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Closer Bonds

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Part 2

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"Hey not my fault!" Bert said. Louise gave him a deathglare.

"I want it by Saturday" Louise said walking up to the canteen hoping noone would notice her pissed off mood.

She stormed in, grabbed a tray and loaded it up. She slammed it down on the table, making Ray roll his eyes. She noticed Dani and Andy's abscence from the main group.

"STOP BEING ANTISOCIAL" Louise said not attempting to cover up her mood, Bert had owed her the money for the past 3 weeks and she was getting tired of waiting for him to pay up.

'Louise!' Dani hissed, giving her twin the finger. Couldn't she see that she had a good thing going here with Andy?

"OH SORRY TO RUIN YOUR FUCKING HAPPY MOOD" Louise stormed off. Nobody said anything.
A silence settled over the group.

'I'd better go and see if she's okay...'Dani murmured apologetically to Andy.

'Of course,' he said. 'But wait...before you go...can I have your number?' he blushed as soon as he said it, fearing it sounded dorky. She smiled and pulled out her phone, exchanging numbers quickly before running off to find her moody sister.

"Why the mood eh?" Danielle said catching her sister. Louise turned around and lit her cigarette.

"YOU SAID YOU STOPPED!" Danielle shouted. Louise exhaled.

"Why do you care? i ruined your happy mood and this calms me" Louise said. Danielle rolled her eyes and walked back to the canteen.

"I give up with her" Danielle said sitting down with Andy again.

He smiled and nodded. 'Sibling problems, eh?'

'Yeah,' Dani muttered darkly.'Sometimes I wish I was an only child. She's so...moody!'

"Now come on! You cna be moody too!" Frank interrupted.

"Your as bad as eachother" Ray smiled.

"Fair enough" Dani said not making eye contact with anyone. She finished her lunch quickly, not joining in with the conversations around her and keeping her head down. Then she made her way outside, leaving Andy to stare after her. Louise had just finished her cigarette and was stubbing it out.

The bell rang and Danielle walked to maths while Louise walked to Art and Gerard happened to be in her Art class.

He was blown away by her amazing art skills. 'Wow,' he breathed, taking in her work. 'This Amazing!' Louise grinned, but said nothing. She still wasn't completely over her tantrum yet.

"Not as good as yours" Louise said.

"Its far better than mine!" Gerard laughed

"Dude seriously" Louise turned Gerard's head and looked at the man and woman covered in blood looking at eachother.

'It's amazing cant you see that?!' Louise said, smiling flirtatiously at him batting her gorgeous blue eyes. Gerard rolled his eyes and smiled back at her.

The lesson passed quickly and Gerard headed to maths while Louise headed to History where she saved a seat for Dani. "Rawr" Danielle smiled sitting beside Louise.

"Heylo" Louise smiled, Dani had had Technology with Andy and the two girls spent the history lesson filling each other in on their previous lesson.

"Gerard is an amzing fucking artist!" Louise smiled

'You two must be, like, soul mates or something' Dani winked. 'Andy looks so hot sawing wood in half!' She bit her lip and eyes became distant as she remembered it and Louise struggled to keep her laughter quiet so that the teacher wouldn't hear them. She earned a disapproving look anyway.

Louise silently laughed to herself and when the class had finsihed she busted out laughing right there. "HEY!" Danielle slapped her sister's arm.

"OH MY GOD LOL" Louise shouted.

"Now come on lets get you home!" Danielle began to drag Louise.

"No i am meeting up with Gerard, Frank and Mikey" Louise smiled

'Without me?' Dani was shocked. Her sister and her were usually joined at the hip, inseperable, the two amigos!

"Hey you can spend along time with Andy!" Louise winked and nudged Danielle's arm.

'No way!' Dani hissed. 'I'm far too shy to ask him, you know that!' Anyway, for Dani it was more that she had felt like her and her sister were drifting appart recently.

"We cant be together forever Dani" Louise said

"I know" Danielle smiled

"Now just go and hang with him because i have to go and see Gerard, frank and Mikey" Louise then began to walk away. Dani sighed in frustration. He was grogeous, good looking and funny. She had no chance!

Louise then found Gerard, Mikey and Frank "Heeeeeeeeeey" She smiled appearing

"There you are" Frank said

"What took you so long?" Mikey asked.

"Dani" Louise said

"ooh" Frank, Mikey and Gerard said. They knew how the sister could be. Louise wrapped her arms through Gerard's and Frank's and grabbed Mikey, dragging them to Gerard's jeep. Mikey and Frank sprawled out on the back seat while Louise jumped into the front with Gerard.

'Soo...starbucks?' Louise asked. The guys laughed, they already knew just how much Louise loved her coffee. That was something her and Gerard had in common.
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