeps up. She heard his thought, but chose to say nothing. Instead, she suppressed a laugh. The shinigami gave her a puzzled look.

"What?" he asked. Jessie leaned forward, smiling.

"Tell me something," she said. "Are you a masochist or something?"

Hisoka looked at her with big eyes. "What?!"

"You look like one, you know?"

"What are you saying?!"

The demon sat up in his bed. "Admit it. You are a masochist."

Hisoka frowned at her. "And why would I do that?"

Jessie's eyes seem to glow in the dark. "You don't sleep comfortably."

Hisoka blinked at her. "Huh?"

Jessie smirked at him as she ran a finger along his left cheek. "Did you know that you cry in your sleep?" The shinigami's cheeks burned red. Jessie held his jaw.

"How do I know?" she asked. "I watched you for three hours tonight." The boy glared at her.

"You were watching me sleep?" he asked.

"Shhh," the demon whispered. "I'm right in front of you. Keep your voice down." She let go of his face. Hisoka lay back as he envisioned slapping her around at the moment.

"Yes," Jessie admitted in one breath.

"Why?" Hisoka asked. The demon shrugged at him.

"You look so cute asleep," she said. "And yet, so sad."

"Don't change the subject!" he yelled. "Why are you watching me sleep?"

"Answer my questions first," Jessie replied.

"Why would I do that?" Hisoka asked. Jessie looked on intently.

"I'm the one asking the questions, not you," she said. "Got me?" Hisoka closed his mouth as he gave her a cold look. Jessie laced her fingers together in her lap.

"So, why have you been crying in your sleep?" she asked. Hisoka looked away as he felt his cheeks burn.

"Let me guess," she said. "A broken heart?" Hisoka tightly pressed his lips together.

"Oh," the demon said. "By who?" She held up her hand. "No, don't tell me, I want to guess this so badly! Let's see. Hm… Is it that guy that attacked me with you that night?" His cheeks turned bright red.

"Oh!" Jessie cooed. "I am right. So, what happened? He doesn't love you, huh?" Hisoka lowered his head.

"That's enough," he mumbled.

"I wonder why."

"Stop it!"

Jessie grinned at him like a wild cat at her target. "Does that man love someone else?"

"Stop it!"

"Does he love a woman?"

"I said stop!" Hisoka lunged forward and grabbed Jessie by the neck. She looked at him, smirking.

"Aw, are you going to strangle me?" she asked. The hate in his eyes excited her so.

"Go on," she said. "Do it. Do it. Come on. I dare you." Hisoka's burn built up, but died away. He released her neck, panting. Jessie licked her lips at him.

"You pussied out on me," she said. "Such a shame." Hisoka gave her a disturbed look.

"Who… are you?" he asked. The demon licked her lips at him.

"Just a girl who searches for her next thrill." She reached forward to grab his member. Hisoka slapped away her fingertips when they got close. Jessie gave him an innocent little look.

"What?" she asked.

"Don't touch me!" Hisoka barked.

"Why?" the demon asked. "It's only a little fun."

"Just don't."

She cocked her head at him. "Are you…" The demon put up her left hand palm outwards to her right cheek. Hisoka's cheeks fired red as he looked away.

"No!" he shot back.


The shinigami lowered his gaze. "I don't know…" Jessie gave him a little smirk. Hm, heartbroken and confused/, she thought. /This should be rather fun…
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