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Screw Pizza

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Romantic Frikey MCR. Mikey likes Frank but is afraid to tell it. *One Shot*

Category: Whose Line is it Anyway? - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Crossover,Erotica - Characters: Frank Iero,Mikey Way - Warnings: [X] [R] [Y] - Published: 2012-06-05 - Updated: 2012-12-08 - 2294 words - Complete

Warnings: General lack of plot, excessive fluffiness, and slash, of the m/m variety. 

Summary: When Mikey first moved, Frank was his first new friend. Eight months later, the two are closer than close, and the only secret yet to be shared is that of their sexuality. ...In short, it's a cutesy hook-up story based on a conversation I envisioned in my head between two girls, but I switch it to guys. 

Notes: This short was actually written in mid-2011. As with most of my writing, I've proofread the story and have done some mild editing. However, as is also true of most of my writing, I haven't had it edited or beta'd by another person.


Mikey sat outside the door to his friend Franks  house, idly swinging on the porch swing. He and Frank had made plans together for a "study session" for Friday night, but Mikey had also been making plans of his own. It was now Friday afternoon, and he was waiting outside his friend's door, reluctant to knock just yet. As soon as he knocked, it would have to put her plan into motion, and he wasn't sure if he was ready.

Frank was Mikey's best and closest friend. He had been the first friend Mikey made when she moved to New York at the beginning of the school year, and the school year was now almost over. Since they had first met, Mikey and Franks friendship had grown immensely. Frankie had even introduced Mikey to half of her new friends, when they had first met. Mikey knew that if he had to move again, he wouldn't be able to bear it, because he wouldn't be able to leave Frankie. He hadn't had a best friend before, but now Frank meant everything to him.

That was part of the reason why Mikey was still unsure about putting his plan in action. He had thought about it for quite a while, but if he somehow offended Frank, it would kill him. Mikey  probably should have told Frank - and all of his other friends, for that matter - what he would tell Frank now when he had first met them all, but now it was too late. If he  had made a mistake, then he would just have to pay for it. He only hoped that the price would not be too high.

Gathering his courage, Mikey left the swing and headed towards the door with determination. Knocking sharply, Mikey waited for Frank to come open the door. Soon his knock was answered; the door was pushed open, and Frank stepped out. Mikey saw that he  wore red skinny jeans and a close-fitting light green tee, yet he still managed to look somehow innocent, and christmassy. Mikey blinked. Frankie's short brown hair slightly showed his eyes, and those brown eyes sparkled mischievously. Grabbing Miket by the hand, he dragged his friend through the door and into the house.

As he was dragged, Mikey watched Franks hair bob with her steps, instantly reminded of his own, longer hair. His own light brown tresses had been grown out sense middle school, and angled so as to frame his face. Frank and Mikey had toyed with the idea of dying Mikey hair, but had given it up in the end. They had been unable to decide what color to use. While Mikey had been thinking, Frank had managed to force him up the stairs to his room. Releasing Mikey at last, he  opened the door and led Mikey  inside.

Remembering his plans, Mikey managed to close the door behind him, locking it when Frank wasn't paying attention. Frank  flopped down on his bed, beckoning for Mikey to do the same. Mikey  sat himself with less careless abandon, waiting for Frank to speak. Frankie happily obliged. 

"So, which first," Frank asked, "Dinner or studying?"

"Dinner, I suppose," Mikey suggested, wondering if he could put her plan into effect before they ate. He knew he wouldn't be able to carry his plan out right away if they were to study first.

"In that case, let me call the pizza place," Frank said, reaching for the phone by his bed. As Frankie dialed, Mikey sat idle, looking around Franks  room. He half-listened as Frank conversed with the people at the restaurant, so he knew when Frank would be done. 

Frank hung up the phone, and then turned to Mikey once more. "The pizza will be here in about half an hour, so I guess we have to find something to do until then," Frank informed him. "Do you want to actually begin studying, or should we put that off until after we eat?"

"After we eat!" Mikey said, smiling widely. "I couldn't possibly study on an empty stomach!"

Frank laughed, and  Mikey joined him. Once they had recollected their wits, Mikey spoke again. "Actually, I'd prefer if we talked until the pizza arrives. There's something I really should tell you."

"Fine with me," Frank said simply. "What is it that you have to tell me?"

Mikey took a deep breath. It was the moment he had been dreading all along, and the easiest thing would probably be to just spit it out. Summoning all of the strength and courage he could muster,Mikey  began. "Frank... We've only been friends for about eight months, but it seems to me as if it's been half of forever. You're my best friend, so if anything important ever happened to me, you'd be one of the first to know. Therefore, you should know that I think- I mean, I know... that I'm not straight. That's right, I'm gay.  I don't personally like the term, but whatever.. To put it simply, I'm a guy who just so happens to prefer other guys over girls, romantically speaking."

When Mikey  was done, Frank was silent. Finally, he spoke. "Mikey, you AREN'T just figuring this out, are you?" he asked.

"No," Mikey confessed, although he was a bit thrown off by the question. "To be completely honest, I've already known for quite a few years. I've never had a boyfriend, but that doesn't mean I've never thought about it."

Once again, Frank didn't speak right away. "In that case," he finally said, his voice sounding strangely small. "How come you never told me? We're best friends,Mikey!"

"But I am telling you," Mikey explained, his voice almost pleading. "I'm sorry it took me so long, but you're the first person here that I've told. And if you mean why didn't I tell you when I first met you, then that's simple. If you had been in my position, just meeting someone, would YOU have told them that you were gay? Would you have entrusted them with that information so quickly? I wouldn't, and I didn't."

"Mikey, you could have told me," Frank protested. "I know you know what great friends we are. You should have just said something at the start."

"At the start?" Miket exclaimed, incredulous. "At the START we weren't great friends. At the START I didn't want to offend the first person that I met, lest I NEVER make any friends. For all I had known, you could have been homophobic, and hated me instantly. I wanted a fair chance. And, actually, for all I know you ARE homophobic, and by now you're thoroughly disgusted with me."

"No, I'm not," Frank said, his voice deadly quiet, and edged with something that felt similar to bitterness, except it hit the other way around. "It's just... I sort of wish I had known all along. It feels sort of like being betrayed. We still would have been best friends because I'm not offended at all. Maybe we would have been better friends because of it."

"You don't know that," Mikey said back, not liking the sound of Franks voice. He didn't even realize that his  own voice was starting to sound similar. "It still could have made a difference, and that difference might not have been for the better. Just be glad that we're such good friends, and try to forgive me for not telling you sooner. We're already plenty close."

"That wasn't what I meant," Frank protested, his voice still startlingly soft, but beginning to take on a different tone. "I was just thinking... maybe I have something to say as well. I don't know."

"What is it?" Mikey asked, thrown off, but still very curious despite that. 

"Well..." Frank said slowly. "Hadn't it ever occurred to you that we two never talk about girls? You probably wouldn't have noticed, because you know that you don't like them, so you wouldn't bring it up. But wouldn't you think that it was strange that I never brought it up? Wouldn't you think it odd that in all the time I've known you, I've never had a girlfriend ?"

"Of course not," Mikey scoffed. "And you can't possibly be saying..."

"I don't KNOW what I'm saying," Frank interrupted, cutting him off. "It's just that you make me think about it, because we two are so alike. Why don't you think about it? We two are so similar, and you aren't straight. Do you think I am? Or might we two be more similar than I would have first thought?"

"Frank, you can't possibly be thinking that!" Mikey protested. Frank would be straight, he has the straight attitude. Mikey had always suspected that he was underhandedly trying to attract the attention of girls... But maybe he  wasn't.

"But I am thinking that!" Frank shot back, somehow managing to grasp each of Mikey's  hands in one of his own. "Maybe I don't know. Maybe I haven't known for years, like you. But I'm still thinking JUST that."

Having finished, Frank looked up into Mikey's  face, his eyes almost pleading. He blinked once, and then lunged forward, to envelope Mikey in a tight hug, releasing Mikey's  hands as he went. Resting his head just below Mikey's  chin, Frank squeezed Mikey, almost clutching at her. Mikey, on the other hand, had been taken completely off-guard, and had been unable to react. 

With a shuddering sigh, Feank finally released Mikey, but remained holding him at arms length and looking up into his face. Still sitting on the bed, Frank would be unable to stand up on his toes to close the height gap. Instead, he levered himself upwards on his knees, gently pressing his lips to Mikey's  and wrapping his arms back around his friend. Miket wasn't exactly surprised to have Frank kissing him, or to feel Frank stroking his hair. Mikey kissed Frank  back, passionately, just then realizing how much he cared for Frank, and not just as a friend. Mikey discovered that she wanted to play with Franks soft hair as well. He combed his fingers gently through Franks hair. 

Mikeys hands clenched up in surprise, somehow avoiding pulling Franks hair and hurting him, as Mikey felt Franks tongue against his lip. Franks hands still stroked Mikey's  hair, in time with the movement of Franks tongue, as he attempted to ease Mikey's  mouth open. Mikeys  lips complied, more out of surprise than obedience, but then Franks  tongue was in Mikey's  mouth, and he was too shocked to think about that further. Now Franks  tongue was stroking Mikey's  own, beginning a sort of pattern. Mikey's  tongue began to stir within his mouth, and he felt Franks  lips move against his own. Despite having known about his preferences for so long, Mikey had never actually kissed a boy before. In his opinion, it was heaven- their combined mouths were pleasantly warm, and possessing a flavor unlike anything else. Finally, however, Frank did withdraw his tongue, and draw back.

Mikeys eyes fluttered open slowly, and he saw Frank sitting back, his eyes half-lidded and a bemused smile upon his slightly kiss-bruised lips. Making Mikey want to be kissing him again. As Mikey leaned forward, Frank pressed a finger to his  lips. 

"Believe me now?" Frank  asked.

That shocked Mikey, who had been thinking about how nice it would be to kiss those lovely lips of Franks- "Y-yes," he finally managed to spit out. Frank laughed. Mikey lunged at him, feigning anger at being laughed at and drawing Frank to his chest, slumping down to rest his chin on Franks shoulder as he held him. 

Mikey loosened his arms a bit, snaking them around instead to the sides of Franks green tee, beginning to ease it over Franks stomach. Meeting no protests, Mikey inched the shirt up higher, planting a kiss on Franks forehead before removing the shirt entirely. Frank wriggled within Mikey's  arms, turning to face him, and deftly removing Mikey's  own shirt with some speed. Their lips met again, parting temporarily, tongues entering the kiss once more. Somehow, both of them managed to wriggle out of their pants before breaking the kiss. 

Their faces still close, Frank murmured into Mikey's  ear. "Mikes-dear, the delivery man is coming soon," she breathed. "What shall we do?"

"Let him come," Mikey replied softly.

"But  Mikey," Frank continued. "He'll leave when someone doesn't answer the door-"

"Let him leave," Mikey suggested carelessly. "After all, there are things besides pizza to eat."

Frank nipped Mikey's  lip, softly, scolding him. "Naughty, naughty," he said. "What a dirty mind you possess!"

Mikey laughed, nipping back foolishly. "You know that you do as well!" he  protested. 

Frank kissed him softly. "I give in, you're right," he laughed. "No pizza delivery boy is removing us now!"

Mikey laughed as well, pulling Frank with him down onto the bed, kissing Frankie's  eyelids gently, and then trailing kisses down across Franks neck. If the delivery boy did come, they knew not when; being too lost within themselves, and each other.
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