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Chapter 11

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Chapter 11

Later that night Tony helped Benji carry Asher to bed then they went to bed themselves. The next morning when Asher got up Benji was already up. When she got downstairs she noticed that Benji wasn't alone Tony, Paul, Billy and Jena where also here. Paul was sat give Jena evils; Jena was sat on Billy's lap making out with him even though he was trying to join in with Benji and Tony's discussion. Asher went to the kitchen to get herself a cup of coffee. She went to join the rest of them in the living room. She walked passed Jena giving her a discussed look.
"Give it a rest love. I've only just finished puking my guts up thanks to the joys of being pregnant I don't need you adding to that." Asher said sitting down next to Benji. Jena glared at Asher then got off Billy lap and sat next to him. Billy actually looked relived. Benji, Tony and Paul tried hard to hide their laughter then went back to their conversation about touring.
"Asher what are you doing?" Benji said looking at her. Asher looked round confused then back to Benji.
"Erm... I'm sat here drinking coffee and listening to you... why?"
"Coffee Asher you can't drink coffee you're pregnant." Benji said taking the coffee off her.
"But Benj I need coffee. I don't think you realise how much I need coffee." Asher said trying to get it back.
"No Ash. I'm sorry no coffee for you not while your pregnant." Benji said pulling the cup out of her reach.
"Not even just a little tiny bit." Asher said sweetly.
"No. if it helps I'll give up coffee with you." Benji tried to reason.
"But you don't like or need coffee as much as I do." Asher said going in a huff.
"I'm sorry babe but no coffee."
"No you're not sorry." Asher said pouting like a five year old. Benji just smiled and put the cup down away from Asher. They all went back to their conversation about the tour. While the boys where talking Jena kept giving Asher dirty looks Asher had finally had enough. Billy had gone to the bathroom.
"Excuse me can I have a word with you please?" Asher said fake nicely to Jena. Jena looked at her then stood up. Benji, Tony and Paul looked at Asher worriedly they knew what 'can I have a word with you?' usually meant with Asher.
"Asher." Benji warned as they went to the kitchen to have 'a word' Asher just looked at him and smiled devilishly.
"Ok what's your problem?" Asher said to Jena bluntly as they got into the kitchen.
"I don't have a problem." Jena said with the same dirty look on her face as always.
"Well why are you giving everyone dirty looks?"
"I'm not giving anyone dirty looks."
"Look missy" Asher said stepping closer to her losing her temper. "I don't like people playing games. You're really lucky that I'm pregnant right now or I would have knocked that smug look off your face weeks ago."
"I'd like to see you try."
"Oh is that right?" Asher said raising her eyebrows.
"Yeah it is." Jena said stepping closer to Asher. Just then Billy walked in.
"What's going on?" Billy said looking at the two of them.
"Nothing baby we we're just discussing..." Jena said smiling at Billy then looking back at Asher. "Baby stuff isn't that right Ash?" Jena said looking at Asher. Asher gritted her teeth and smiled at Billy. Billy and Jena walked back into the living room. Asher punched the wall in frustration.
Benji walked into the kitchen o see her.
"You ok?"
"No I'm not ok Benj. She's pissing me off so much and there's nothing I can do about it."
"She pisses us all of babe but don't let her get to you like this. Come here." Benji said giving her a hug and a kiss. She relaxed a little but not much.

The next day Asher was out shopping for baby things while the boys where in some band meeting. Asher stopped in a small café for some lunch. While she was eating she heard two familiar voices from the booth behind her. One she recognised straight away as Jena the other she had to think about first but then it hit her like a tone of bricks it was Alex. Asher listened carefully to what they where talking about.
"So is everything going as we planned?" Alex asked.
"Yeah I've got him right where I want him." Jena said.
"Good and that Asher she doesn't suspect anything?"
"Well she was giving me a bit of shit over silly stuff but nothing to get worried about."
"So will you tell me the whole plan now?"
"Can I trust you?"
"Of course you can trust me I'm your sister and I agreed to do this didn't I."
"Ok well you keep Billy sweet until your married then I'll come and do the whole affair thing like we tried with Benji but this time we wont screw up. You'll file for divorce and take Billy and the rest of the band for all their worth." Alex said bitterly.
"And you think this will work."
"No. I know this will work as long as you keep to the plan."
"Don't you worry about me sis I know what to do."
"Good. Just one more thing if you do get chance to screw Asher over too, do it."
Just then Asher saw Alex and Jena get up and leave.

When Asher got home Benji, Tony, Paul, Billy and Jena where already there.
"Hey babe you have a good day?" Benji said going over to Asher to give her a kiss. Asher just kept staring at Jena and Jena glared back. "Ash." Benji said snapping her out of it.
"Oh sorry babe I hand some stuff on my mind. Can I have a word with you a minute?" Asher said taking his hand and walking to the kitchen.
"Ash what's wrong?" Benji said closing the kitchen door.
"Ok I went for lunch today and there was two girls sat behind me. I recognised both their voices one was Jana's and the other... Benji the other was Alex." Benji looked shocked.
"Benji that's not all, Jena's Alex's sister. Their planning on screwing Billy over like Alex tried with you."
"What? What are you talking about, how do you know this?" Benji said confused.
"I over heard them, Jena's going to marry Billy then Alex is going to have an affair with him and then Jena will divorce him and take everything. Benji she means everything but just Billy's own stuff but the Bands too."
"She can't. She wouldn't. How does she know that Billy will have an affair?" Benji said trying not to believe Asher.
"Benji she did with you didn't she. She's sick and twisted Benj." Asher said.
"We can't let this happen we've got to stop her."
"How? Do you feel like going in there and breaking you best friends heart and that's only if he believes us."
"He has to believe us. He's not going to believe her over us."
"Benj would you believe Billy over me?"
"Well what makes you think Billy won't believe Jena over us?"
"Because she's the bitch."
"He doesn't know that does he?"
"Well he's got to. We have to stop this Ash."
"I know I want to more than anything Benj but we can't just jump into this."
"Ok so what do we do?"
"I'm not sure."
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