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Chapter 1

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SGA/X-Men: Mutants have been rounded up and shipped off world to the Pegasus galaxy. Mutants must now work with humans to protect their new lives them the required home.

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Atlantis Defense Mutated:

SGA/X-Men: Mutants have been rounded up and shipped off world to the Pegasus galaxy. Mutants must now work with humans to protect their new lives them the required home.

Marvel owns the mutated world while the Stargate reality (can't use universe) is owned by MGM. Too bad for me I don't own stock in either of those so I can't claim ownership.


Major John Sheppard, watched from his post as people were pouring in from the Stargate. Moments ago they had thought that they were on the verge of destruction with all the Wraith hive ships that were currently heading their way, and they had honestly thought that they were about to all die fighting or something like that. Now though, they had reinforcements in the manner of marines along with the power of various weapons and the promise of an incoming warship that would help even the odds against them somewhat. The fact that they had managed to already hurt the incoming enemy fleet with the satellite defense meant that they might just have a small chance of surviving this entire mess that they had somehow been forced into. Now they just might have a chance of kicking the Wraith back to wherever the hell that they had come from.

The major looked over to the colonel who was talking with Dr. Weir, the man was explaining the situation to them and discussing in greater detail just what it was that the soldiers expected to do to the invading life sucking ghouls that were trying to take the last of the Ancient's outposts in this galaxy. The condensing manner that the man used was likely going to irritate a lot of people, but if he managed to get everyone out alive then the guy could be as smug a bastard as he wanted to be. He tuned into the conversation the pair was having, just in case he had to run interference. Personally he hoped not since he had already stuck his neck out once for Weir and he doubted that the man would be nearly as accommodating if he did so again.

Working with Weir required a steady and gentle hand, or she would try to take over an operation and come at it from a civilian point of view or she would try and shut it down. He had to make sure that Weir vs. an old war horse like the colonel didn't kill each other before the fight with the Wraith. One battle at a time was the way he wanted to do this. Besides, with his luck, he's going to end up getting stuck in the middle of whatever it is that is going on.

"Yes sir, we have just about everything one could think of." The man said proudly, as he nodded toward the people coming out of the gate from the Alpha site pleased to see so many people. "We have rail guns, space mines with enough bang in them to take out a goul'd mothership, and if that's not enough we have enough freaks with us to really go to town on them. Long as they behave that is." He added with an uncertain frown.

"Freaks?" Weir questioned the man curiously.

"Yeah, you know freaks," the colonel said with a sneer, "those mutie scums that are trying to take over the Earth by replacing the true people of the Earth." The man then nodded to several people that were in the middle of a group of soldiers that had been hidden from view.

"What is the meaning of this?" Weir snapped angrily as she saw the group.

John Sheppard turned to look at what was wrong and had to admit a part of him was with Elizabeth, there were kids in that group. As he looked, he noticed that some of them were being herded with various guns, and some were shackled up or restrained in some way. He also wondered how the hell he had missed them being brought to Atlantis and assumed he had been distracted by the arrival of the Colonel and his attitude.

The ones tied up the most were the most interesting of the group. One was a guy a bit below average height with wild hair, and another was a tall blonde giant of a man that towered over everyone else. The men were alternating between glaring at each other and the various soldiers with weapons pointed at them. The short guy had three girls doing their best to hold him back from the large giant and the various soldiers, while the big guy was seeming to follow the lead of some old guy in odd armor. Both of them had their entire arms encased within giant metal shackles of some sort.

"I don't know what you, or the rest of the government were thinking bringing children here, but this is not the way that we deal with our people." Weir said in a sharp voice. "Now release all of those people at once."

"Until the military situation is dealt with I am in command Dr. Weir." The colonel reminded her with a dark look nodding towards the paper he had handed her earlier. "And seeing as those freaks are all potential weapons, most of them of mass destruction, then I think I'll decide how best to deal with them."

"Do not worry Dr. Weir, we shall remember your attempts at freeing us from our unjust incarceration." The man with the odd helmet informed her in a richly accented voice. "You are right though, the time for these restraints is over." The man made a gesture with his hands and several bindings and collars dropped to the ground or were cut. Several of the soldiers focused their weapons on the group that was now free.

The two heavily shackled ones each moved into combat stances and seemed to be waiting for the men try and attack them. "Kitty, you get ready tah get out of the way if they start shooting. The short haired man said to one of the girls. "Creed, you deal with the ones on the right I got the ones on the left."

"Be just like old times Runt," The other man returned as he lowered himself in preparation.

"Gentlemen, now is not the time for this, I have other things to do than to deal with you like prepare to fight a war." The man that had somehow freed them all said impatiently, as he raised his hand up and the various guns pointed at the group were jerked upward and flew into the air and landed in a neat pile next to Dr. Weir.
"At least someone remembers why we're all here." Rodney muttered out loud, as he glared at the various soldiers that had been stripped of their primary weapons.

"Indeed Dr. McKay, I never forget just who it is that I'm fighting." The man said solemnly, as he moved forward. "Cyclops, join us up here so that we may discuss strategy with the dear colonel. Seeing as Charles is still on Earth I suppose that makes you the next in charge of your group." The man said, a man wearing a red visor nodded and soon joined the armored man. The colonel glared at the pair before he beckoned them forward. He turned to look at the assembled group that was made up of adults and children of various ages. "Mystique, keep Pyro and Iceman away from each other, there is still some bad blood between the two of them from what I understand." A blue skinned woman nodded her head, as she grabbed onto the back of a boy and ushered him toward one end of the room.

John looked at one of the soldiers that had been disarmed while Weir escorted the colonel and the two men towards her office. "Who are these guys?" He questioned curiously.

"That's Magneto," the soldier spat out angrily, "he's one of the leaders of the two mutant factions that were brought here to help.

"Mutants, I thought that those were just rumors that were going around?" John said in surprise as he looked a bit closer at the group.

"Yeah, well while you been fighting the Wraith we've been having a few problems with them on Earth, freaks seem to think that it's alright to use our planet to fight it out with each other and when they're not doing that they're fighting regulars like us."

"I see," John said unsure what to think about that particular bit of information. He did his best to recall everything that he had heard about mutants. It being Atlantis there had been plenty of time for the various scientist to discuss various theories that had been popular. Mutants were the supposed next step in human evolution, and the people had all sorts of weird abilities or powers. These abilities had manifested as being stronger and faster to being able to manipulate various energy fields. It was similar to life in a comic book or something similar. If these guys were the real deal, and considering that one guy managed to take every soldier's gun away with a wave of his hand he was tempted to believe it for the moment. It was either that or to believe in magic.

Most of the soldiers seemed to hold the mutants in contempt, glaring even at some of the younger ones. His eyes gazed over them as he tried to take them all in. There appeared to be two types or factions of mutants, there were the ones that were wearing the giant X logo on their clothes and those that didn't. Judging by the grouping, he figured that the grouping meant something or other to the mutants. The guy with the odd eye wear was in charge of the ones with the X, the short guy and a tall dark skinned woman with white hair also appeared to have some command. The blue woman that the armored figure had spoken to, appeared to be leading the others. The looks the groups were passing across at each other were pretty hostile, but these same looks were being directed toward the other people of Atlantis as well. At this rate they wouldn't even have to worry about the Wraith though, because they would all manage to kill each other before they even managed to get here.

He looked up toward the office of Weir, and wondered if he should get up there and head things off before they got bad. He decided it was better to stay out as it was more than likely that one or the other would call on him to try and make the other see reason in whatever the other thought. He figured he might as well find out what the situation with the freaks, mutants, or whatever they were first. "So why are they here then on our base?" He asked the soldier cautiously, his eyes already searching out for Rodney. The expedition's lead scientist had the unfortunate ability to annoy people no matter what. Right now was not the time for the man to set short tempers off.

"The government managed to round a lot of them up and made a deal with them." The soldier explained from where he was sitting. "Help us deal with the problem that the Wraith are, and we'll find them a home in this galaxy that they can settle." The soldier said grimly.

John held back a curse, this was really bad, there wouldn't be that many people willing to listen to them if they learned about the racism that their people had over these new people. These people might just lose them some allies when it all came out. He figured that Weir would do her best to minimize the amount of damage this could cause, but that there was going to be damage and he wasn't sure how much. It was bad when he even realized how bad the potential damage could be.

The Major was brought out of his thoughts though as the four people strode out of Weir's office. The Colonel wasn't anything to get excited about, and he knew Weir, but the other two were dangerous and mysterious. The one that was wearing an X, looked everyone over through the red visor like device making him hard to read. Several of the mutants didn't seem to care that he was wearing the object though, and took it like it was every day wear. The man wore the signature black uniform with an X on it as he strode forward and began issuing orders.

"X-Men, we've come to something of an understanding with the people here at Atlantis, and the other soldiers that have shown up." At this there were several snorts from both several of the mutants scattered around the gate room. "Originally we had hoped that we would have a bit more time to familiarize ourselves with the area but according to Dr. Weir we have incoming hostiles that will be here any minute. The plan is going to be rather simple all in all people. We're going to try and stop all of these aliens before they can do anything. Storm and Beast will be assisting the scientists, while the rest of us are going to be spread throughout the city doing our best to stop them acting alongside the soldiers in some cases and backing them up as needed. For some of us this going to be hard, because we've never used our powers and abilities to the extreme that we are being asked to this time."

"That's right you haven't One-Eye, so how about you let an X-Man with military experience get up there with ya and tell ya how best to do things?" The man with wild hair snapped out loudly. "Even the soldiers here will tell you someone with military experience helping you would be a big help right now. You and most of the others can't do that because you've lived in places that haven't required to do that. You're not trained to fight that way. Xavier trained ya not tah kill."

Several of the soldiers nodded their heads, but seemed to scowl as the realized that they were agreeing with the mutant that they were all aiming weapons at.

"There is no way that I think that they're going to trust you." The visored man snapped off in annoyance.
"Cyclops, loathe as I am to agree with Wolverine of all people, he is right, you don't have the training for this." The armored figure informed the mutant before him.
"Fine, if not me, then how about Irish?" The man questioned as he jerked his thumb toward a man wearing the X with red hair who was glaring at another man holding a staff. "He's former Interpol, and he's got to be better at this than you are, and can understand who's likely to crack under the pressure."

The redheaded man looked up in shock as he realized that he was being spoken of. "Logan, lad, I hardly think that Ah'm the best for a job like this one." The man said quickly.

"Yer the best compromise, or advisor that we got Irish." The man returned, as he seemed to be examining everyone else carefully. "Sides, I need to be out on the front lines not stuck here. Only thing you can do is take down a couple of ships if they got to close. Me, I'm going to get close and personal with them." The man let out a feral smile at this.

"Glad tah see yer acceptin yerself fer what ya are Runt." The large blonde man said with a smile.

"Not now Creed," Logan returned in annoyance.

"He would be better," the colonel returned stopping the discussion that the group appeared to be having. "With his training he would be able to talk people through it if things became a bit much, it would help even out the work load for us if there was a freak that we could somewhat trust."

Several of the mutants stiffened at that before refocusing on the conversation. John merely shook his head in disbelief. What a time for them to send a racist commander at this rate the mutants were going to be helping the Wraith take them all down.

"Fine," the man called Cyclops said tersely, "Banshee you'll be up on command with me, hopefully we won't have to do much."

"Ah that would be a nice one lad." The Irishman said. He then turned to look at the man that he had been glaring at. "Keep Theresa safe for me brother."

"That I will brother, that I will." The other man said as he nodded to a redheaded girl in her own leathers, but with green colored X's and a short cape.

Cyclops nodded as Banshee joined up with him before returning to addressing the assembled mutants. "Psylocke, link our minds up so that Banshee knows the plan." A tall purple haired Asian woman with a tattoo over one eye nodded as pink energy flowed from Cyclops to Banshee. The tall mutant then turned to address the others. "Okay, we're going to split ourselves into three different teams. "Team One will be our flight team, you're going to be under the command of Magneto, who will be leading those forces, team two will be under my command and will consist of our long range fighters who's job it is to shoot targets down before they come, team three will be the ones patrolling the halls and offering backup to those that need it. Team three is going to consist mainly of up close fighters though. Hopefully they won't be needed but there is a chance that they will so be ready just in case.

"Here are the current team assignments though. Flight Team or Acolytes will be led by Magneto and have Angel, Polaris, Rogue, Cannonball, Thunderbird, Sunspot, Warlock, Siryn, Sauron, and Mimic."

"Excalibur is our long range team, and will have me as Team leader, and will have Iceman, Havok, Dazzler, Chamber, Black Tom, Pyro. We'll be stationed around the perimeter of Atlantis and do our best to keep them from getting to close along with the various marines and their weapons."

"X-Factor is our up close and personal team and will be run by Mystique. I figure you would prefer to move about on your own." Cyclops told the Wolverine, who nodded his head in agreement.

"Good, Mystique you'll have Nightcrawler, Wolverine, Sabertooth, Colossus, Shadowcat, Gambit, Jubilee, Marrow, Wolfsbane, Toad, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Blob, Multiple Man, and Unus the Untouchable. It will be your job to run patrols throughout the base and help where needed. Some of you might even be good for search and rescue operations if certain areas become heavily damaged.

Various members nodded as they accepted their positions some looked somewhat unhappy to be working with certain people but kept their mouths shut for the time being."There are still others of us though," one unnamed mutant complained to Cyclops.

"I'm aware that there are others here Avalanche, but not all of your powers are that good for combat in these conditions though." The other mutant pointed out to the armored figure "In fact, you're not wanted on the field, but you and anyone that can protect you are going to be the last to leave if we have to leave unexpectedly. You're the only one that can bring this place down if we need to. We need you and Magneto alive in the end to make sure that everything works out the way we need to. Besides, if you were to start using your powers on the base beforehand you could actually help them. We really don't want them following after us or getting to Earth."

Avalanche looked annoyed at this, but nodded his head in acceptance, he was one of the few that could sink Atlantis and therefore needed to keep his cool. "Wouldn't mind letting the flatscans getting to experience some of what they've decided to throw at us." He muttered back at the other mutant in defiance.

"Stow that talk right now, we don't have time to argue or fight out our personal opinions on the us getting thrown into this mess boy oh." Banshee snapped at the mutant. "We got us a different war to worry about right now."

"Indeed we do," Weir interrupted from the sidelines, "now that everyone is aware of their positions, I suggest everyone break into teams and begin assisting in helping setup the various weapons that will also help in this fight. If we want to survive this mess we're all going to have to work together to get through this mess." Several of the mutants looked sullen about this, but after an agreeing nod from Magneto the various beings began reporting to various people to get their work orders.

"Dr. Mckay I hope you'll be able to familiarize me with the technology that you're using." A large blue ape man said to the scientist, with a highly cultured voice.

"And who are you, you walking flea bag?" Rodney snobbishly questioned the man in confusion.

"Dr. Henry Hank McCoy," the mutant introduced itself as it offered a clawed hand/paw toward the astrophysics scientist. "I am better known in mutant circles, as the Beast. I admit that many of my doctorates are for genetics, but I should be able to help you with most of your engineering items as well."

"Yeah you think so?" Rodney questioned disbelievingly. "Fine, it's not like I have much of a choice. You should be able to help us out somewhat with rewiring the chair and what not."

"Good, if you will lead the way then?" Beast questioned, as gestured with his oversized hand to his fellow scientist.

Rodney's reluctant acceptance seemed to make the rest of the members of the Atlantis Expedition willing to accept the aide of the mutants as they came to them with offers of help.

John turned to look at the Colonel who was glaring at Weir. "You're playing a dangerous game by trusting them this way." The man informed her. "Most of them wouldn't bat an eyelash if you were to fall down dead."

"Considering the odds that are being placed against us, it's not like we have a whole lot of choice." Weir returned to him. "And provoking them into fights is not the way to work with them either." She pointed out to him coolly. "Now, you and I can argue about how to treat these people later at the moment though we need to show a united front so quit grumbling and let's get to work on making sure that we all live through this."

The Colonel looked like he wanted to say something to the woman, but merely stormed away to take care of other business. Magneto nodded as he watched the interaction between the two leaders. He floated himself up over the heads of various people while waving his hands towards various components that seemed to be assembling themselves. "Once again I thank you for your attempt at an intervention and getting the colonel to accept our aide Dr. Weir." The white haired man said with a smile.

"It was the least I could do Magnus" Weir returned to the man. "It has been a long time though since you and Xavier came into my office to discuss your different philosophies with me though." The woman said. "Some of your questions do make a certain amount of sense now though."

"Yes, I do apologize for the deceit but it was better to be cautious than to tell you all of our secrets."

"And where is Xavier now? I would have thought that he would have been here with the rest of you. He is a mutant isn't he?" Weir asked curiously.

Magneto scowled at the question as he turned to look toward the various soldiers around the gate room. "Charles was not given a choice like the rest of us were. His abilities made him the most powerful of the telepaths. He and I created a device to find mutants when he used it. The thing is though only a powerful telepath is capable of using it. The government discovered it though, and have been using it and him to help track down the various mutants on Earth. I fear once that is done, that they will then force him to help in other things. I have no idea what the exact terms of the deal he made were only that his staying on Earth allowed for the freedom of myself and a few others." The mutant had a deep sadness as he spoke of the other man. Weir remembered how close the two men had been back then, and realized that there was not much the two wouldn't do for each other. "I'll do what I can to get him and any others freed after this is over." She assured him.

"All the more reason to make sure that you live through this fight then." Magneto said with a smirk, before lifting himself back into the air and floating down to where another set of parts began moving themselves together while what looked like a metal man was lifting the heavy completed pieces and hauling them away.

Teyla glared at the back of the Colonel as he told her that she was not trusted to help out in the coming fight. "Frustrating, is it not what these people say that you can and cannot do simply because you were born different than them?" A voice questioned. Teyla turned to see who had spoken and saw Dr. Beckett leaning against one of the walls. Then before her eyes she saw the doctor change forms into that of Ford. "You know what the reason for that is right? They're scared of what they don't understand, and are afraid of what it might mean." The figure seemed to shimmer for a moment before settling on the form of Major Sheppard. "After all, they're the supposed superior species, and can't have someone like us proving them wrong."

"You are one of the mutants that were brought here are you not?" The chieftain questioned curiously.

"Indeed I am," Sheppard said, as his form shifted once again into that of Dr. Weir. "Think about it for a moment though Teyla. You have a power and ability that makes you special beyond what many of these users of the Ancient Gene have. There are the true users like Beckett and Sheppard, but you are in a whole other class from them and they simply cannot understand it so they fear it."

"And what would you have me do?" Teyla questioned warily. The figure changed again and Teyla let out a gasp as she suddenly found herself face to face with herself. It was like looking at a reflective surface but she knew that if she were to reach out she would touch warm skin.

"I would have you consider just who your allies truly are." Teyla's voice told her. "Are these people truly worth your loyalty when they treat you like that?"

"Some of what you say has wisdom and I will consider it." Teyla agreedd. "Will you let me see your real face though, or will you continue to hide yourself from me behind my own face?"

The woman seemed to shimmer again and she found herself facing a blue skinned woman with red hair and yellow eyes. "I am Mystique," she introduced herself. "Here is another thing to consider before I leave Teyla mutant of the Athosian people. Why is it, that despite this Ancient Gene being so great to both this galaxy and the others that they managed to round up nearly all of the people with the gene and send them way out here where they won't be a problem?" Mystique then shifted into a soldier before slipping out the doors of the training room.

Teyla sighed, as much as she hated to admit it, the mutant woman had given her much to think on about her allies and the descendants of the Ancestors. While John had always treated her with great respect starting from their first meeting, she could not say the same for some of the others here and had to earn the respect and trust she now had despite this being her home galaxy. Perhaps there was something to some of the things that the blue woman had said to her. If she survived in the battle against the Wraith, she just might have to reevaluate her relationship with the people of Earth.
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