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My Beating Heart Belongs to You.

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"Jet, please don't make me do this."

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I whip my knife out and point it at Poison, glaring maliciously. I feel a pain in my womb, but ignore it under the current circumstances.

"WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT ME", I shout, making Mordecai jump. Poison is panicking, and tries to pull his yellow gun on me. I get it first, press the end of the receiver to his right temple, and put the back of my knife to his throat. My arm is still in pain from the other day, but I don't give a damn right now.



"WHO ARE YOU", I shout, hearing the kid behind me whimper.

"My name's Gerard. Please, don't kill me", Poison cries. I remove my knife from his throat and lower his gun in order to calm him down.

"You can't tell anyone." He nods, and I know that he's gotten the message. I toss the gun back in his lap and turn to face the road, anger still pumping through me. I feel my womb clench up again, and I can't breathe for a second. It hurts too much. Gerard resumes driving, and I try to stay quiet about the pain I'm experiencing but by the time we get to Zone 4, I can't handle the hurt anymore.

"You okay", Poison asks slowly, worry laced through his voice.

"I'm perfectly fine", I say in the most convincing a way I can manage. It tightens again, making me gasp in pain.

"You're not. How far along are you?"

"I'm not in labor! That's ridiculous."

"Just answer my question, Molly." I sigh. Usually I would argue, but they're getting closer together and it hurts like Hell.

"Twenty-nine weeks. Why?"
"How far apart are your contractions?"

"They aren't contrac-"
"Just answer the damn question", Gerard inserts.

"I don't know. About a minute, maybe. Why?" His eyes widen fearfully.

"We need to get you back to the diner."

The next thing I know, he's going ninety down Guano, breaking into Zone 3 within five minutes. The pains are getting even closer together. I hear Cai giggling in the backseat, and I'm glad that one of us is enjoying this.

In fifteen minutes, we're back at the hideout, and I can hardly breathe at all. My face is turning red and I'm hurting badly. Poison comes around to my side of the Trans Am and helps me out before unbuckling Mordecai. I'm leaned against the car, trying to steady my breath when I feel him pick me up and start to carry me in.

"GERARD- PUT ME DOWN! I'm gonna kill you", I shout. He doesn't listen to me and continues to carry me, bridal style, inside of the dirty restaurant.


Jet Star hurries in and sees me in Gerard's strong arms, and seems to know what's up. He leads us through the diner to the back room before running out again. Gerard sets me down on the cot and pulls my shoes off. Jet comes back in with several towels, sheets, a large bowl of water, and a random shoelace.

"Gerard, go get the others. They're in the garage." Poison leaves the room and Jet orders me to take my jeans off.

"I'M NOT OKAY WITH THIS", I shout at him. I don't want him to see me naked. This is pointless.

"JUST TAKE THEM OFF!" This is the first time he's raised his voice at me, and it scares me. I had taken care of me just the other day; he mended my wounds, and now he's yelling at me. Slowly, I slide my bell bottoms off and pull the white sheet over my body.

"Jet, please don't make me do this. I'm not having the baby yet."

"Lose the underwear." I panic slightly when he says this. I don't want the orange bottoms to leave my body, and I voice this to him.

"YOU'RE IN FUCKING LABOR. You don't have a choice." I feel a few tears start to play at my eyes, and I'm fucking pissed that they're there.

"I don't feel comfortable with showing you my body. Please, don't make me", I plead. Gerard walks in with Fun Ghoul and Kobra, and I feel even more self conscious. "Just do a Cesarean. Cut me open if I need to have the baby- I don't care." They all raise an eyebrow, but nobody says anything. Until...

"Guys", Ghoul starts. "Maybe I should do this. I mean, I have three kids."

"I don't know, Frank. If something goes wrong-"

"You'll be in the next room, Ray. We aren't getting anywhere like this, so it might be better if I do this." Jet and Ghoul just stare at each other for a second before Jet finally sighs and walks out. "Mikey, go with Ray. Gee- stay here and help Molly with her breathing", Frank orders. Gerard moves to my side to come hold my hand while I watch Frank remove his gloves and roll up his sleeves.

"You have to take off your underwear", Gee says softly. His voice feels comforting, so I obey and let the pair join my jeans on the dirty tiled floor. Franks goes to see how dilated I am, and the awkwardness of this situation suddenly escalates.

"Just think of this as karma for trying to kill me." I nod as Frank surveys the damage. I see shock race onto his face.

"Shit- you're crowning. Alright, I need to you to breathe deep and push, okay?" I nod and take a breath. I force all the strength in my body to my lower section and push as hard as I possibly can, and let me tell you something- that shit stung.

I bite my lip and throw my head back in pain. "It hurts, Ghoul. Please, don't make me push again. PLEASE. Cut me open."

"It's too late, Molly. The head's out, and I'll have to push the baby back up. Do you really want me to? I mean, we're almost done here, so yeah. You're doing an excellent job with pushing a human out of you, by the way." I chuckle a little, and Gerard wipes away the sweat that's forming on my forehead.

"Breathe, okay? It's almost over", Gee tells me gently. He grips my hand tenderly, and despite the fact that I threatened his life less than an hour ago, I know he's my friend. I take a deep breath and push again, this time with even my face. I feel the being rip it's way out of me and Frank calls for Ray. They clear the tiny life's airways, have Gerard cut the cord with my pocket knife (the shoelace was apparently for clamping it), and wash it off before handing me the small figure, swaddled in a white pillowcase.

I look at the baby and I feel that for the first time in my life, somebody genuinely needs me. She's fresh out of the womb, and she's already got freckles. Her curly black hair is in a wet mess on top of her head, which I hold to my breast as she sleeps silently. It's been two hours, and Gerard still hasn't left my side. And I'm so thankful for that.

"You know Poison, I think you were right. Those were contractions", I smile.

I tried to make this chapter as non-graphic as possible, so I hope nobody got grossed out by the whole birth scenario.
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