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Rebellion Machine

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Kimoto Victoria has a little problem with her parents and she knows why.

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Chapter Twenty: Rebellion Machine:


My parents suck. They used to be okay, but now it's gotten worse. My older cousin is to blame for it. Okay, let me back up some. The name's Kimoto Victoria. Yes, I am part of the Eda-Kimoto clan and I too have a kitsune. I'll get to him later, back to my parents.

My dad is Kimoto Nobu. He usually is a pansy: doesn't yell, doesn't like fighting, and yet, he has to kill. He has to kill to survive. Even that's merciful in a sense. My dad does everything cleanly without blood.

That's how it usually is, but lately he's changed. Dad's become more withdrawn. He stays locked up in his office, typing. I hear him mumbling to himself from time to time. He looks like he hasn't slept at all. Mom leaves his meals by the door, but he doesn't touch the food. We can't figure it out.

He keeps saying, "The mother got me. The mother got me. The mother got me." I'm not quite sure what that means, but from what I hear, that's not good. Grandma says the mother has claimed his mind. That's starting to make sense with his behavior lately. Dinners are usually quiet, but lately it feels like something is going to blow up. My mom tries so hard to ignore what's going on in front of her. This brings me right to her.

My mother is Kimoto Sharon. Yes, she is an American. My mom is rather distant from dad and me. A normal person can't blame her from what she has seen. All that blood. All that death. If I was weak, I would probably box myself up too.

Thinking about mom pisses me off. I refuse to be weak like her! Her soul might be dead, but mine is not! All she does is stare at her stupid tropical fish all day. We don't even talk anymore. I tried to beat her up once just to see if she still felt something. She just took it quietly. The angrier I got, the more I beat her. I must have kicked, hit, and punched her with all of my might. She didn't even cry out. I collapsed, panting afterwards. I sat in the corner, watching her. Mom didn't get up. She kept quiet the while time. I had never been so angry before in my life.

Stupid woman/, I thought. /At least scream out in pain or something. I gave up on her there. What was the point?

I'm pretty much on my own. Okay, there is my kitsune. He's somewhat useful. His name is Sosuke. He appeared when my powers first manifested two years ago. I don't know exactly how to describe our so-called relationship. He is just around. I do feed him little treats from time to time. We do talk, mostly about my parents.

"Why do you hate them so?" he asks. I never look at him when he asks.

"They just suck," I reply.

"How come?"

I drum my finger on my desk. "My dad's a loser."

"How come?"

"He's too much of a pussy. He always tries to keep the peace around him."

"And that's bad thing?"

"There is no peace to be had!" I puff up my cheeks. "Not in my family, at least."

"And your mother?"

I sneer at that question. "She's weak and pathetic." I whipped around to my fox interrogator. "I refuse to be like her! I will not be dead inside. I will keep my soul!"

Sosuke gives me an odd look. "Would you be better off alone?"

I pause at that question. "Now that's a thought."

"Even without me?"

I pet him on the head. "You'd come along too. You're the only who doesn't suck in my life." Sosuke licks my wrist. I chuckle to myself. Yep, he's alright. Mom and dad? They just suck. I know part of the reason why lately. I blame my older cousin, Anna, for this.
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