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Fame is now injectable

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Its 2019. Fame is now injectable, 5 teenage boys are chosen to become famous. It's upon no accident that they meet. But will they ever unravel the secrets and dangers of their future ahead?

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Chapter One

"Oh the wonders of science!" I laughed. I wondered around the lab looking for the final chemical to complete my creation. 



"Hello boss." I answered. "Look Johnny, I want to take over the world, soon. So, how's my formula coming a long?" Asked my boss. I don't know his name, never seem him either. Nobody has. But he has a fixation with dictating America. Why would I work for such a man? Simple. Good pay. "It's coming a long great boss, I need one more chemical and then mix them and let them make sweet love together, they'll sit for the night and boom done." I informed him proudly. "Yes yes, very good. I have a lot of people in mind for this project. So the quicker the better. What's the final ingredient?" He asked. " Well, Mama Depp always said to never reveal my secret, but the final ingredient is cocain. It helps the mind control process, don't worry about it." 


Gerards POV
"I HATE YOU! I HATE HIM! I DON'T WANNA LIVE IN NEW JERSEY AND I HATE BL/ind TOO!!!" I yelled at my mother. I immediately wanted to take the part about hating her back, but it's too late. What's been said has been said. I meant everything else. Especially the part about hating Better Living Industries. That is in no way a hospital chain. I feel weird about it. Those conspiracy theories are fact (well, mostly.) I ran upstairs in locked myself in my now empty room. Mother is getting married to an evil business and wants us to live in New Jersey. People don't know he's the guy behind Better Living industries. He uses someone else too do public affairs. Just because he brainwashed my mum doesn't mean he has the right to turn my life upside down. I pouted. There was a light knock on the door. "Go away." I said lightly. The door flew open. 
Wtf? I could've sworn I locked it. "Look you little brat. Your mom and I are getting married rather you like it or not. I know things you don't. New Jersey will be great for you. Trust me." Gregg said in a calm manor. Almost nice enough, the guy can sure act. But he can fool me. "Get out my room." I muttered quietly. Then Gregg pounced on me. "You won't remember anything I won't want you." He smiled. Then I blacked out.

I woke up as confused as the first time i had that dream. I've been having that dream, every night for years, since I was 8 years old. It felt so real. But none of it made since.    I don't have a step-dad. Just my dad and I've lived in New Jersey ALL my life and Better living industries has nothing to do with my dad. It's just a hospital, a hospital that franchised like a McDonalds. Odd, but no weird conspiracy happenings there. So why did it feel so real? I looked around my room. My room hasn't changed much, more mess and useless posters have been added over the course of the years. I walked towards the window, a full moon illuminated the night sky. The scar on my arm glistened in the moonlight. I got that scar the day I started having that dream. My brain hurts whenever I think about it and I spazz out. It's like searching for something that never happened, but the scar is proof. Yet nothing is there, or my brain locked it away. Was it that bad that I hid it so far back in my mind to never open again... I guess so.

[*AN: Yes I know, it's confusing. Hopefully it will make sense as the story unravels. In the beginning that was Johnny Depp btw. If u didn't catch that. He is our evil scientist... I'm going to watch Sweeney Todd. Have a nice day :). Please review and let me know if there's anything I can do to make the story/my writing better. Your crisism really helps me become a stronger writer and I really appreciate it :). I won't get all pissy if you hate my work, I promise.
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