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Summer vacation-starts on saturday!!

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I'm goin away on saturday!!!! HA! HA! HA! J.K. But seriously.

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It's mid october and the dudes aren't going on tour untill July. Let's enter the Gerard household. So let's relax...

"What do you mean 'You stabbed him'?" Cloe yelled into the phone.

Gerard looked at her with confusion. "Everything oka-"

"I don't care if you were drunk! He's your friggin boy friend."

"I think mom needs some time alone. Come on Bree."

Phone conversation

"I'm sorry! I was drunk and-"

"I already said I don't care if you were drunk. I would've never let you become my sister in-law anyway! Your a..."


"Listen Gina! I don't want you to come near my family ever again! Never!!!!"


"NEVER! I'm calling the cops!"

End of phone conversation

"I'm guessing something bad happened?" Gerard asked.

Cloe was crying. "My brothers idiot of a girlfriend just stabbed him last night!!!"

"Is their a reason why?"

"She said she was drunk and-"

"It's okay. Everything'll be fine." He said taking Cloe into his arms. "He's not dead though...right?"

"No. She was smart enough to call the hospital."

Phone rings

"If it's her don't answer it." Cloe spat.

"It's not. Don't worry..."


"Just take it easy. All this yelling can cause stress and that won't be good for the baby."


"Hello?" Gerard asked into the phone.

"Hi. We're supposed to be opening for Taking Back Sunday tonight." Frank said.

"Oh yeah! I forgot. 6 right?"

"Yeah. See you then."

"Kay. Bye. That was Frank. I have to go somewhere tonight. 6 to be exact."

"Okay. I thought you weren't going on tour 'till July?"

"we're just opening. We go on at 6:30 and get back at probally 8 or 9."

"Oh. It's 5."

"Yeah. I should be getting ready."

"Okay. I'm gonna stay with Bree."

I'm listening to "Animal I Have Become" by 3 Days Grace. I'm so cool...

*3 Hours Later*

"Hey!" Cloe said greeting Gerard back into the house.

"Hey Clo. Bree asleep?"

"Yeah. Very quiet tonight with you gone!" Cloe laughed.

"Don't start. You feeling better?"

"Yeah. Still not totally over it but...I'm good." Cloe smiled. Gerard sat down with her. With that Cloe rested her head on Gerard's shoulder. (I'm famous for doing that...NOT ME DOING IT...but writing it)"I don't know where I'd be without you." She said.

"I'd be dead." They made out.
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