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I was watching Criss Angel MIND FREAK and I got freaked out. Along with Fuse "Fups"

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So my offical Cloe sim had her baby...not telling you!! My Kate sim is not even on her first bump yet. No clue what I'm talking about? Play the game.

I don't own Fuse or Stevens Untitled Rock Show! I own MCR, but the action figures.(He, he) So don't be a hater and don't sue!!!

I might be adding in afro jokes too. * means joke.

"The Suffering by Coheed and Cambria is in the background*

"Hi and welcome back to "Stevens Untitled Rock Show! I'm here with My Chemical Romance" Steven said. "How's it going?"

"Great." Gerard was the first one to speak. Everyone followed with a "Good, good."

"Awsome! So how do you like..."The Holiday Tour?"

"Great..." Gerard said.

"Yeah but it's freezing." Ray said.

"Very cold. *But I thought with that afro you would've been warm." Frank joked.

"Ha, ha." Ray fake laughed while everyone was laughing.

"Anyways. We're not used to going on tour in the winter so it's hard leaving our familes and stuff like that." Mikey said.

"I miss Olivia." Gerard sighed.

Frank put his arm around Gerard. "The tour's almost over, Gee. You'll be back with your dog in no time."

"Speaking of familes, I hear you and your wife are expecting baby number 2 soon?" Steven asked.



"Yeah. Here's a fact for all of you MCR fans...I love kids."

"All of us do." Bob said.

"You're girlfriend is pregnant now too, right Ray?"

"Yeah. Well, wife. I recently got married to her."

"Well, speaking of marriges. We're gonna go to a very odd one called. "I write sins not tragitys"

"That was our 4th interview with Fuse...right?" Mikey asked.

" wait. No it was our 3rd. 4th for sure." Bob said.

"What was it? 3rd or 4th?!" Frank asked.

"4th!" Bob smiled.

"Whatcha doing?" Frankie asked Gerard.

"Oh, just drawin'." He answered.

Brian popped thru the bus door. "Tonights yor last show."

"Naa." Mikey said sarcasticly.

"Shut up, you guys ready?"

"Does it look like we're ready?" Ray said grabbing Franks tie.

"I'll take that as a yeah. Good!"
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