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Chapter 6

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"Tell me, Gerard... Do you fear death?"

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Bert's P.O.V.

I sighed as the car in which Gerard was in sped away, into the night.

"You idiot," a voice growled in disgust behind me.

Cautiously, I turned around, staring my visitors in the eyes. "Hello, Matt. Mike. Wonderful to see you two again."

"McCraken, what are we to do with you?" Mike Pedicone sighed. "You do realize that your cover is blown, correct?"

I shook my head. "Actually, no. It wasn't."

They both stared at me, impatiently.

I smiled evily. "Our's was."


Gerard's P.O.V.

"Nicole?!?" Mikey called into his house.

Since the lights were on, I assumed his wife was home.

"Be there in a minute!" a voice called in repsonse.

"What am I supposed to ask her?" Mikey whined, still frustraded. "I don't think 'Hey, what happened to my real wife, you poser!' is going to go over well."

"Would you like me to handle this?" I asked, slightly impatient.

Mikey actually seemed to consider this. "I... I can do it. For Alicia."

"For Alicia," I echoed meaningfully.

Mikey's "wife", Nicole, entered the room. "Oh," she frowned upon seeing me, "I didn't know your brother was going to stay here tonight."

"Me either," Mikey admitted, though not in a polite tone. He was obviously angry still from our conversation.

"Trust me," I begged quietly.

Mikey sighed heavily, putting his thumb and ring finger on his temples, covering his eyes. After a moment, he let his hand fall. "Nicole, who's Alicia?"

His wife feigned shock. "Who?"

"Alicia. Alicia Simmons," Mikey verified.

His wife seemed to seach her mind for a moment. "Oh, forgive me darling. She was your fist wife, wasn't she?"

Mikey nodded. I looked at him questioningly, not quite understanding his methods of interrigation. He continued, "The day she died, that was the day we met, wasn't it?"

His wife gasped. "Yes, so what? What are you implying?" she demanded, becoming offended.

Mikey looked at me desperately, but by that time I had decided to take ove the questioning.

"Tell me, how did you meet?" I asked Nicole, staring her down.

"I hit his car on accident," she replied, returning the glare.

"Before or after he'd heard of Alicia's death?" I continued.

"After," she anwsered simply. She smiled smugly, content with herself.

"No," Mikey breathed.

"What?" I asked.

"No," he repeated himself.

Nicole's smug expression fell. Someone messed up.

"I didn't find out about her death until I caught a ride home from a cab," Mikey said, realization evident in his voice. He turned to Nicole, "How did you know she was already dead?"

Nicole remained silent.

"HOW DID YOU KNOW?!?" Mikey shouted suddenly, making me jump. My little brother, who'd always been the calmer and more reserved child when we were growing up, hadn't lost his temper like this in a long time.

Nicole kept up the silent treatment up for about another minute, until she sighed. "I... I never wanted this to happen!" she shrieked back at him.

"What are you talking about, Nicole?!?" Mikey demanded. "If you have any information that I don't know about Alicia, now would be an excellent time to enlighten me, before I call the cops."

"You think the cops can stop me?" she asked, rather reserved despite breaking down a second before.

"Yes. I'll accuse you of her murder unless you make it clear to me that you had nothing to do with it and it's just by chance that you knew she was dead when we met. Nicole, tell me it was a gut feeling, and that you didn't know. Please," Mikey begged, giving her one last chance to redeem herself.

She stared at him, and to my utter disbelief laughed. "Her soul is still to date one of my most precious trophies," she beamed proudly.

Mikey and I stared at her, eyes wide as possible and jaws dropped.

"You're insane," Mikey gasped breathlessly. "I'm calling the cops." Mikey reached for the phone on a nearby table.

"Yes, so precious indeed," Nicole continued. "So... good, for a lack of words. So pure."

"What are you on?" I wondered aloud.

"Tell me, Gerard," Nicole anwsered. "Do you fear death?"

I simply stared at her for several moments. "If it's coming, it's coming. No sense in worrying about it."

"Oh, good," she said, smiling. "Because, death is an unpredictable thing."

"I'm calling the police!" Mikey announed, dialing 911.

"Don't bother," Nicole said. "The police can't arrest the dead."

"Leave!" Mikey commanded her. "I don't know what's gotten into your head, but it's about time you go!"

"You see, Gerard," she resumed talking to me as my brother started shaking slightly by my side. "When death is callling, you can't hide. You don't know when it will happen, but when it does, it cannot be stopped. Which is why your 'situation' concerns us."

" 'Us' ?" Mikey questioned.

I ignored him. "Now what are you rambling on about?" I refused to believe what this woman was saying. Whether or not she had anything to do with Bert and this alternate universe is irrelevant: she's certainly lost her mind.

"Do not disrespect me!" she yelled at me. I remained silent, becoming as fearful as my brother.

"Sir? Hello? Sir?!?" the 911 operator on Mikey's phone asked.

"Death cannot be pardoned by anyone but Death himself," she stated. "Karma also has a say. Should you take advantage of what you have, bad things usually happen. Look where you are," she gestured around herself. "You must accept your wrongings, or Death will not rest."

I still stared at her, utterly and wildly confused.

"Sir, please anwser if you can," the 911 operator continued.

Nicole held out her hand for the phone. Mikey practically through it into her open palm. Nicole lifted the device to her ear. "Don't worry,"she said smoothly, "The situation has been resolved," she hung up the phone, walked over to the table, and placed it back on it's stand.

She looked at us once more, nodded, and literally faded into nothing, disappearing into the air.

Mikey and I stood there for at least 10 minutes, in silence.

"What the hell was that?" Mikey finally breathed.


I thought up a new twist.

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