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Billy Bob Joehanson the 3rd.

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I was bored...

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Hey. Sorry it's taking me a while to get the stories together... but if you don't know this already I base my characters in the story that my sims have. Gerard sim fell in love with Cloe sim. Yeah they had a baby girl sim and now she's pregnant again. So only my game will tell what they're new baby is gonna be. I used the cheesecake cheet with Mikey and Roxy, that's why they have twins...anyways. On with the story-

I'm listening to "Under Pressure" by David Bowie/Queen. Then it changed to "Under Pressure" by MCR/The Used

Gerard squinted at the figure. He still couldn't tell. "I-I don't know."

"Cloe, isn't that your brother?" Ray pointed out.

"Oh god it is!!" Cloe said.

"Sorry to leave so soon Ray but we have to go." Gerard said.


"Why so soon?" Cloe's brother said walking up to them. He looked like he just came out of a burning oven. He had a bottle of beer in one hand and another in the other.

"Call the cops." Ray told Frank.

"I'm sorry about the way I acted it's just I'm nothing without my girlfriend. Now you have to pay for it..." He grabbed a knife out of his pocket.

"Cloe get in the car." Gerard said. Without hesitation she jumped in there with Bree.

"Leave her alone."

"Any of you want to help him."

"I do." Mikey said. He must've felt alone cause he was the only one who jumped in. "Help us or I'll kill you" he mouthed.

"I-I'm in." Frank said.

"Kay." Ray said.

"I'm here with all of my friends." Bob said. He was leading a bunch of angry women and police. With the crow bars...

"Okay...Okay. I give up... You win!" He said.
A week later. Face Down by the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus is playing

Everyone woke up on the tour bus. A normal day. Jack was with his girlfriend-IN JAIL!!! The winter tour has started. This only came around once every 2 years and MCR was choicen to be a headline on the tour.

"It's freezing." Frank said.

"Oh get over it "Pansy" Ray joked.

"Ha, ha." Frank wacked Ray with a pillow.

"Do I hear pillow fight?" Gerard asked.

"Umm no!" Frank said with his face of innocents.

"Aww. I really wanted to play."


"You know?" Bob asked. "It feels so weird being on tour the holiday season."

"Yeah but we're not going to be on tour for the holidays." Gerard said. "Before christmas."

"YAY!" Frank said.

"Did you inject yourself with sugar again?" Ray asked trying to keep Frank still.

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