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Prologue, I'm just a girl and I've been stood up... again.

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I'm just a girl waiting for my date to show up and the bar he suggested. He's an hour late but whatever, I'm used to it. Patrick Stump Post-FOB. I wanted the first chapter to be a prologue of sorts.

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"Can I get another martini, please?" I ask the bartender when he finally makes his way to my end of the bar. He nods at me and continues on with his job.

The Green Mill lounge is a nice bar, smooth jazz playing in the background, nice people enjoying the cozy atmosphere. Everyone having a great time, smiles all around. Except for me of course, it seems to always be me.

I try really hard to live my life as an optimist, I smile at everyone, I say "Good thing, we really needed it." when its raining, I look on the bright side everyday, but not today. Today I will down martinis and tell all advancing men to just go die already. Today's the day I become a pessimist. Why, you may ask. Why? I ask myself that every time I find myself sitting alone at a bar I've never been to before.

I worked really hard this time too, I wore my favorite yellow sundress with the small white ribbon going around my waist. I did my hair in fun waves and held them back with a yellow hair band. I even wore eyeliner, and yet here I am. A girl waiting for a date at the place he suggested. He's an hour late, but whatever.

"Hey, where's that martini?!" I shout at the bartender. He waves at me and I sigh a sad self pitying sigh.

Stood up again, I'll never get used to this.
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