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Chapter 12

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Chapter 12

Three weeks later and for the past three weeks Asher and Benji have been working hard to expose Jena and Alex. Benji has been trying to keep Billy away from Jena as much as possible which was easier said than done but he managed it, most of the time. Meanwhile Asher was following Jena taking pictures of Jena and Alex when ever she could. She didn't enough to prove what Jena and Alex where up to. Asher went to the café that she had first seen Jana and Alex in and to her surprise they where also there. They hadn't noticed Asher walk in. Asher sat in the booth behind then trying to listen to what they where saying. After a while Asher got up and walked over to their table.
"Asher what a pleasant surprise." Alex said fake nicely. Asher just smiled sarcastically.
"Sit down." Jena offered. Asher sat opposite them.
"We where just talking about your little bunch of friends."
"Oh were you really."
"Yeah we where just saying how well our plan is coming together. Have you met the soon to be Mrs Martin." Alex said as Jena held her left hand out with a ring on her ring finger.
"He proposed to you already?" Asher said glaring at Jena.
"Yes he did and our plan is working out better than we thought." Jena said smugly.
"What plan might that be?"
"The one where we do what we where going to do to your beloved Benji if you hadn't got in the way." Alex said smugly.
"Why what are you going to do to Billy?"
"Once I'm married Alex will get him to sleep with her then I will divorce him and take every penny he and the band have earned." Jena said laughing evilly.
"Yeah and there's nothing you can do about it." Alex said smugly.
"You sound like you've done this sort of thing before." Asher said.
"Oh yeah at least five other times. It just gets easier." Jena said smugly.
"You're sick. The both of you need help." Asher said discussed getting up and going home. Once she got into her car she got her phone out and replayed the conversation that she had just recorded with Jena and Alex confessing their plan and what they have done to many other guys too. Asher smiled to herself and drove home.
When she got in Benji was pacing round the living room. She was three hours later than she had told him and he was worried.
"Asher I've been so worried. Where have you been?" Benji said going over to her with a worried expression on his face. Asher just stood their smiling at him.
"What?" Benji said eyeing her up and down.
"How much do you love me?" Asher said walking up to him slowly with a huge grin on her face.
"Babe what..." Benji said a smile growing on his face but still confused. Asher pressed her body to his, wrapped her arms round his neck and whispered in his ear.
"I've got all the evidence we need to prove to Billy and everyone else what Jena and Alex are up to." Asher said seductively.
"What? How..." Benji started pulling back a little. Asher smiled and played the recording on her phone. By the end of the recording Benji was Smiling just as much as Asher was when she first walked through the door. "I love you so much Mrs Madden. You are unbelievable." Benji said grabbing hold of her, spinning her round and kissing her.
"So how much do you love me?" Asher said smiling proudly.
"More than anything in the world." Benji said laughing then picking her up and carrying her upstairs.
"Benji, what are you doing?" Asher said allowing him to carry her off.
"I'm going to prove how much I love you." Benji said kissing her.
"I think I like the sound of that." Asher said smiling and kissing him back. They went up stair and had amazing sex as always.
"Ok so what's our plan for telling Billy?" Benji asked after a few hours of love making and making out.
"I'm not sure. We need to tell him as soon as possible but preferably with out Jena around to make her excuses."
"We need to do it tomorrow Jena's working in the morning so we'll have Billy all to our selves."
"We need to pick Joel and Kayla up from the airport tomorrow morning we won't be back in time to tell him before Jena comes over." Asher said.
"Well one of us will have to pick Joel and Kayla up and the other will have to break the news to Billy." Benji said. "I'm picking Joel and Kayla up." Benji said quickly before Asher could say anything.
"Great sop your leaving me to give Billy the bad news."
"Well I do need to pick my TWIN BROTHER and his new wife up."
"But Billy's your friend he needs you."
"He's your friend too. Besides your better at breaking the news to him than I will be."
"Fine I'll Break Billy's heart you don't worry about me." Asher said turning over to go to sleep.
"Ash..." Benji tried to reason. Asher smiled to her self.
"No Benj you go pick your Brother up." Asher said faking being hurt.
"Ok but no goodnight kiss." Benji said smiling Asher just glared at him. Then turned back over.
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