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I'm soo tired.

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Yawn. The chapers more interesting than my life.

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We're going to the Krusty Krab again!!!!

It was another normal dinner. No awards. Nothing. Just a bunch of crazy stalking fans(like me, J.K. but seriously) So everyone wasn't surprised when a crazy fan came up to their table.

"Ca-ca-can I have your autograph?" A fan asked shaking a pen and paper in front of Ray's face.

"Sure." Ray signed the autograph and smiled.

"Thank you." She walked away. "OMG! I GOT RAY TOTO'S AUTOGRAPH!!!!"

All the girls laughed. "She'd better stay away. You're mine!" Kate said.

"I think we should get a private room next time." Gerard said.

"Not so fast. Even the waiter went crazy." Cloe said.

"Better keep the volume down then. Everyone knows what you guys sound like." Carla said.

"I think we'd better just order a check and get our asses out of here." Frank said.

"Yeah. Let's go. I'm not in the mood to be attacked by fans anyways." Bob said getting up from his seat.

"You might want this then." Ray handed Bob a custom made tin foil hat. Which he is famous for making.

"Thank you. I thank you sir Ray."


They all walked out of the resturant un-harmed. That tin hat did well.

They got into the bus. "Ray, Kate. You never told us when your weddings gonna be." Gerard said.

"Thinking next month." Kate said.

"Yeah, we'd rather be a married couple before the baby's born."

"That's a good idea." Frank said. "Next month...december."

"I'll be right back. My cells ringing." Cloe said. She walked into the bunk room where she was followed by Gerard.

Phone Conversation


"This is the hospital. We've called about your brother. Jack Herterz."

Cloe felt her heart jump out of her chest. She swollowed. "Yeah and..."

"He's not dead. We found the lady who tried to kill him and she's in jail. He's fine. He should be leaving in a few days. End of message."

End of phone conversation

"He's not dead." Cloe whispered.

"That's great."

"Yeah but he's gonna kill me after he found out I sent his girlfriend to jail. Better yet...she is."

"Everything'll work out fine, sweet."

"I wish I could just think of it that way..."
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