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Chapter 9

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Chapter 9

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Chapter 9

After driving round for an hour she decided to put her worries to an end. She stopped outside a chemist that was open 24 hours. She went in and asked for a pregnancy test. She finally return home at 6am by this time she was really tired and decided to go straight to bed and do the test in the morning. She hid the test in the bathroom and climbed into bed next to Benji. Benji subconsciously cuddled up to her. She leaned her head on his shoulder and fell to sleep. The next morning when she woke up Benji was already up. She looked at the clock it was 11am. She heard Benji talking with Joel and Kayla downstairs in the kitchen. She went into the bathroom, took the test but she had to wait for ten minutes before it was ready so she had a quick shower while she waited. When she got out of the shower she checked the test. It was as she expected positive. She ran downstairs. She wasn't too happy about it but she wasn't unhappy either she just wasn't ready for kids at the moment she needed time to prepare.
"BENJAMIN FUCKING MADDEN YOU WENT AND GOT ME FUCKING PREGANT." She shouted going into the kitchen to find Benji, Joel and Kayla all staring at her. They had froze when they heard what she said.
"What did you say?" Benji said starting to smile.
"I said I'm fucking pregnant." She said and lightly tapped him on the chest. Benji laughed and hugged her.
"Ash that's great." Kayla said smiling.
"If you say so." Asher said as Benji put her down but he still had his arms around her.
"Why. Do you not want kids?" Joel said.
"Yeah I do but I would have liked more time to prepare myself." Asher said sitting down.
"But you are happy about it?" Benji said sitting next to her putting his arm around her.
"Yeah I am. I'm over the moon. I've suspected it for a few days now but wanted to be sure before I told you all. It's just... it's a really big thing."
"I love you." Benji said smiling and kissing her on the side of her head. She smiled relaxing a little. Joel put his arm around Kayla and she leaned into him.
"So have you set a date for the wedding yet because if you leave it too late I might not be able to fit into the dress." Asher said smiling at Joel and Kayla. They laughed.
"We have actually it's in three months so you shouldn't be showing too much by then." Kayla said smiling.
"Three months really. Do you think you'll have everything organised by then?" Asher said surprised.
"Well I wanted to ask you a favour. Will you help me plan it all? With some help from these two." Kayla said pointing to Benji and Joel.
"Yeah course I will but do you really think these two are going to be much help." Asher said laughing.
"Hey don't forget I've already done it once and it wasn't that hard." Benji said defensively.
"Yeah and that's only because I did everything you just picked the cake."
"And I did and excellent job." Benji said laughing.

Later that day Benji and Joel where talking in the living room and Kayla and Asher where talking in the kitchen.
"Are you sure you ok with being pregnant?" Kayla said concerned.
"Yeah it's just a shock."
"You mean you and Benji didn't plan it?"
"No. We're always careful, I guess the fucking thing must have just split and we didn't notice or something."
"But you are happy about it, you didn't seem too happy when you first came down the stairs."
"Well I wasn't. I've not slept all week worrying about it. I got up in the middle of the night last night to get a test. I took the test this morning and it was positive. I was in shock and... and I don't know. I mean I've always seen kids in mine and Benji's future but I would have preferred further away in the future not right now. But it is here and now so I'll just deal with it. I am happy really just scared as well."
"Don't be your going to be fine. Benji's here for you, I and Joel are just a call away."
"Thanks Kay."

Mean while Benji and Joel where talking in the living room about the baby too.
"So you must be really happy?" Joel said seeing Benji Beaming.
"Yeah I am. I'm just worried about Ash."
"Yeah she didn't seem to sure about it before. Is she ok?"
"I think she just needs time. I mean I've been ready for kids for a while now but Ash wasn't too keen on the idea."
"What you mean she doesn't want kids?" Joel said surprised.
"No I mean she just didn't want them right now. I agreed to wait till she felt ready too."
"So neither of you planned this?"
"Anyway I'm happy for you two you'll make great parents." Joel said giving Benji a hug.

After three months of hard wok planning the wedding it was all sorted perfectly. It was the day before the wedding and the day of Asher's first scan. Joel, Kayla, Billy and Paul waited outside in the waiting room while Benji and Asher went in.
"So where's Jena today?" Paul said to Billy but he wasn't really interested in the answer.
"She had to work." Billy replied.
"You two excited about tomorrow?" Paul said smiling at Joel and Kayla.
"Yeah we can't wait." Kayla said smiling back and Joel kissed her on the side of the head.

In the scan room. Benji was sat at the side of the bed holding Asher's hand. The nurse came in and started doing the scan. After a few minutes she looked at the screen confused.
"Erm excuse me a second." The nurse said rushing out.
"What? What's wrong?" Asher said worriedly to the nurse then looking at Benji who was also worried.
"Just stay calm Mrs Madden. I'm sure there's nothing to worry about." The nurse said then rushed out to find a doctor. Benji and Asher stayed where they where. Asher started shaking a little and Benji squeezed her hand tighter and gave her a quick kiss.

Joel, Kayla, Billy and Paul also seen the nurse leave the room and rush off talking to the doctor. The doctor followed her back to the room and they went in. Kayla, Joel, Billy and Paul also looked at each other worried.
"I hope everything's ok." Kayla said worriedly.
"I'm sure everything's fine." Joel said but he wasn't sure.

Back in the scan room the doctor came in and looked at the screen. After a few seconds he started smiling.
"You where right nurse." He said to the nurse.
"Excuse me but can you tell us what's going on please?" Benji asked the doctor. Asher was still quiet stunned at the thought that there might be something wrong with her baby.
"Certainly there appears top be two heart beats." The doctor said cheerfully." Benji just looked at the doctor with a smile growing on his face. When Asher heard the doctor say this it snapped her out of her daze.
"Two heart beats? Two heart beats as in two babies?" Asher stuttered breathlessly sitting up to look at the screen for herself.
"Yes Mrs Madden you are having twins." The doctor said chuckling. Benji looked over the moon Asher look worried and happy all at the same time. She was worried about having to give birth to one baby never mind two.
"Fucking hell." Asher said lying back down not knowing what else to think. "Sorry doctor about my language." She quickly apologised. Benji laughed and gave her a big hug and kiss. The doctor left and the nurse went to pint of the scan photo. When she gave them the photo they went out side to the others. Benji went out first with a huge grin on his face holding the picture and Asher followed behind him in a daze trying to register the fact that she was having two babies. She had only just got used to the fact that she was having one.
"Is everything ok?" Joel asked when he seen Benji and Asher come out.
"Where having twins." Benji said giving Joel a hug.
"Congratulations bro." Joel said smiling.
"Ash are you ok?" Kayla said going up to her smiling.
"Yeah I'm fine just a little shocked I think the word is. Fucking twins Kay and to think I thought giving birth once was going to be bad enough." Asher said starting to smile. Kayla laughed and gave her a hug.

Everyone was excitedly talking about Asher's twins on the way home but Asher stayed quiet. When they got into the house and where all sat down.
"Ash are you ok you've been rather quiet?" Joel said sitting next to her. Benji was sat on her other side still with a huge grin on his face.
"Yeah I'm fine. Just one thing though." She said turning to face Benji. "This is all you're fucking fault you know." She said playfully hitting him over and over again with the pillow. Everyone watched in amusement. Benji laughed trying to defend himself.
"What's (hit)... all (hit) (hit) ...fault." Benji said between hits.
"Twins you're a twin I should have known." She said as Benji grabbed the pillow off her and held her hands she was also laughing now too.
"What are you talking about being a twin is great." Benji said smiling.
"Yeah maybe for you but you don't have to give birth to not one but two babies do you."
"And for that I will love and admire you forever." Benji said trying to give her a kiss but she ducked laughing. Benji went to pin her down but she held her hands up to stop him.
"A, a, a, a, a, you have to be careful with me I'm pregnant remember." She said waving her finger at him smiling smugly. Everyone was in stitches laughing at them.
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