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Playing With Emotions

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3 new students arrive at Belleville high. Heartbreak and Tension occurs, sometimes you want to kill your Twin sister. (BVB/MCR)

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Okay this is the new stroy i was on about xD

This is the most weirdest fanfixction i have ever written because usually i would write them on my own but this is with my friend.

I hate BVB but she insisted and i had to deal with it >.<

I will post the next chapter if it gets enough reviews :3

- xxFLWxx

Louise and her twin sister Danielle was getting ready for a new day at school
'Where's my iPod?' asked Dani, pointing her finger accusingly at Louise.

"DONT BLAME ME! I HAVE MY OWN IPOD!" Louise waved her iPod touch

"Do you know where i set it?" Danielle asked

"Probably downstiars" louise then began to straighten her hair.

Dani went downstairs to find her missing iPod. After a few seconds she heard profanities being yelled loudly from the upstairs bedroom. Louise had burnt herself with her straightners. Again.

"FUCK SAAKE" Louise said

"Lawl" Danielle smiled. Louise grabbed her bag and went downstairs and made her self a cup of coffee

"Want some?" She asked Danielle

'Yeah!' Dani yelled, 'I'll fall asleep otherwise!' Louise poured two cups of coffee to go and they headed out to Dani's Chevy truck.

"To hell!" Louise said blasting 30 STM Kings & Queens
Dani switched the radio on to KDKB, who were currently playing Green Day-Know Your Enemy

They then pulled up at the school and Louise ran out and jumped on Frank's back "FRANK!!" She yelled, she hadnt seen him for 2 weeks and he was her absolute best friend. Danielle then walked over and noticed a new boy standing beside Frank

He was gorgeous, with jet black hair and bright blue eyes. He was like an angel, and Dani's heart melted at the sight of him. Louise, however, decided to ruin the moment by barging in and asking his name.

"My name is Andy" Andy smiled.

"Nice to meet you" Louise said then began to talk to Frank while Danielle smiled at Andy

She smiled timidly,not sure what to say. Andy seemed to be transfixed by her, fascinated all most.

"They are so going to end up together" Louise whispered to Frank.

"I KNOW!" Frank smiled and lifted out a bag of skittles. Louise took a handful and Ray approached the group with 2 more new students to the school

Louise handed Dani the bag of skittles and she helped herself. She offered Andy the bag and he took a handful while Louise glared; she did NOT appreciate this stranger eating her skittles.

Especially because Frank gave her the skittles but she ignored it. "Hey guys this is Mikey and his brother Gerard they are new to the school" Ray said introducing the other two guys, Mikey had glasses and a beanie hat and Gerard had hazel eyes and black shoulder length locks.

"This is Andy he is new too" Frank said introducing Andy.

Louise couldn't stop staring. 'Hi, I'm Louise!' she smiled, offering Gerard her hand, which he kissed delicately while she blushed and giggled. Dani rolled her eyes; typical Louise. She wasn't shy about anything.

The bell then went for first class and everyone took their seperate ways "Whcih class are you in first?" Andy asked Danielle

'English,' Dani whispered shyly.

'So do I,' smiled Andy.

'GREAT!' yelled Louise, craning up to wrap her arms around both their necks. 'We all have English together!'

Dani elbowed her hard in the ribs. 'Third wheel much?' she muttered.

"LOL" Louise said and walked to English with Danielle and Andy.

"So how are you liking the school so far?" Frank ased Gerard as they walked to science.

'It's great. I think I'll fit in well here,' he said, eyeing Louise.

Louise, Danielle and Andy walked into English and the teacher being the teacher put Andy beside Danielle and Louise was put beside her number one enemy Hailey Williams.

Dani smiled and showed Andy the chaapter of Romeo and Juliet they had been reading so far in English that term. Louise simply sat and had a glaring match between her and Hailey. Hailey seemed to be winning.

The class dragged in and so did the next class but lunch had finally arrived. "I'll be at the canteen in aminute okay?" Louise said to Danielle.

"Okay where are you going?" She asked.

"I need to see Bert for a minute" Louise said walking away.

Andy's locker was right next to Dani's (just her luck!) so they put their books away and walked to the canteen together. As the rest of their group made their way to a large table, Andy pulled Dani aside and led her to a small table with just two chairs. She grinned nervously.

"They will so end up together!" Gerard said to Frank.

Frank just nodded, eyeing Andy up. He was tall, about 6ft3inches and hot. Capital H. Ray glared; he didn't want to see Dani with her heart broken yet again. She'd been burned one too many times.

"Dani!" Frank called Danielle.

"Yeah?" Danielle asked looking at Frank

"Wheres Louise?" He asked noting her absence from the group

'I don't know,' Dani called back, a slight frown creasing her forehead. That was unlike her, Louise was usually never late for lunch it must be important.
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