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Shine On You Crazy Diamond

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Re-updated. I get going on the story in a bit.

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HELLO, my children. YES, YES, I've missed you bastards, too. Anyway, I rewrote this chapter.

Day 39:

Well, this is awkward, isn't it? You've missed quite a bit of the story, that's no fun. I'll catch you up:

(Day 17)

"Mordecai, pick that dart gun up", I instruct. We're outside in the heat, though it's actually winter. I'm surprised I even knew the season; I haven't caught a glimpse of a calendar since 2016. He looks at me with confusion as he proceeds to raise the yellow toy gun in his hand, aiming it a at a nearby rock.

"When do I get a raygun", the boy asks. I shake my head, laughing.

"Silly rabbit. I'll be fixing the car- call me when you hit the same spot twice."

(Day 22)

"You look beautiful", Kobra remarked from behind me. It sounded like he meant it, so I smiled at the compliment and turned to face him. You know, I never realized how gorgeous he was before. He was like, what? Twenty years older than me? None of these men seem to age...

"You know, I do believe that was the first thing you said to me that wasn't a death threat or hatefully put. How nice of you to finally accept my presence." For a second, I get lost in his gorgeous eyes.. Something about these haunt me. I feel as if he can look right through me, and it's rather odd.

"You know, you named your daughter after me, right", he suddenly asks, staring at me skeptically.


"You named her 'Mikey'?" That's his name, too? Part of me wants to rename her now.

"Oh. Well, how serendipitous." He gets closer to me, playing an evil smile on his face. I feel a flash of panic and desire go through, quaking my stomache and stopping all movement in my body. Leaning in, he presses his lips to mine and my heart literally stops. I don't fight it, or encourage it. I stay the fuck still and hope he's not about to pull some shit. After a few awkward seconds of silence, he leaves quietly and I try to forget whatever the fuck just happened with us.

(Day 28)

She's looks just like her father, Ash. She got his beautiful lips and brown hair. Unfortunately, she probably got my eyesight. I've put a gold chain around her neck with an old-fashioned whistle, so that she'll have something from me forever. I hope Ariyah tells her about me. This is the last night I'll get with Mikey before I take her to the center. As cool as it would be to ghost Dracs while holding a baby, I can't risk her life for something so stupid. I walk out to find Gerard sitting on the ground, taking a drag off his cigarette. Just to be an ass, I plop down beside him and stub it out.

"No need to thank me, Gee."

"Oh, I won't. I heard you're a full-blown Killjoy now. What inspired that change?"
"My motherhood. I'm not gonna hide behind my other persona and risk Mikey getting killed. I know who you guys are, by the way. Your brother told me his name, and I remembered the infamous Waycest. Kinda crazy that everything you wrote came true, huh?" He laughs and smirks.

"Yeah. I always was gifted...", he muses. He looks down at my arm and his eyes lenger ther more than they should. I already know what he sees, so I sigh. "Why'd you do it" As if there's an answer.

"It just seemed like the solution, I. guess. My biological dad was abusive and was trying to get custody of me at the time. So, I took 10,000 milligrams of Celontin- it's an anti-convulsant. About five minutes later, I called 911 and got rushed to the hospital. They pumped my stomache in the ER, then took me up to the ICU. I spent another week in rehab, ignoring all the nurses and reading Alice in Wonderland. Eventually, they just let me out."

There was absolute silence while my words soaked in. But when they did, Gee did something unexpected. He just held me to him protectively.

"You're a good friend, Gerard."

I know- I kissed Mikey. OOOOOOO!!! Don't tell my mother, now! I honestly couldn't care less. And as for my daughter, her name is actually Michaela Jane London. BUT, nobody can know that.

If you've been wondering why I've got Mordecai shooting a Nerf gun at some boulders, now would be a good time to explain. You see, Cai's reached the age where he is to start some hands-on training; at eight years, we begin to teach our younger rebels how to fight. The reason Eli, who's twelve, has never been taught is that he's got all the ADHD in the world, and teaching him anything has always been a challenge. He didn't even talk until the age of six. Needless to say, I'm a little skeptical of handing that kid a gun. Mordecai, however, is perfectly stable. If I take him into a war zone, he's not going to give away our position by "bringing 'Sexy Back'". My Killjoy name is now Triple Threat, and I've dyed my hair black, started wearing glasses, and got rid of my eyebrows.

Moving on, I'm tired of eating Power Pup. It tastes like actual shit.
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