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Here beez the next chapter ^-^

- xxFLWxx

"I need to get new bass strings" Mikey said

"I need guitar strings!" Frank said.

"Guys?" Mikey said

"Yea" Gerard and Louise said

"You guys can go to Starbucks and then we can go tpo the music shop and then we will see you back in the house kay?" Mikey explained

"Awesome" Gerard said smiling like the chesire cat.

"Okee" Louise smiled, Danielle walked to the school gates a frown upon her face and she seen Ray

"Hey" Ray smiled

"Ello" Danielle replied

"Hey guys" Andy appeared smiling widely and even wider when he caught Danielle's eye. She blushed deeply and avoided his eye. Ray offered to take her school bag and she handed it to him, allowing him to swing it into her truck. She slid in behind the wheel and Ray was just about to follow her into the passenger seat whenever he checked his phone.

'Eh..doughnuts will have to wait guys' Ray said with a frown 'You go on guys and I'll meet you there in a bit.' Andy shrugged and slid into the passenger seat, while Dani, embarassed, started the engine.

Louise and the guys then arrived into town, Gerard let Frank and Mikey slip out and go to the Music store while Gerard drove to Starbucks. They each got an espresso and stared at eachother. Gerard grinned and Louise smiled, it was love. "I cant live without my fucking coffee" They both said at the same time causing them to both burst out laughing.

"TELEPATHIC SIGNALS!" Louise shouted.

"Put on some music!" Andy said grabbing the CD pile and looking through it, Danielle said nothing letting her shyness consume her.

"Do you like Pierce The Veil?" Andy said smiling at the disc.

"Fuck yeah" Danielle smiled.

"Cool" Andy then put in the disc and began to sing along making Danielle giggle inside. They sang along together, their voices in a perfect harmony, his low and her's high. Dani almost wished the doughnut shop was a couple more blocks away, just so that she could enjoy this moment for a little longer.

"MEESE" Gerard said

"Oh fuck sake of course the plural of moose is moose and thats it!" Louise said sipping her coffee.

'Nu-uh!' Gerard protested! He was about to correct her but Louise took his coffee cup and pushed it to his mouth.

'Shh!' she whispered, 'No words!' She winked at him and he choked on his coffee, laughing at her humour.

"Dont die!" Louise laughed clutching her stomach.

"I'll try not to" Gerard said and then they for the first time made direct eye contact. Her eyes were the most beautiful blue he had ever seen. He leaned in...and they kissed. Louise's heart beat faster and her stomach did little flips. He was so perfect, and his lips tasted so good. Louise smiled when they broke apart a small blush appearing on her cheeks. They stood and left their coffee on the table, heading out the door to the jeep...where they made out for the next ten minutes. Frank and Mikey left the music store

"They are so exspensive!" Mikey complained.

"Hey get used to it" Frank laughed, they then arrived at the truck but seen Gerard and Louise making out.

'Oh my gawd,' Frank whispered.

'Wow! He works fast,' Mikey said with a wolf-whistle. Then he ran up to the jeep and knocked the window, making Louise scream in terror and Gerard jump.

"FUCK MIKEY" Gerard screamed. Frank and Mikey both busted out laughing, Louise blushed and unlocked the jeep, allowing Mikey and Frank to slide into the back seat. Frank immediately reached forward to high-five Gerard.

'Congrats dude! She's fit!' he grinned. Louise gave Frank a deathglare.This only made him laugh harder. She shook her head as she started the jeep and left the parking lot, heading back towards home.

Meanwhile, at the doughnut shop, Andy and Dani were staring into each other's eyes. 'He has the most beautiful shade of blue I've ever seen!' she thought to herself. She'd always envied Louise's blue eyes, she'd inherited her grandparent's green eyes. Meanwhile, Andy was thinking smiliar about her green eyes.

'Take it while you can' Andy thought to himself and then he leaned in and placed a gentle, sweet kiss on Danielle's lips making her heart flutter and get melted into him. He pulled back and immediately regretted it. She looked shocked. 'Oh shit!' he thought. 'Maybe she doesn't like me? Fuck!'

'I'm sorry!' he whispered, grabbing his jacket. 'I shouldn't have, I mean, if you don't like me, I...I'm sorry.' He stood up and made for the door. She ran after him, straight through the parking lot to reach him. A truck pulled in, going too fast. It was heading straight for her. Andy turned as she screamed his name and he leaped towards her, knocking both of them to the ground. The truck swerved past and Dani breathed out.

'Wow...she whispered. ' saved me!' She planted a kiss upon his lips and he smiled.

"So where do you live?" Gerard asked Louise

"I Dont wanna go home yet" Louise said, she couldnt be bothered listening to her sister and her younger brother.

"Come round to ours then" Mikey smiled.

"Okay" Louise smiled

"Where is your house?" Louise asked since she was the one driving. He gave her directions and then Louise realised, they'd moved into the house just down the street! And..oh god! She'd thought Andy looked familiar! He had moved in next door! 'OH MY GOD!' she shrieked! 'This is SO cool!'

"WHat?" Gerard and Mikey asked

"You live down the street from me!" Louise smiled "And Andy lives next door!" Louise said jumping up and down in her seat.

"This day just got better" Gerard smiled.

"This day has been fucking amazing for me" Louise smiled. Louise took a glance over at her house and was surprised to see that Dani's truck wasn't home. 'Andy' She thought with a grin. "Well since she isnt home i am defintly staying" louise smiled. When they walked into the house they went straight down to the basement where they sat and talked for a while, Gerard holding Louise's hand the entire time. Eventually Dani's truck pulled up outside the house and Louise left the Way house not before Gerard kissed her one more time. Louise then walked back to the house and found Dani and Andy making out on the front porch. She walked straight past them keeping her head low. "I didn't see a thing" She said before entering the house. Dani blushed and laughed, pulling away from Andy. He laughed and kissed once more softly before heading into his own house.

"I KNEW YOU TWO WOULD END UP TOGETHER!" Louise shouted pulling Dani into a hug when Dani arrived upstiars into their room. Dani laughed and pulled her twin in closer.

"Well how'd it go with Gerard?" Dani winked.

"Your gonna have to work it out yourself" Louise said. Danielle sighed and sat down,

"Let me guess, you stared into eachother's eyes and kissed passionatly?"

"No, we made out in the back of the freaking jeep and then Frank and Mikey caught us" Louise explained.

"You naughty little bitch!" Danielle said.

"Hey you made out with Andy on our front lawn" Louise defended herself. "Your just lucky mum didn't catch you" Louise said. Their parents had split up and they both lived with their mum.

"Well Mikey and Frank caught you and Gerard! And in my defense Andy kissed me" Dani said seriously.

Louise rolled her eyes and got changed into her pyjamas thankful that tomorrow was a Saturday.

"T.G.I.F" Danielle muttered to herself flicking on the tv. Later the girls made themselves popcorn and watched Nightmare Before Christmas.

"Im going to bed now" lousie yawned looking at the clock and walking over to her bed.

"Same its late" Dani said crawling under the covers of her own bed and pretty soon they both fell asleep.
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