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Chapter 14

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Chapter 14

One month later Benji and Asher were alone in their house together. Benji was downstairs doing some house work and Asher was upstairs in the babies' room sorting a few things out.
"BENJI QUICK!" Benji heard Asher shout. He stopped what he was doing and ran up stairs to her. "Ok don't panic but I think I'm having the babies." Asher said breathing heavily. Benji was shocked.
"What how do you know?" Benji said.
"Erm may because my waters have just broke." Asher shouted. Benji froze he didn't know what to do first. "BENJI HOSPITSL NOW! PLEASE" Asher said snapping him out of it.
"Oh yeah come on." Benji said helping her to the car. When they got into the hospital Asher got put into a delivery room on her own. Benji went in with her. The mid wife told her that she will be in labour for about another four hours then it will be time to deliver the babies. The nurses and the mid wife left Benji and Asher alone.
"Four more fucking hours." Asher sighed.
"Does it hurt?"
"Only when the contractions come for about a minute or two then it dies down a bit." Asher said.
"Want me to get you any thing?"
"No I'm ok thanks." Asher said holding his hand. After a while of making small talk and Asher squeezing the feeling out of Benji's hand during a contraction Benji realised that no one else knew that Asher was in labour.
"Ash I'm going to have to ring Joel to let everyone know where we are." Benji said.
"Ok don't be too long." Asher said letting him go. He came back a few minutes later.
"Their coming now." Benji said.
"They didn't have to."
"I think they want to." Benji said smiling at her. "How you feeling?"
"Like shit contractions are coming faster now."
Half and hour later Kayla came in to see Asher.
"Hey." Asher smiled.
"Hey how you feeling?"
"Not good but nearly over." Asher said.
"The others are waiting outside." Kayla explained.
"They don't have to wait outside they can come in for now if they want, we've got another two hours yet." Asher said.
"They said they'd rather wait outside, their too scared to come in." Kayla laughed.

Benji and Kayla kept Asher Company for the next two hours until it was time for her to have the babies and Kayla went and waited out side with the others.
"Ok Asher when I tell you to push I need you to push as hard as you can for me." The midwife instructed. "Ok are you ready, push." Asher pushed as hard as she could squeezing Benji hand too though the pain. Both Benji and Asher where crying out in pain. "Ok that's enough for now have a little break." The mid wife said giving Asher (and Benji) a well needed rest. "Ok Asher come on I need you to push again." Asher pushed again. "Ok well done." The mid wife said when they heard the first baby crying. "Congratulations you have a beautiful baby girl." The mid wife said. The nurse brought her over for them to see. Asher was exhausted all she wanted to do was sleep but now she had to give birth to the second baby. "Ok Asher time for the second." The mid wife said.
"Right now." Asher sighed.
"Yeah I'm sorry I know its hard work but I'll be over very soon." The mid wife said.
"Come on Ash you can do it." Benji said trying to encourage her. She just glared at him as if to say 'you do it' then pushed again. A few minutes later the second baby's cries where heard. Asher collapsed on the bed totally exhausted breathing heavily. When she had calmed down a little the nurse and mid wife brought the two babies over to them.
"Congratulations you have a healthy baby girl and a healthy baby boy." The mid wife said handing both of them to Asher. Asher lay with one baby in each arm. They left Benji and Asher alone for a minute.
"Look what we did." Asher said smiling proudly.
"I'm so proud of you." Benji said kissing her.
"Take one if you want." Asher offered. Benji took his daughter off her. "Oh got a daddy's little girl already." Asher laughed. After a while the nurse took the babies to the nursery and Benji went out to the others so that Asher could have a sleep.
When Asher woke up the nurse had just come in.
"We where just about to see if you wanted to feed you two."
"Yeah sure. Where's Benji?" Asher said sleepily.
"He's out side do you want me to send him in?" The nurse said.
"Yes please."
"Ok I'll tell him on my way to get the twins." Seconds after she left Benji walked in.
"Hey did you want me?"
"Yeah just seeing if you wanted to help feed your children." Asher smiled.
"Ok which one?"
"Which do you want?"
"My son. By the way we need to think of names."
"Yeah we do. How about I name the girl and you name the boy?"
"Yeah good because I have a few ideas for boy's names." Benji said smiling.
"Good. What are they?"
"I like Adam or Brandon which do you like?"
"I like them both but I like Brandon more, but it's up to you."
"I think I like Brandon better. What girl's names do you like?"
"Well I like Bianca."
"Bianca Madden, I like it." Benji said smiling at her. The nurse came in with the twins and some bottles. Benji and Asher feed them.
"Your brother wanted me to tell you that you mom, sister and brother where here." The nurses said popping into the room.
"Ok thanks tell him I'll be out in a minute." Benji smiled. He finished feeding Brandon then handed him to Asher and went to see them.
"Benj tell them to come in." Asher called to him he nodded and seconds later Benji came in with Robin, Josh, Sarah and Joel.
"Aw Asher there beautiful and you got one of each." Robin said looking at them.
"What are you calling them?" Sarah asked.
"Brandon and Bianca." Benji said proudly.
"Want to hold one?" Asher offered. Robin took Brandon and Sarah took Bianca. After a while they swapped so that Josh held Bianca and Joel held Brandon. After that Robin, Josh and Sarah left.
"Are Kayla, Billy and Paul still waiting outside?" Asher asked joel.
"Oh Joel you should have brought them in. go get them." Asher said. Joel went to get them. Benji was holding Brandon and Asher were holding Bianca.
"Hey how you feeling?" Kayla said walking in.
"a lot better thank you." Asher smiled.
"Ash their gorgeous." Kayla smiled looking at the twins.
"What are you calling them?" Billy asked.
"Meet Brandon..." Benji said.
"And Bianca Madden." Asher said.
"There really nice names." Kayla said.
"Want to hold one?" Asher offered. She gave Bianca to Kayla and Benji gave Brandon to Billy. After a while they swapped and Joel held Bianca and Paul held Brandon. An hour later they where all still talking. The doctor came to see Asher.
"Just a few check ups Mrs Madden then hopefully you can go home in the morning." The doctor said. Everyone left while the Doctor did his check ups. The doctor gave the goods news that everything was fine and that Asher and the twins could go home in the morning. Benji stayed the night at the hospital with Asher. Everyone else went home. Joel and Kayla where coming back in the morning with the baby seats and anything else they needed. The next morning Joel and Kayla arrieved and they get everything set for then to go home. When they got home the house was decorated with blue and pink balloons and there was 'It's a Boy' and 'It's a Girl' banners.
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