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Stand up effing tall, don't let them see your back, and take my effing hand and never be afraid again

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The stories of Frank,Bob,and Rays Injections.

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Frank was 8 when injected.
Mikey was 9.
Bob was 10.
Gerard and Ray were 13.

“Oh my god! I swear if you don’t let me go.” I threatened moving around in his grip. “Seriously, put me down! RAPE! SOMEBODY HELP ME! Let go!” I tried to elbow him in the face but he dodged quickly. “Calm down pipsqueak.” Was his only response before dropping me to the ground. He began to pull me along the halls, well more like drag. I kick and wriggled around, trying to get away. “NO! LEAVE ME ALONE!” I yelled.

“RAPE!!! HE IS GOING TO FUCK ME IN THE ASS! I DON’T WANT THAT! I’M JUST A BOY!” I yelled. Still nobody but HIM was in my sights. “IF I AM GOING TO LOSE MY VIRGINITY TO A MAN, I’D RATHER HAVE PATRICK SWAYZE!” The man just kept dragging me. “Aw come on! I’m too young to die. I have my whole life ahead of me.” I whined. “This all about your life boy, now shut up.” The big man that kind of looked like your typical mafia goon said, throwing me into a dark room. He shut the door behind him. I heard the lock click.

“LET ME OUT OF HERE! I DON’T WANT TO BE GANGBANGED THEN DIE! I DON’T WANNA BE A PORNSTAR! I WANNA BE A ROCK STAR! I JUST WANT MY GUITAR! HELL MY DRUMS! YOU PEOPLE ARE MEAN” I yelled, banging on the door. Finally I gave up after who knows how long. I look around the dark and COMPLETELY empty room. No windows, No doors, no furniture, plain white walls, that looked gray in the dark. No carpet or rugs, just a plain tile floor. Coldest room I’ve ever had the displeasure of being in.

After what feels like days in kid time, a guy came back, with this needle thing. “Okay, if I’m getting tattoo, Awesome. But if thats some rape gadget thingy, I have aids.” I thought through my plan and continued. “I know I’m just eight, but I’ve boned every girl in school. This one slut Ashley, she was the one, I think she seduced her dad. So yeah, I have aids. I wouldn’t rape me If I were you.” He didn’t look convinced, just amused. But before I could continue, he had stuck whatever it was in the vein of my neck. Damn it, was my second to last thought before I blacked out and the last thing I heard was “You’re gonna be great Frank.” Damn necrophiliacs, was my last thought before I slipped into unconsciousness.


I was swinging on the swings...
Well DUH
Jesus Brain shut up, I’m telling a story.
So I was on the swings, swinging. When this huge tan guy, with these musclely muscles and grabs me from behind. I start freaking out and screaming.
Like a baby
Ugh, in the MANLIEST way possible and suddenly there’s a cloth around my mouth and I pass out. Now that you’re caught up. Here’s what's currently going down. I’m walking down this SUPER white hallway. Nobody else was in sight. I figured whatever he kidnapped me for I should just cooperate and suck it up. At least with good behavior I might get a phone call.

“You know, you’re my second kid this week.” He said, making conversation. “How’d the first one go?” I asked. “Terrible. I’m glad you’re cooperating. We aren’t gonna harm you, you know.” He said reassuringly. “What are you gonna do then?” I asked, walking slightly further away from the man, but only the slightly, so it wasn’t noticeable. “We’re gonna wipe your memory and replace them. Make you famous in the future, use your music to hypnotize people and take over the world. Along with tons of other artist. We have your entire life planned, it will all work out. Except for that part where you get depressed. But its all necessary.” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. He finally stopped walking and opened a door motioning for me to go inside. I stepped inside. He stood there for a bit, looking at me. “Oh and Robbie, in the future you go by Bob” with that he shut the door in my face.

None of this is actually happening. Why would someone actually make something like that up? I sat on the tile floor of the dark empty room, tracing letters, numbers and shapes on the wall with my finger. Waiting, waiting for something to happen. Waiting for answers. Finally the man came back. With some weird contraption. “I’m not sure if its gonna hurt so don’t ask.” Before I could run or scream or do anything he stuck the needle contraption thing in my neck. Injecting me with this purple looking liquid. I began seeing purple and green spots. I felt myself losing a grip on reality. But I could fade away I got out one last sentence. “It doesn’t hurt, but I feel dizzy.” Then I was floating. I away from earth, losing a grip on it all. My family, my friends, everything I loved.


I strummed the guitar. The sound that produced from the instrument was healing after a long day at school. Lifting me up. Making me feel like someone, giving me happiness. I placed my guitar in the corner her stand and grabbed my jacket. The ice cream truck should be coming around soon. YUM! I ran down the stairs and outside.

I sat on the porch FOREVER, forever being 3 minutes.. until I heard it. The terrible ice cream truck music. FINALLY! Now I only have to wait for about 13 minutes. I sighed laying on the porch now. A giant guy with black as night hair and brown eyes walked up the driveway of my house towards me. “Can I help you?” I asked, being the man of the house at the moment while my parents are away. “Yeah, you can. Your names Raymond? Correct?” He asked. “Who’s asking?” I retorted. “You are under arrest.” He said. Grabbing me, turning me around to face my house and slapping hand cuffs on my wrist. “It was just a candy bar. Oh shit. When do I get my one phone call?” I asked as he through me in the back of a cop car. He just slammed the door, not answering my question. “Dude, can we at least wait for the ice cream truck?” I asked. My life depends on that ice cream. “How old are you again?” He asked chuckling. “I’m 13! Do not mock me. Ice cream is vital in a young mans life. Hey can you put on the radio, I’m bored.” He chuckled again, turning on the radio.

We listened to terrible bluesy stuff all the way back to the ‘police station’. It looked like a huge office building really. “The police station?” I asked, looking up at the building. “No, I’m just finding more interesting ways to do this.” He replied, shoving me inside. Okay now I’m confused. “Is this or is this not going on my permanent record?” He chuckled again. “Its permanent.” He confirmed. Darn it.

After walking up a few flights of stairs we were in this bright white hallway. I just followed him, if I try to break out then I’m a wanted escaped convict, otherwise, I could ‘TOTALLY take this guy’. Finally he shoved me in my cell.

One thing. Well, cells look a whole lot better on tv. This is like an empty room, and the only light is coming from the crack under the door. Life stinks. Who knew you could get in so much trouble for stealing a candy bar? It was only being sold for like 81 cents, I was just super broke and hungry that day. I’ll pay it back, geesh. Finally the cop guy came back. Wearing a different suit than earlier. Time to plead my case. “I’LL PAY IT BACK!” I cried out. He looked at me, confused. Then I noticed he had something in his hand. “You don’t need to SEDATE me, I’ll cooperate.” He shrugged as if saying ‘sorry doctors orders’ and I blacked out.

THE END! It was originally meant to be a story. But I'm leaving it as a two shot. Hope you liked :)
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