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Chapter 10

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Chapter 10

The next day was the wedding day. Kayla, Asher, Roxy and Jenny where at Asher's getting ready and Benji, Billy, Paul and Joel where at Joel's getting ready.
"Kay can you give me a hand fastening my dress I guess having twins growing inside me made me bigger than we thought." Asher said Kayla laughed going over helping her to squeeze into her dress. It only just fastened.
"How many moths gone are you?" Roxy said smiling.
"You're having twins?" Jenny said.
"Yeah thank to her husband to be's twin brother. Seem twins run in the family." Asher said and they laughed.
"Aw so you'll be next Kay with twins then?" Roxy said teasing Kayla.
"I hope not." Kayla laughed.

Mean while at the Joel's house.
"Benj will you hurry up in there it's my wedding not your and your going to make me late if you don't hurry up and get out of there." Joel said banging on the bathroom door. Benji had been in there for well over half and hour now. When Joel had finished shouting through the door Benji opened the door and walked out casually like nothing was wrong. "Well it's about time what where you doing in there?" Joel said pushing past him to get ready. Benji went and joined Billy and Paul downstairs. Twenty minutes later Joel joined them all ready to go.
"When doe the car get here?" Paul asked.
"Should be coming in about ten minutes." Joel said looking at his watch.
"See what where you so worried about. Rushing me before. We're on time."
"Yeah but if it was left to you you'd probably still be in there."
"Would not."
"Would too."
"Ok children calm down." Billy said all of them laughing.
"I wonder if Ash managed to fit in her dress." Joel said smiling.
"She better had be able too or that will probably me my fault too." Benji said smiling.
"Aw it's a shame isn't it Benj you get blamed for everything since she got pregnant." Joel laughed.
"Yep if anything goes wrong it's 'BENJIAMIN FUCKING MADDEN LOOK WHAT YOU'VE DONE NOW'" Benji said mocking Asher. They all started laughing. "Seriously I think that's my new middle name it's all you ever here from around the house." Joel, Billy and Paul laughed knowing all too well the types of mood swings Asher's been having lately. They all knew no matter how much she shouted at them or Benji that she didn't mean it really.

When the boys got to the church there was hundreds of guest waiting outside to seeing them. The girls hadn't arrived yet. The boy stopped taking pictures and talking to friends and family. Benji and Joel went over to their mother, brother and sister.
"Aw Joel I'm so happy for you. Now I have two married sons." Their mother said proudly. "How is Kayla?"
"Good I think. Probably stressing right now but she'll be ok. I haven't seen her since last night because the guys stayed at ours and the girls went to Benji and Asher's." Joel explained.
"Speaking of Asher how is she?" she said turning to Benji.
"Good. Really good. Having some mood swings mainly aimed at me but where doing great really." Benji said smiling proudly.
"Aw another set of twins in the family." She said smiling.

A bit later the guys got shooed into the church ready for the girls arriving so that Joel didn't see Kayla before the ceremony. A few minutes after the guys had gone into the church the girls arrived. Most of the guests where still waiting outside to see the girl arrive. Kayla was in a long, puffy, floaty ivy dress with pearls sewn onto it. Asher, Roxy and Jenny where in red long floaty dresses. You could see Asher's little baby bump.
"I feel really fat." Asher complained getting out of the car.
"You don't look it." Roxy said.
"You look cute with your little baby bump." Kayla said smiling rubbing Asher's tummy. Asher laughed a little and pushed her off. They stopped for a few photos out side then it was time to go into the church.

Kayla, Kayla's dad, Asher, Jenny and Roxy where in the back of the church waiting for their queue to go in. Benji, Billy and Paul joined them.
"Hey how you all doing?" Billy said.
"Ok. A little nervous." Kayla smiled
"You look amazing. You all do." Paul said.
"Aw look at you." Benji said going over to Asher rubbing her belly and giving her a kiss. "Your baby bump looks so cute." He said smiling.
"Yeah so I've heard." Asher said rolling her eyes laughing a little.
They got their queue. Paul walked Roxy down the isle, Billy walked Jenny and Benji walked Asher. When they had got into their positions. Benji gave Joel a reassuring pat on the shoulder.
"Don't worry you'll be fine. She looks amazing by the way." Benji whispered into Joel ear. The next minute the wedding march started and Kayla and her dad started walking down the isle. Joel was so happy. The ceremony went as planned with no problems at all. Even Benji remembered the rings. He had been winding Joel up all week saying that he was going to lose them. After the ceremony they took more pictures outside. They had some really good ones of Kayla and Joel together, Benji and Asher together and Benji, Asher, Kayla and Joel together. After they had finished at the church they went to the repetition. Joel, Kayla's dad, Asher and Benji all gave brilliant speeches and they had a lovely meal. Later they turned the room into a disco. Joel, Benji, Asher and Roxy where sat talking at one of the tables, Kayla was going round dancing and talking to all her friends, Paul and Jenny where flirting by the bar and Billy and Jena where huddled together in the corner of the table not joining in talking with Benji, Joel, Asher and Roxy. Every so often Jena would give them a dirty look with Asher gladly returned.
"If she fucking looks at me like that one more time, Billy's girlfriend or not I'm going to knock her out." Asher said through gritted teeth.
"You will not. Your not knocking anybody out while you r pregnant." Benji warned. Asher huffed and relaxed again still giving Jena dirty looks back.
"So Roxy you where saying you're dating some one in a band. Who is it?" Joel said changing the subject.
"Well I think you guys know him actually he's..." Roxy started to explain but she got interrupted by her boyfriend.
"Joel Madden what where you thinking getting married and not inviting me." Tony Lovato said walking up to the table pretending to be mad giving Benji and Joel a hug. Then giving Roxy a kiss. Asher, Benji and Joel looked for Tony to Roxy in shock.
"Wait a minute you r boyfriend is Tony?" Asher said smiling. Roxy nodded.
"I certainly am." Tony said proudly. "So go what's your excess for me not getting an invite then?" Tony said tapping his foot and crossing his arms looking at Joel.
"Mest where on tour I thought you where only getting back next month. What happened?"
"We got back early especially for your wedding."
I'm sorry but at least you're here now." Joel said smiling.
"Yeah I might just forgive you if you buy me a drink." Tony said smirking. Joel went to get him a drink and Tony sat down with them.
"Ash look at you. You look really good." Tony said smiling at her.
"You've got to be kidding me right. I look fat and minging." Asher said.
"No you look cute and you've defiantly got the baby glow."
"Hey watch it that's my pregnant wife you're chatting up." Benji said nudging Tony. Everyone laughed.
Later that night Tony and Roxy went dancing, Paul was still chatting up Jenny, Billy and Jena had disappeared somewhere, Benji, Asher, Joel and Kayla where sat together relaxing and talking. Benji and Joel's mom and sister came and sat with them.
"Hey mom, Sarah. You ok?" Joel said smiling at them.
"Yeah where fine." Robin said.
"Where's Josh?" Benji asked.
"Gone getting us some drinks at the bar." Sarah explained.
"Will one of you come help please?" Josh said from across the bar. He couldn't carry all the drinks himself. Asher was the nearest.
"Yeah I'll come." Asher said getting up she went over to him.
"I hope your being good to her Benjamin." Robin warned him. Joel and Sarah laughed a little at Benji getting told off.
"Course I am mom."
"Yeah he learnt his lesson from before. They've been really happy the last six months." Joel said.
"You better had be." Robin said eyeing Benji. Asher and Josh got back with the drinks. They gave them out and then sat down joining in the conversation.
"I really like Kayla she seems like a nice girl." Robin said to Joel.
"She is." Joel said smiling proudly.
"Who's that who Billy's with she kept giving me dirty looks before?" Sarah said.
"Oh just ignore her she give us all them. I was going to knock her out before after all the dirty looks I've got today but I've been given my orders of your brothers that I can't at least not while I'm pregnant anyway." Asher said. They all laughed. "Hey maybe you'd want to knock her out for me?" Asher said smiling at Sarah.
"Gladly." Sarah said turning to look for Jena.
"Hey there will be no knocking out of any one. Not at my wedding anyway." Joel said pulling Sarah back round. "You're a bad influence." Joel said smiling at Asher."
"My pleasure." Asher said smirking.
"Your defiantly Benji's girl all right." Josh said smiling at her.
"So twins Asher I bet you over the moon." Robin said smiling at her.
"I guess that's one way you could put it."
"Why what's wrong?"
"The thought of having one baby at one time was bad enough but two. That's just one too many." Asher said. Robin smiled knowingly. They talked for most of the night. Robin told Asher and Kayla lots of embarrassing stories of Benji and Joel. At 1am everyone went outside to see Joel and Kayla off on their honeymoon.
"Have a good time." Asher said hugging Kayla.
"Look after her Joel and have fun." Asher said giving Joel a hug too.
"We will. You make sure Benji behaves himself and look after my little nieces or nephews." Joel said rubbing Asher's belly. Soon after Joel and Kayla left Benji and Asher left too because Asher was tired. When they got in Asher flopped onto the couch. Benji sat next too her. She lay down resting her head on his lap. There was a knock at the door.
"Come in." Benji called. Tony came walking in.
"Hey tone you ok?" Benji said quietly as Asher had fallen to sleep leaning on him.
"Yeah just wondering if it would be ok if I stayed with you for a few days?" Tony said sitting down opposite Benji and Asher.
"Yeah course it is."
"Thanks mate. You know I never got chance to say this before but I'm glad you two mad everything ok again. You two make a really good couple." Tony said watching Asher sleeping peacefully. Benji smilied.
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