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Chapter 13

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this fic is coming to an end i think. let me know what you think.

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Chapter 13

The next morning Billy and Paul came over to Benji and Asher's house. Benji was just about to leave to pick Joel and Kayla up.
"Hey Paul why don't you came with me." Benji said to Paul.
"I'll come if you want Benj." Billy offered. Benji looked at Asher worriedly.
"Erm Billy I'd like you to stay here. Keep me company. Please." Asher said smiling sweetly.
"Ok." Billy said unsure of what was going on.
Benji and Paul left.
"So do you want something to drink?" Asher said feeling a little uncomfortable. Billy could tell something was going on.
"Yeah sure." Billy said.
"What do you want?"
"I'll have what ever you're having."
"Well seen as Benji's banned all coffee I guess it's going to have to be tea." Asher said.
"That's ok." Billy smiled. Asher went to make the tea. When she came back in she sat next to Billy.
"Ok Ash what's going on? You and Benji have been acting weird for a while now. What is it?"
"Ok Billy, your right something is wrong." Asher said taking a deep breath. "your not going to like what I'm about to tell you and believe me I wish I was wrong more than anything but I'm not and you need to know this." Asher said not being able to look at Billy.
"Ash just tells me what ever it is." Billy said looking at her worriedly.
"Ok you remember Alex."
"The girl who Benji... you know..." Billy said not knowing quiet how to put it.
"Yeah that one." Asher said nodding. "Well you see Jena's Alex's sister."
"She's what?" Billy exclaimed.
"She's Alex's sister but that's not all."
"Asher I..."
"Billy I know this is hard but you've got to listen to me. Once you've married Jena Alex is going to seduce you then Jena's going to divorce you and take all what you and the band have earned." Asher said in one breath.
"Asher you wrong, you've got to be, Jena wouldn't... Jena's not... How did you know I'd proposed?" Billy said confused.
"They told me Billy I over heard them talking in a café. I recorded the whole conversation."
"Can I hear it?" Billy said quietly.
"Are you sure?" Asher said looking at him worriedly.
"Yeah I need to hear it for myself." Billy said. Asher got her phone and played the whole conversation to him. By the end of it he had his head in his hands and tears in his eyes. Asher put her arms around him trying to comfort him.
"Billy I'm sorry I wish it wasn't true." Asher said quietly and rubbing his back.
"Yeah me too. I'm going to break off the engagement as soon as she comes over after work the evil bitch." Billy said sitting up looking at Asher. "Thank you if you hadn't found this out then I would have married her and... and"
"Sh it's ok. We wouldn't have let anything happen and believe me if I wasn't pregnant that bitch wouldn't be walking right now." Asher said making him smile. Just then Joel, Kayla, Benji and Paul walked in.
"Hi we're back." Joel said cheerfully but then realised something was wrong when he seen the look on Billy's face. "Billy what's wrong?" Joel said concerned. Benji gave Asher a 'so you told him look' Asher nodded at him.
"Nothing just give me a minute." Billy said leaving. Joel went to go after him but Asher stopped him.
"Leave him for a bit he needs to sort some stuff out." Asher said. "So did you two have a good time?" Asher said a bit more cheerful.
"We did and... and look at you, got a belly on you now." Joel said smiling at Asher and rubbing her belly. Asher smiled. Benji, Asher, Paul, Joel and Kayla talked and caught up on all what's been going on in the past few weeks. A few hours later Billy came in looking depressed. They all watched him as he walked past the living room and into the kitchen. Benji nudged Asher.
"Go on." He whispered to her.
"No why me?"
"Because you gave the bad news you go comfort him."
"Why can't you."
"Because I'm not good with thing like this."
"Oh don't be so bloody soft." Asher said smiling at him and playfully hitting him as she got up to go to Billy.
"Hey how you feeling?" Asher said quietly sitting next to Billy.
"Better. I told her the wedding was off and that I know what she was up too."
"How did she take it?"
"Not very well. She started threatening me saying she'd go to the papers telling them all kinds of shit. So I told her if she did, I'd go to the police and give them that confession of theirs and they get arrested."
"What did she say after that?"
"Not much she just left. I don't think we'll be hearing from them again." Billy said smiling.
"Good." Asher said giving him a hug. "Wanna go and see the others?"
"Yeah." They went to the others in the living room.
"Hey Billy you ok?" Joel said moving over for him to sit down. Asher sat on Benji's lap because there were no other places.
"Yeah I'm better now." Billy smiled.
"Do you realise how heavy you are." Benji said smiling at Asher.
"Excuse me." Asher said raising her eyebrows at him.
"I...I meant with the babies too." Benji said. Asher laughed.
"Yeah imagine how I feel I've got to carry them round all the time." Asher said. They carried on talking and hanging out for the rest of the day.

Asher was now eight months pregnant and was rather large. She was finding moving and doing any little task hard to do. All the guys where round most of the time keeping her company and stopping her from killing Benji. She still loved him nothing had changed but she was just really pissed of by now with being pregnant and aimed all her anger mainly at him. Everyone found it very funny.
"So how's my ray of sunshine this morning?" Joel said cheerfully to Asher joining Asher, Paul and Kayla in the living room. Benji and Billy where in the kitchen making breakfast.
"Pissed off." Asher said. Joel pretended to be hurt. Paul and Kayla laughed.
"Why what's wrong? I thought being pregnant was supposed to be great."
"Yeah they only tell you that to make you think it's easy but if fucking not."
"Why what's so bad all you do is sit around all day having us wait on you hand and foot." Paul said but instantly regretted it when he seen the look Asher gave him.
"you try being so fat you can't move carrying round two living people inside you, needing to piss constantly, sore boobs, back ache and hormones all over the place not to mention morning sickness which is so silly because it doesn't just happen in the morning it lasts all fucking day." Asher ranted.
"Feel better?" Kayla said.
"Yeah I do actually." Asher said struggling to get up.
"Where are you going?"
"Need to pee. Joel help me up." She said giving up trying on her own. Joel helped her up. "Thanks."
She got upstairs and a few minutes later.
"BENJIMIN FUCKING MADDEN!" They heard Asher shout. They all laughed.
"Oh no what have I done now." Benji said running upstairs to her.
"IT'S NOT WHAT YOU'VE DONE IT'S WHAT YOU'VE NOT DONE!" They heard Asher shout to him. This was now normal behaviour for Benji and Asher. She'd shout at him and he'd come running. A few minutes later Benji and Asher came downstairs.
"I can't wait to have these babies and get it over and done with." Asher sighed following Benji to the kitchen.
"We know how you feel." Benji muttered. The other laughed.
"I love them two. Their more entertaining that watching TV." Paul said laughing.
Two hours later it was time for Asher's last scan at the hospital. Asher was stood at the door waiting for Benji.
"Come on Benj we haven't got all day and I can't stand here all day." Asher complained.
"Coming." Benji called running down the stairs a few minutes later.
"Right can we go now?" Asher sighed.
"Yeah sure." Benji smiled opening the door for her.
"She's got him well trained." Kayla said smiling.
"I don't think he has a choice." Joel laughed.
The scan went well and Benji and Asher actually did have a civilised conversation together. When they arrived back home Benji was getting out the car but Asher stopped him and pulled him back in. Asher and Benji found out that she was having a Girl and a Boy.
"What's wrong?"
"Nothing I just wanted to have a minute alone with you before we go inside." Asher said softly smiling at him.
"ok." Benji said unsure.
"I love you, I now I've been a real bitch to you lately but I do love you I'm just really feed up at the moment." Asher said truthfully.
"I love you too and you don't have to explain I know being pregnant must be getting to you now especially with two kids but don't worry just one month left and then we'll have our little girl and boy." Benji said giving her a kiss.
"Hey did everything go ok?" Kayla asked when Benji and Asher walked in holding hands.
"Yeah everything fine." Asher said smiling.
"Thing must be more than fine you two aren't shouting and your holding hands." Joel laughed.
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