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I'm baack-until friday-I WON A PENGUIN!!

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I won a penguin...

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Gerard and Cloe were in the house when they heard a knock on the door.

"I'll get it." Gerard said. "Who?"

"It's Jack! Cloe's brother!" He exclaimed.

"Oh come on in!" Gerard greeted Jack.

"Hi. Cloe! How you feeling?" Jack hugged Cloe.

"Good," Cloe asked.

"Yeah problem...I keep getting calls from jail saying that my girlfriend is in there. Why?"

"Because, umm. Okay. I had to tell them that she was the one who hurt you."

"So it's your fault that she's there?"

"Well, yeah."


"I didn't want anyone to get hurt!"

"It's because you don't like her..."

"Well, yeah."

"Do you have a reason?"

"There's something about her tha-"

"Shut up!" Gerard looked at the screaming siblings with terror. He and Mikey never fought like that.

"Listen! It's obvious! Your drunk!! Get out of our house now!"

"Let me and my BIG sister finish our conversation retart!" Cloe was crying.

"Get out!" Gerard shoved Jack out of the house.

"I'll get you back!!!"

"He means it Gerard! I don't..." Her voice trailed off.

"Shh. It's okay. Everything'll be fine. I promise." Gerard said as he took Cloe into his arms.
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"So what happened again?" Frank asked as he was desperatly trying to get 3 in a row with his paddleball toy thingy.

"Cloe's brother walks into the house, he finds out that she was the one who put his girlfriend in jail, he got real pissed and..."

"Oh." Ray said. "That's a nice welcome, ain't it?"

"Yeah. I'm not used to that because..."

"You and Mikey never had that problem?" Bob asked.

"Not really."

They heard a knock on the door. "Guys. We have to get going." Mikey said.

"Okay. Be right there." Frank said. "Good luck!" Frank turned to Ray.

"Thanks." He smiled.
I'm listening to "Livin' in the sunlight Lovin' in the moonlight" by Tiny Tim-Better known in the second episode of Spongebob ever. This has nothing to do with the scene

Kate eagarly waited in the front of the church. Very eagarly because she was jumping up and down.

"Would you stop! Your gonna brake your new shoes." Roxy said.

"I know. Just...I'm so excited!!!" Kate said as silent as possible.

"Your trying to be quiet but the jumping won't help. So stop." Carla put her hands on Kate's shoulders to stop her.

"Shush. The musics starting!" Cloe whispered.
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