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Chapter 15

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the next part. sorry it's a bit short.

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Chapter 15

For the next week they all left Benji and Asher alone while they settled in with the twins. After that week Asher invited Kayla, Joel, Billy and Paul over.
"Hey guys where've you all been hiding this past week?" Asher said opening the door to let them in. the house had baby stuff everywhere. Benji was in the kitchen making bottles.
"We thought we'd let you two settle in with the twins first." Kayla said. Following her in.
"Oh ok you still should have came over."
"Where are they?" Joel said.
"Asleep in the living room so be quite cause if you wake them up you can look after them." Asher laughed. They went into the kitchen to Benji.
"So how are you two doing?" Billy asked.
"Absolutely exhausted. The house is upside down. We're so disorganised." Asher laughed.
"It's understandable." Kayla smiled.
"I know I thought it was bad enough being pregnant but looking after three babies is almost as bad."
"Three babies? Ash you had twins that two." Joel said.
"Yeah but I've got Benji too." Asher laughed Benji threw the towel that he was using at her. She caught it and threw it back. Everyone laughed. They talked for a little while longer until they heard one of the twins crying. Asher went to them. She brought Bianca through; Brandon was still asleep when she left.
"Benj your daughter wants her bottle." Asher whined going over to him to give her to him.
"Well give it her then." Benji said smiling. Just then Brandon started crying too.
"Benj your son wants feeding too." Asher pouted trying not to laugh.
"Well feed him." Benji laughed.
"I can't do the both of them." Asher said.
"Give me a second the bottle aren't ready yet."
"Kay can you take her for a sec while I go get Brandon." Asher said handing Bianca to Kayla. Asher went and brought Brandon through.
"Ok they can have them now." Benji said finishing preparing the bottles.
"Kay you ok giving her the bottle?" Asher asked.
"Yeah fine." Kayla said taking a bottle off Benji. Asher sat down giving Brandon his bottle.
"So do I not get to feed my child then." Benji teased Asher.
"No you don't you didn't want them before." Asher laughed. After the twins had their bottles they all went and sat in the living room. Kayla had fell in love with Bianca and refused to give her beck.
"Ash I'm going to kill you look you've got Kay wanting babies now." Joel said smiling at Asher. Asher laughed.
"No thanks no babies of my own yet. I like this type that I can give back." Kayla said.
"Anyone want anything to drink? We have coffee back." Asher said smiling.
"Here go to Uncle Joel." Asher said giving Brandon to Joel while she went and got everyone a drink and got her self a cup double the size of a normal one of coffee.
"Could you get a bigger cup?" Joel said laughing.
"Actually I could." Asher said smiling.
They caught up for the rest of the day and the guys totally feel in love with the twins.
"Seriously you can borrow them for a night or two." Asher joked to Kayla and Joel as they where leaving.
"No thanks Ash their lovely they really are but I like giving them back after I've done the fun stuff." Kayla laughed. They hugged and Joel, Kayla, Billy and Paul left. The twins where asleep and Benji and Asher where alone. They collapsed on the bed.
"So what do you wanna do?" Benji asked leaning over kissing her neck.
"Sleep Asher said with her eyes closed.
"Aw I was hoping there might be a different answer." Benji said then continued the assault on her neck
"And what might that be?" Asher asked with a grin on her face but she still didn't move or open her eyes.
"This." Benji said straddling her rubbing his hands up and down her side and kissing her.
"Ok but do you mind if I just lay here." Asher said. Benji stopped what he was doing and huffed. Asher laughed a little and opened her eyes to look at him. "What's the matter baby?" She said pouting mocking him. Benji tried to ignore her. "Aw Benj I'm sorry. I'm just really tired, are you not tired? Cause if your not you can look after your children more."
"I am tired but I want you. I don't get time alone with you that much anymore."
"Benj that's what kids do. They make life revolve around them."
"I know and I wouldn't change that for anything but..." Asher kissed him. "What the...?"
"I love you Benj." Asher smiled at his confusion.
"I love you too Ash... so can we...?" Benji asked hopefully. Asher smiled and jumped on him. They continued having sex amongst other things. When they had finished Brandon started crying.
"Look now I didn't get any sleep before they woke up." Asher said. Benji smiled.
"Yeah but you got something better." Benji said Asher looked at him and kissed him. "You stay here I'll go." Benji said getting up to sort Brandon out. Asher lay there listening to Benji talking to Brandon while getting his bottle ready. Then she heard Bianca crying too. Asher decided to go help Benji.
"They double teaming you?" Asher laughed.
"Yeah it's hard work you get one sorted then the other starts and then they set the other off." Benji said get him self in a muddle juggling babies and bottles.
"Come here." Asher said going over to him taking Bianca and her bottle off him. They sat feeding the twins together.
"You know I never really understood what my mom went through with me and Joel but now I understand and I respect her even more."
"Benji we only have the twins you mom had Josh too." Asher smiled.
"Oh yeah I never thought of that. She must have been like super mom." Benji smiled in amazement making Asher laugh.
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