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chapter 8

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Chapter 8

Four months later Benji and Asher where getting along great. The band had been on a few short tours but where back in the studio now working on their next record. Joel, Kayla, Paul, Billy and Billy's new girl friend where going to Benji and Asher's for dinner. Asher was in the kitchen cooking and Benji opened the door to Joel, Kayla and Paul.
"Hey guys. Where's Billy?" Benji said letting them in.
"Don't know he said he'd meet us her when his picked up Jena." Joel said.
"Yeah and seeing as I'm the only young, free and single one left I got a ride with these two love birds." Paul joked. Everyone laughed. Asher came through from the kitchen.
"Hey guys. Paul you'll be please to know it's my cooking to night." Asher said smiling at him.
"Yay." Paul said smiling and hugging her. The guys went and sat down. Asher went back to cooking and Kayla sat and talked to her.
"So what do you think of Billy's new girlfriend?" Kayla asked.
"I don't know I've never met her before."
"Me and Joel seen them to together the other day when we where out shopping we went over to talk to then but she seem very closed off and not wanting to be around us."
"Maybe she's just a little shy or nervous about meeting Billy's friends." Asher suggested. The door bell rang. Benji got it. It was Billy and Jena.
"Hey Billy and..." Benji said smiling at Jena. Jena just looked at him.
"This is Jena." Billy introduced her to everyone one.
"Hi nice to meet you Jena, I'm Asher." Asher said coming through smiling at her Kayla followed her not really impressed by Jena.
"Hi." Jena said not really making an effort to get to know any of them.
"Ok well dinners ready so shall we go eat."
"Yes." Paul said smiling and running to the table. Everyone else followed Benji held Asher back for a second.
"I don't like Jena." Benji whispered to her.
"What she's not very nice. She's all stuck up."
"She's probably nervous about seeing all of us. Give her chance." Asher said smiling at him. He gave her a kiss.
"If you say so."
They all talked and Laughed at dinner well everyone except Jena who only spoke when spoken to and even then it was only one word answers. Benji looked at Asher and rolled his eyes. She had to bite her lip to stop her self from laughing. After dinner they where all hanging out in the living room.
"Billy I need to go now." Jena said standing up.
"Well just hang on a minute honey and I'll give you a ride."
"No I need to go now." She said walking out the room.
"I'm sorry. Thanks for dinner." Billy said running out after Jena.
"Ungrateful bitch." Asher said. Breaking the silence. Everyone looked at her. Benji and Kayla stared laughing.
"What happened to give her a chance?" Kayla said with raised eyebrows
"Yeah Ash and She probably just nervous about seeing us." Benji piped up.
"Well I changed my mind. She didn't even have the curtsy to say bye or thanks. Was she brought up or dragged up. You don't just walk into someone's house, eat their food then leave like that. Ungrateful bitch." Everyone one agreed with her. Benji put his arm around her smiling.
"I hate to say it. Actually I was lying I love saying this. TOLD YOU SO." Benji said kissing her on the cheek and making everyone laugh.
"You only like saying it because you never get to say it because you're usually wrong." Asher smiled back. Benji pretended to be hurt and pouted. "Aw Benj the truth hurts, don't it." Asher said pouting. Everyone laughed. "Aw Benj I'm sorry I didn't mean it."
"No just talk to the hand." Benji said turning round showing her his hand. She moved so that she was straddling his lap making him look at her. She kissed him. He didn't kiss back at first but then gave up in the end and started kissing her back.
"See you can't stay made at me and you defiantly can't resist me." Asher smiled.
"Erm guys we have something to tell you." Joel said clearing his voice. Asher turned so that she was sat on Benji's lap but looking at Joel and Kayla. Everyone went quite.
"Well you see me and Kay..." Joel started but got interrupted by Kayla.
"WHERE GETTING MARRIED." Kayla shouted laughing. Asher jumped up and hugged her.
"Aw that's great." She said. Benji hugged Joel.
"I'm so happy for you two." Asher said hugging Joel as Benji hugged Kayla and Paul hug each of them.
"That's not all. Benji, Paul I want you two as my best men." Joel said when everyone had sat down again. Benji and Paul agreed.
"Ash will you be my Maid of Honour?" Kayla asked her.
"No...I want to be a bridesmaid."
"But your already married you have to be called a Maid of Honour." Kayla said.
"But Maid of Honour makes me sound old." Asher smiled. "Only joking I would love to be your Maid of Honour." She gave her a hug. "I still think it makes me sound old though." Everyone laughed.
"Who else are you having as your Bridesmaids?" Benji asked.
"My sister Roxy and my cousin Jenny."
"What not Jena?" Asher said joking.
"Yeah right." Kayla said sarcastically. They all laughed.
They talked for a little long then Joel, Kayla, Billy and Paul left. When they'd said bye to everyone Benji and Asher sat on the sofa completely exhausted. Benji sat up and patted Asher on the leg.
"Come on." He said holding his hand out to help her up. She took his hand and he picked her up. He put her over his shoulder and carried her up stairs to their bedroom. When they got to their room he threw her on the bed and laid on top of her his head in her neck. Asher laughed a little.
"What's up with you?"
"Nothing just tired." Benji said his voice muffled in her neck. She wriggled a bit because it tickled. He kissed her neck. Then looked at her they smiled at each other. He kissed her on the lips then started giving her a hicky.
"Benjamin Madden you better not be doing what I think your doing." She warned. Benji just laughed and carried on. "I mean it Benj I will fucking kill you if your giving me a hicky."
"So stop me." Benji smirked. She didn't do anything so he carried on. They ended up making out and having sex lazily. After Benji fell straight to sleep but Asher lay awake for most of the night. It wasn't that she wasn't tired because she hadn't slept well for a few nights. She had something on her mind. Something she knew she needed to talk to Benji about but she needed to be sure before she did. At 3am after lying awake for a few hours listening to Benji's soft breathing while he was asleep she got up. She got her keys, got in her car and started driving round.
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