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Chapter 16

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Chapter 16

The next day at 9am Joel and Kayla called round to see Benji and Asher. Benji and Asher had the twins in their pushchairs ready to go for a walk seen as it was a lovely summer's day.
"Hey we didn't know if you where up already but it looks like you've been up for a while." Kayla said walking in seeing the twins and pushchairs ready to go.
"Kay love we have kids that means we never sleep now." Asher laughed.
"So where you off to?" Joel asked.
"Just going for a walk. Wanna come with?" Benji said.
"Yeah sure." Kayla said.
They walked to the park Benji pushed the twin pushchair and Asher had her arm around his waist. Joel and Kayla walked hand in hand. They sat watching all the other kids play in the park.
"Hey guys that's gonna be these two in a few years." Joel said to Benji and Asher.
"Don't I know it. I'm dreading it once they start walking they'll be into so much mischief." Asher laughed. They sat in silence for a while then Asher jumped up grabbing Benji on the way pulling him over to the swings. He followed her she sat on the swing as he stood behind her smiling.
"Push me." Asher said to him. He started pushing her on the swing higher and higher both of them acting like little kids. Joel and Kayla walked up behind them with the twins.
"You two are just like little kids your selves." Joel laughed. Kayla had got onto a swing next to Asher.
"Shut up and push me Joel." Kayla demanded making Benji and Asher laugh. They played in the park for a while longer while the twins where asleep. When they got back to the house the twins where still asleep.
"Benji put them in the back room where it's quieter so they'll sleep longer." Asher said sitting down with Kayla and Joel. Benji put the twins in the back room and brought the baby monitor through.
"See she's got all the tricks already." Joel laughed.
"I have anything that keeps them quieter longer is good for me." Asher smiled.
"I'll go make the bottles ready for when they wake up." Benji said.
"No its ok I'll go do them. You did them last time." Asher said getting up and going to the kitchen. Kayla went with her.
"So you too still ok?" Kayla asked.
"Yeah we're great. All that shit with Alex is gone and we've both moved on. I think we're better than we where before all that shit."
"You defiantly seem happier and that's with out sleep. Are you too ok with having the twins cause some times having kids puts a strain on relationships."
"No where actually doing better than I though we would. When I first found out I was pregnant I thought that's it once the babies are born we're going to be arguing and all kinds of shit but we're not its really weird." Asher smiled.
"Well I'm glad you two are as good as you are. You really are a good team together. You always have been and it just shows up more with the twins." Kayla smiled.
"So how are you and Joel doing?" Asher asked.
"Good really good. Just getting used to married life. I didn't think it would be that different than the way we where before but it is in some strange way."
"Yeah I remember that. It's really strange and different at first but you get used to it and it's really good. It gets better, so much better." Asher smiled.
"Hey what are you two talking about?" Joel said. Putting his arms around Kayla.
"You two." Kayla said smiling. Benji came in holding the twins one in each arm.
"Oh really." Benji said handing Asher Bianca. And taking Brandon's bottle.
"Aw look she wants Uncle Joel to feed her." Asher said handing Bianca and her bottle to Joel before he had chance to say anything.
"Yeah I think Brandon wants Aunty Kayla to feed him too." Benji said smiling and giving Kayla Brandon.
"Ok we'll see you two in a bit." Asher said giggling and running upstairs pulling Benji with her.
"You to ok with watching them for about half an hour?" Benji said wriggling out of Asher's grip. She carried on going.
"Yeah we'll be fine." Kayla smiled.
"Thanks." Benji said running after Asher. When he got in the bedroom he dove on her kissing her passionately.
"Sh we only have half an hour." Benji said kissing her and taking both their clothes off.
"Yeah half an hour that I wanted to spend sleeping."
"Yeah what ever. So stop me." Benji said still kissing her. She didn't stop him. They continued having sex. Forty minutes later Asher and Benji where flat out on the bed next to each other.
"Benji." Asher said turning to him.
"I think we should go rescue Joel and Kay we said half an hour it's been forty minutes."
"Benj get up." Asher laughed throwing his clothes at him. Benji stood behind Asher kissing her neck as she was fixing her hair. "Benj seriously you need to get dressed.
"No I don't I need you."
"And you have me but we can't take advantage of Joel and Kay like that."
"You weren't bothered about that before." Benji said trying to seduce her but she was trying hard not to fall into his trap. He wrapped his arms around her waist beginning to suck lightly on her neck. She leaned into him for a second then jumped away from him.
"No Benj seriously..."
"Ok, ok I'm getting ready." Benji said giving up getting dressed. Asher walked down the stairs to find Joel and Kayla. Benji ran after her putting his arms around her and kissing her lightly. Asher carried on walking into the living room with Benji still hanging onto her.
"You two been ok? Sorry we took to long it was his fault." Asher said pushing Benji off her.
"Too much information Ash. Yeah we've been fine." Joel said.
"Yeah they had their bottles then they've been lay here quietly." Kayla said.
"Good." Benji said. Asher went over to them in their moses baskets.
"Have you two been good for Uncle Joel and Aunty Kayla." Asher said to them smiling. The twins giggled.
"Oh yeah Ash, Bianca needs changing." Kayla said.
"What's wrong with you two? You could have changed her." Asher said laughing.
"No we'll leave that delight to you." Joel said. Asher tutted picking up Bianca.
"Don't be so soft. You need to learn sometime." Asher said smiling at them. Benji walked in. "Ah Benj your daughter needs changing." Asher said trying to give Bianca to him. He stepped back.
"Well change her." Benji said.
"No you change her I did the last one."
"No you didn't I did."
"No you didn't. You do it."
"No you do it."
"No you."
"No you."
"FINE!" Asher said storming off to change her. All four of them where laughing. Asher came back.
"See it's not that bad." Asher said putting Bianca back into the moses basket.
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