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Me and my friend IMed with Gerard Way, no joke.

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I was gone for 8 days and got magical ideas for the storys!! Then again I have ideas for music videos too that I really have to get done.

30 Minutes Before-

"Knock, Knock, Knock!" Frank said thru' the door.

"Already?" Ray asked.

"Yes. You have to go."

"Okay. Hold on." Ray walked out of the room.

"Ray, you have the awsomest hair. Can I touch it?"

"Sure." Frank gave Ray's hair a POOF.

"Yay! Well come on." Frank led Ray into a big white room, J.K., into the church. "Just think, confidence"


"Kate, it's time!" Cloe yelled.


"Hurry up! He's waiting!"

"Coming. Hold On!!!!"

"Better yet, we're waiting!"

Kate opened the door. Cloe stood in front of the doorway wide eyed. "You look great!" Cloe exclaimed.

Instead of Cloe saying this the bride herself did. "Come on lets go! They ain't gonna wait anylonger!"

Now-I'm Listening to "Soul Meets Body" by Death cab for Cutie

Kate walked down the isle in her beautiful wedding dress. Her hair in a pretty bun. Very normal.

The bride's maids wore the usual red dress with black lace. Shoes of their choice.

[Fast Foward to the PARTAY!!!](Sorry I like the word)

Some normal dance music is on...Music is "Axel F song" That song is weird but catchy.

"Bob are you ever gonna get married?" asked Gerard.

"I don't know. These girls just can't seem to stay with me. What's wrong with me?"

"Maybe it's the fact that YOU brake up with them all the time!"

"You may be right. I make a vow to brake up with a girl only becase we don't have any chemistry."

"There you go."

It was the end of the party and everyone was headed for the parking lot. "For What?" For their magical ponies! "Really?!" NO! For their cars! Sorry.

"You're driving!" Gerard said to Cloe.

"Thought so." She smiled. "What is that?" Cloe said pointing to a figure walking down towards them.

"I-I don't know."
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