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Chapter 1, Under the cork

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One to many martinis makes me a sleepy girl, literally. I fell asleep at the bar, great.

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A/N- Hi everyone, sorry for this little note here, but I noticed that a lot of people are reading this without reading the prologue. Please read the first little bit with the same title as the title of the story or you may be a little confused. Thanks! ^.^


I wonder how many cats I'll have when I'm 60. Enough to fill my emotional crater, I suppose.

I down the last of my martini and wave to the bartender. I've moved myself to an empty booth and the place is getting empty enough that I no longer have to shout at the guy. I think his name is Steve, but at this point I don't really know anything, except how alone I am.
Steve, bartender person, walks over a few minutes later and sets a glass of what appears to be water and the number for a taxi company.

"What's this? I wanted another martini, shaken, not stirred." I giggled drunkenly at my lame joke and watched for his gut-busting laugh.



No laughing.

"I think its time you headed home miss, you've had a lot to drink." Steve, bartender person, says to me. It was possible he said this nicely but in my drunk haze I thought he couldn't be any ruder.

"Hey I think I can tell when I've had enough okay, Steve. Listen, I'll compromise, give me one more of your amazing martinis and I'll call a cab when I'm done. Deal?" I gave him my best puppy eyes, which at this point who knows what that must have looked like.

"Okay, but if you don't call one after, I'm calling it for you and my name is Charlie."

"You can't fool me Steve, I'm wearing yellow!" Best comeback ever.

While waiting for my last martini to come and soothe my completely broken ego, I giggle about my amazing luck. I can't even pay someone to keep me around, I was going to leave this guy a good tip for keeping me drunk all night, but now he's trying to get me out of here like I mean nothing. Suddenly a lovely glass with three olives is sitting in front of me. I sit up happily and smile.

"Thanks Steve" I say, I think I hear him sigh as he walks away, but I don't care. One more glass to my new found pessimistic attitude, then sleep glorious sleep.


"Hey Charlie, how's it going?" Patrick asks as he sits down at his favorite stool at the corner of the bar. A seat that just moments before was occupied by a girl in a yellow sundress.

"Moving right along," Charlie nodded over towards the booths,"It's been a busy night."

Patrick looked at who Charlie was nodding at and saw a girl about his age maybe a little younger, looking like she had decided to give up. Her head was resting on her hand which was resting on the table in front of her. She was leaning against the corner were the wall and booth met.

Charlie walked around the bar with water and business card in hand. Patrick grabbed the small menu on the bar and began to look at it, trying to decide if he wanted poppers or chicken fingers tonight. He heard a loud snort followed by a giggle and looked back towards Charlie and the girl and saw her starring at Charlie expectantly with a big grin on her face. When Charlie said nothing, her smile slowly disappeared and she looked back at the business card she now held in her hand.

Patrick decided he would get the chicken fingers, that sounds good.

"You can't fool me Steve, I'm wearing yellow!" Patrick looks up once more to see Charlie walking back, shaking his head.

"So anyway, Pat, usual?" Charlie asks as he grabs a martini glass from behind the bar.

"Yea, and some chicken fingers." Patrick waits a beat while Charlie grabs another glass.

"So what was that all about? Why'd she call you Steve?"

"I have no idea whats with the Steve thing, but that poor girl has been sitting here all night waiting for someone. She never said anything but for the first hour or so that she was here she kept jumping every time someone walked through the door. After that she just kinda sat there and drank, and drank, and then she drank a little more after that." Charlie explained, placing olives into the martini.

"Stood up, huh?"

"Yea, looks that way." Charlie set a drink down in front of Patrick and walked back around the bar to the girl in yellow.

Patrick watched the girl, whose eyes were a million miles away. She was obviously very upset about whatever or whoever had let her down. A smile came upon her lips when the fresh martini was set in here eye sight, and her whole face lit up. Even though he knew nothing about what happened, Patrick still felt very sorry for the girl in yellow.


" I said, why not make it a steak quesadilla!" Charlie laughed at Patrick's joke as he set his chicken down in front of him.

"Nice Pat, where'd you hear that one?"

"Eh, you know, out on the road. I hear lots of good ones at after parties and such."

"Yea I bet. Enjoy the chicken."

"Thanks, man." Patrick nodded his thanks and dug into his food. It was getting close to closing time and Patrick enjoyed watching the stragglers hook up or stumble out to head home. As he was surveying the bar he noticed the girl in yellow was still in her booth, head still propped in her hand. Then he noticed something and couldn't help but laugh a little.

"Hey Charlie, I think you may have a small, yellow, problem." Patrick said, still chuckling slightly.

Charlie looked to wear Patrick was pointing and sighed.

"Why? Every night I have at least one that does this to me. Why can't they just go home and go to sleep there?" Charlie began to walk around the bar when Patrick interrupted him.

"Maybe you should just let her sleep a little while, sober up a little bit."

"Well, its only 15 minutes to close, so she's gotta get up sometime."

"Yea, listen, if you just leave her till I leave, I'll deal with waking her up and getting her out."

"Fine, but seriously, if she barfs, you're cleaning it up." Patrick laughed.



Patrick stood at the booth with the girl in yellow sleeping, what looked to be very uncomfortably, in the corner. He really didn't know how to go about waking her up without startling her. Since he had the opportunity, he took a moment to actually look at her. She had brown shoulder length hair and pale skin. She was maybe 5'5'', it was hard to tell with her sitting. She was thin, not overly though. There was a tattoo coming up over her left shoulder, Patrick couldn't quite make out what it was but what he could see looked interesting.

Finally he decided to try touching her shoulder since he didn't know her name and didn't want to wake her up with "Hey you."

He leaned forward cautiously and nudged her shoulder gently.

"ummm Hi, excuse me. Hello, sorry to wake you up." She slowly started to stir,"Hi um, you fell asleep at the bar, can you tell me your address so I can call you a cab."

Her eyes opened slightly to reveal gray blue orbs. Patrick smiled at her, hoping not to frighten her. She just smiled and curled even more into the booth and fell back into dreamland.
Patrick sighed and stood back up.

"Well that was a fail." Charlie laughed from behind Patrick.

"Gee, thanks Charlie. Real helpful."

"Hey don't look at me, you're the one who wanted to help the damsel in distress." Charles said holding up his hands in front of him.

"Yea, I think I'll just let her crash on my couch. maybe she'll wake up on the way there and I can take her home then." Patrick said, rubbing his head and looking curiously at the girl in yellow.

"Yea okay, have fun with that, just get her out of my bar." Charlie said as he finished wiping up the bar.

"Oh hey, if you manage to wake her up or in the morning or whenever you figure in out, here's her bill." He said as he placed a slip of paper on the bar.

Patrick picked it up and grimaced at the amount printed on it. She really didn't drink that much, but martinis are expensive.

"I'll just pay this now, Charlie. Who knows if she'll come back after she wakes up and I'm not going to babysit her." Patrick pulled out his wallet and handed Charlie some cash.

"Are you sure? She's not your responsibility."

"No worries, I'll take the check and if she can pay me back that's fine and if not, well this will be my good deed for the month."

"Yea, try the whole year. Thanks Pat." Charlie nodded at his friend.

"Your welcome, now you wanna get the door for me?" Patrick asked as he picked up the girl in yellow carefully and carrying her across the room. She didn't even come out of her sleep for a moment. Patrick nodded at Charlie and left the bar, heading towards his car. Once he got her into the passenger seat, he climbed into the drivers side and buckled her in. He rubbed his face and looked once more at the girl in yellow before he started the engine.

This is not what he thought he would be doing tonight.
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